As spring has come to New York City, I spent parts of the weekend by the shore and Sunday afternoon with friends, Pat and George, in Manhattan at an outdoor street fair in the Village.

Pat and I picked up George on the corner of Madison Avenue and East 23rd Street, which is near a film school. Students were outside shooting an independent film. Standing next to my friend, George, was a man dressed in black carrying a sickle. We all laughed as we pulled up in the car and George got in.

Many of my clients who make independent films, or write screenplays, have themes linked to esoteric subjects. These are often about characters who overcome negative forces and the 'dark side' so to speak. We know this is all about perceiving dysfunctionality in the human condition, to be reflected in one's experiences, hopefully moving beyond issues, or remaining in pain and fear.

Wherever I went outdoors this weekend, there seemed to be one or more of the popular female stereotype Gypsy fortune-tellers seated at small tables in the street. On each table was a sign stating 'Psychic Reading" next to which was their fee, as low as $2 and as high as $10. Also on the table was the traditional deck of worn tarot cards (denoting use over many readings).

Most of these fortune-tellers are of Hungarian descent and live in the local area. Their shops are often street front, the living quarters of the family, just inside.

As a matter of fact, there is one such woman who has a place just 2 blocks from here. We met once in the convenience store across the street. I had heard about her from some of the local people when she set up shop a few years ago. I recognized her immediately as we met and engaged in a short conversation. She asked how I get clients and what I say to them. Not interested in this line of conversation, I excused myself and left.

She and I are on different 'head-sets' in the virtual reality games (of fortune telling). Now that is telling...

Gypsy fortune tellers generally have a reputation of luring people to their tables for a minimum fee, then promising them magical things, such as lots of money, or a great love, for a larger fee. The fortune-teller may tell the client that they will burn candles for several days after which the person will get their wish. It's an old con game that was exposed by the media on many occasions after people got taken for thousands of dollars, though I still read clients who are attracted to these fortune-tellers.

The clients refuse to give up on certain aspects of their lives as unattainable, and will work with the energies of the gypsies hopefully to these ends.

This generally overlaps into the dark sides of the occult, involving control over one's thoughts and beliefs. It is definitely not for the strong minded and enlightened, who manifest and understand the way the 3D games must unfold in time.

Reality may seem to move slowly, but if you stop and smell the 'roses', the prophecy has been scent, you will notice how quickly reality is spiraling up the cones. Recently I have experienced a connection to the time travel sequences of the film The Matrix.

Gypsy fortune tellers bring information that are way too general, too clichˇ. Promises made are said to manifest in '3' days, 3 weeks, or 3 months ... the same messages given over and over to each person, using the same initials for names of people they will meet that will affect a final outcome.

Having limited education and background, they generally have little or no conception of changing reality in fields of importance such as medicine, personal issues and relationships, science and technology, careers and education, one's spiritual development and our grid program, and things pertaining to higher consciousness. Still they seem to have an affect on many people who venture to their table.

No event in your life is isolated. It is the Spiderweb Effect where each choice affects the web/grid of your existence.

As for me and my friends ... we did not have a reading with a gypsy as we strolled along the streets of the city. I stopped to talk to one woman, Hungarian looking, long dark hair, eyes that reflected psychic abilities if she could get passed what she is conditioned to say. She asked if I wanted my cards read. I told her that I worked as a psychic also and did not need a reading. She stared deeply into my eyes as if searching to see my abilities. I returned her gaze, exchanging a telepathic connection, after which I smiled and walked on to join my friends who were looking at crystals at a table near-by.

When consulting a psychic, do not seek one that will tell you what you want to hear, especially about love and romance. People will do anything to keep the partner they love. Many people become 'psychic junkies' to that end. Timelines, your DNA genetic code and blueprint, tell it all, the teller of your truths.

Fortune Telling Tool

It's always about Geometry, the Magician, Slight of Hand

All readings, even those from the street gypsies, hold some glimmer of truth or you would not have been drawn to listen to the information given. But no one can change what is fated. If you go beyond the fates, all will become challenged and you cards will show loss.

We know that reality is bi-polar and challenged, wherein we often do not get what we want, or it does not last. In some cases 'Alls well that ends well', but remember that life is about experience, healing, balance, and finding your spiritual mission which guides you to higher consciousness as the program cycles down and awareness cycles up!

Information now moves out of the dark ages and the occult and into pure light, archetypes and higher thought.

Let the search, the quests, the games of humanity, continue ...

through the crystal ball of creation

guided by the celestial blueprint.

Psychic Reading With Ellie