"Evolution Schmevolution"

Monday, September 12, 2005

I was a guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in a segment called "Evolution Schmevolution" - featuring the show's first discussion panel. Comedy Central. This is not the greatest venue to discuss serious subjects, but it was fun. Behind the scenes I met two clients who are part of the production staff.

From this week's TV Guide tagline : "Evolution Schmevolution! The Daily Show goes in depth, around, through, and quite possibly under one of the hottest hot-button issues facing our nation: evolution."

The evolution of consciousness takes us to Simulation Theory

Email from viewers of the show

Hi Ellie! Long time reader, first time E-mailer. I've always wanted to email you, but I figured I'd wait until I was ready to get a personal reading from you. I just wanted to say I saw you on the Daily Show and you did a fantastic job! For what it was, you held your own very well. For some reason I always pictured you very uptight and serious but you were nothing like that! You were just so full of life and joy. I could truly tell Z is with you always. I just wanted to tell you, that you changed my whole way of thinking years back and it's helped me grow as a person. I'm not where I should be yet, but with your words backing my soul, I'll be able to fly soon enough. Much Love, Tim

Hi Ellie, Like most of your Crystalinks readers from around the world, and far away from New York, it was really nice to see you finally "in action" even though it was through the medium of TV and the silliness of The Daily Show. How strange it is to feel like you're an old friend, even though we have never met. Your sense of humor and your laugh were endearing, as well as your message that the theories don't matter, it's the conscious intention behind it that counts ... such a simple beautiful truth, that will hopefully ring a bell within everyone that heard it. It will take those "good ole boys" on that panel awhile to catch up, and wake up. Brian

Hi Ellie, I saw you on Jon's show and thought you were great. You held your own with a very funny man! I could not imagine trying to sum up years of study in less than 2 minutes. I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed the photos you shared from Germany and France. Such pretty and interesting homes and scenery. Thank You. Wishing you well with Sarah and Alexander. Peace & Love, Anita

Hi Ellie, Just thought I would write a quick email about the Jon Stewart show. It was great to see you in main stream media. Knowing you in person, I realize that you could have talked the whole time without stopping :o) but of course you were only able to get a few words in, which was enough to get the idea across, it was so nice and refreshing, although I don't think too many people are ready for the idea, but it was great to see the idea get out there! Philip

Hi Ellie, You read Michelle and I in the early 90s and we're probably living what you talk about now. We were surprised when watching the Daily Show and saw you. I said to Michelle, "She looks like Ellie Crystal!" Then I realized it really was you! Rock on, peace, Johnny

Hi Ellie, I saw you on the Daily Show! I have enjoyed your website over the years and I had a feeling that was you. When I saw the name 'Crystal', I thought is Ellie from Crystalinks! Yep, it was! Good job! Keep up your site and the good work! Anthony

Hi Ellie! Another great fan of yours! I discovered your site, I believe in the early nineties! I've been faithful to it every since! Love what you offer us! I emailed you several years back when I wanted to build a pyramid, and yes, you returned the email. It was exciting seeing you on The Daily Show last night. For all of us that feel a connection to you, seeing you dealing with those guys gave us a chance to sort of make it "up front and personal." For me, you became real. Until I can attend one of your workshops, your site gives me the type of knowledge I seek. Diane

Dear Ellie, Last evening's Jon Stewart program was pretty much what I expected it would be. The men all had their credentials, educational backgrounds and clothing primed and ready for "their big break" on national television. I watched with amusement as I witnessed their posturing, trying to look important and sound brilliant. You were the only natural individual on the panel. Being a woman, you brought balance to the Yin/Yang harmony of this otherwise testosterone driven program. Also, your personality and your complete willingness to laugh and interact with Jon made you stand out. You were the only one to bring humor to the panel, as the men sat there stone faced, while they contemplated their next question-answer exchange with the host, while masking their anxieties. Your level of being has allowed you not to take these things so seriously, which I found very endearing.

Frankly, you have much more life experience in "reality" than the host and other male guests put together. It seems apparent to me that you were chosen by the shows producers, not just because you have a great website and big fan base, but because you are an unconventional woman that would counter-balance the male dominated panel.....which you did beautifully. I think Jon got a kick out of you, as you were willing to play along with his whimsical antics and his own take on the evolution theme. You refused to be intimidated by your surroundings and the strength of your personality was a refreshing sight to behold. I particularly loved the fact that you raised your voice and more or less demanded an equal say along with the "boys." Good for you!

In the final analysis, the program was just fluff entertainment with no real message being conveyed to the public. However, because of such a large national audience, your appearance alone brings you cache ands confirms your importance and relevance to today's world. And I love the fact that you were literally the only "natural" human being on the panel. When the program first started, I was a bit afraid for you, being surrounded by all those wolves who thought they were more important than a mere psychic. I quickly observed what I have known for many years...that you are a force to be reckoned with and a person who can easily fend for herself. You are indeed protected by a higher power and I could almost feel Z as he danced behind the men and made funny faces at them!

And one final observation. I was proud of your appearance on the show, despite its shortcomings. And for what it's worth, you have a very sexy laugh, which I have always enjoyed hearing! In closing, may I just say that I have even more respect for you after witnessing the way in which you handled yourself on last evening's program. You deserve to have a show focus on just you without further guests interrupting the flow. We each have our own work to do while the time is ripe down here on Mother Earth. It is clear to me that you are taking your mission seriously while enjoying yourself and having fun along the way. That is really what separated you from all of the other Spiritual Souls along life's infinite pathway. If I had to put it another way, I would simply say, "Babe, you've got style and class." Congratulations on Just Being Yourself! With Love, Chris 8-)

Greetings Ellie, I've been a everyday reader of Crystalinks for about 5 years now. I don't read the newspaper in the morning, I read "Ellie's World" instead. The past 5 years I've recalled seeing you in my "dreamstate" on 6 to 8 occasions, mostly on top of "high buildings". I'm fond of esoteric subjects, though I cannot grasp all the concepts of metaphysics and sacred geometry. My soul seems to understand them on a higher level. This week, I've had references to "Z" on car license plates, and verbally from people. I'm listening to Simon and Garfunkel as I type (New York connection to you). My intuition is telling me to pay attention. I felt compelled to watch you with Jon Stewart, as I've never heard your voice or visited where you live (was asleep in the 90's). I tuned to Comedy Central thinking I was going to have to look for it, and behold, right in front of me (too eaZZZy). When they got to you, I felt a soul connection to you. I've never met you on the Earth Plane, but the energy from your voice seemed familiar to me. I followed my intuition in writing to you. Again I wanted to thank you personally for all you have done. Sincerely, Pete

Hi! I was so excited to see you last night, moving and breathing and laughing. One only gets so much from your written word and your stills (photos). You are great on TV, you must be a joy to behold in person! I too was tired last night. I also fell asleep with the TV on. I woke up right before your segment came on. I was so happy I didn't miss it. Maybe Z was doing some global "wake ups" for those of us who wanted to see the show. Good Job! Continued Blessings, Kelley

Hi Ellie, I saw you on the Daily Show. You couldn't get a word in edgewise with those guys, and yet you held your own. You looked beautiful and got your messages across. My friend TJ watched the show with me. He said you are a HOOT, which means he thinks you're funny and wise. Great job. I am thrilled for you. David