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Astronomers say Draco's glow is the beginning of time
Guardian, November 4, 2005

Glow from first stars revealed in the Draco constellation BBC, November 3, 2005

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Last week I posted my 2005 Halloween files, which included this strange image of me, with my one month old grandson, Noah, and something superimposed over my face, with a reptilian connotation. The image immediately stirred my soul, about roles played in the history of our planet, stories in 'time' and messages about creation.

I am not waiting for aliens, or creator gods, to return. We return, the human soul spark spiraling into higher frequency, as we approach zero point. The concept of aliens or gods returning is just part of the grid program in which we consciously experience. All is consciousness, virtual reality, if you will. The alien aspect of the program, creation by gods of higher frequency, is just a metaphor to help souls remember that they are part of a bio-genetically programmed experience, that begins and ends in the spiraling loops of time, Fibonaci, Golden Ratio. Linear time exists in the bipolar illusion of our reality, created by electromagnetic energy grids, based on patterns that repeat endlessly. Within each pattern are creational myths, duality of creation and metaphors to help the soul remember.

In the Halloween file, I also mention receiving the image below from a friend.

This goes to the Anunnaki Gods of Sumer, giants who walked the Earth and seeded the human race, part of the ancient astronaut theories.

According to Wikipedia

There's something about this entity...

I also found this rendition of the image

It really calls to me and stirs my soul with recognition, most likely from the beginning of time and the original program, where it all began in Mesopotamia. I can feel myself inside the entity looking out, as if one with it somewhere in time.

Thoth's ibis mask, nor any of the other bird headed beings. This is not about a mask, but an entity, as you see it and I have known, or played the role of this entity, in a male version.

The swooping motion of the right hand, with the dropped wrist, speaks to me of a hand held device that opens and closes the program or the lens of the camera of the all seeing eye.

The blue ray represents to me the electromagnetic energy, duality, polarity of our programmed reality, prophecies about 'blue' such as the return of the Hopi Blue Kachina at the end of time.

3 stones steps represent the Earth plane [3], as do the engraved column or pillar.

The man in the UFO is allegedly Ezekiel, EZ, Ellie and Z! He is saying farewell to the entity whose journey is on physical planet Earth. To me, the entity is female, the entity above, male, sort of a Zeus god role.

I dreamed about being the entity, over and over. I was told that Reptilians created the DNA program which references, not an alien race, but Dragon Serpent Symbology. It is written that the Anunnaki will return one day. This is about human DNA evolving, not aliens creator gods returning. It is about the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time.

The image of the entity was an activator, or trigger, for me. It worked as if a time release capsule that allowed me to remember something important about the Masonic Grid Program in which we experience.

The images, dreams and related experiences worked as a 'time capsule', a soul marker for me, that we are getting closer to Zero Point Merge. Further, it would reinforce my memory that I was involved in creating the Masonic Program and the entity's beak feeling like latex rubber, indicates that it was a disguise, a costume, of some kind.

Update November 9, 2005 -- I exchanged emails with Jeff Westover who created the beautiful cover art for "Alien Scriptures", seen at the top of this page. The entity that I saw as a bird, is actually a bearded old man, the Old Testament prophet Elijah, being taken skyward by a flying saucer. As I looked at the image again, I could see Jeff's translation. Non-the-less the image stirs my soul, and a frequency connection to the entity. I searched Elijah a prophet.

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