Universal Art Forms

From the time of early childhood, souls seek ways to bring messages through creative expression. Many of these are universal art forms in that they convey changes in human consciousness.

Week of April 1, 2005

Many artists step back, look at their final 'creation', and wonder about its complexities.
Have the lessons 'within' been learned, thus relaying the messages from 'without' ...
Or are they the same?
Tick Tock!

It's all 'about time'.

Do you think that you belong in this timeline?

Art and Reality are Created by Design in Time

All artistic expression is first created in the mind of the artist, the mind's eye, becoming thought consciousness, manifesting in the physical or other levels of conscious awareness. That is how the greater reality works.

Historical recorded indicates that as far back as man was consciousness, the age of primitive man, humanity has found ways to be creative thus creating messages in various art forms. Higher thought ... primitive people were also aware of dreams and something beyond the physical.

The program creates many illusions in the form of projections, as the games perpetuates into our timeline. These fall 'under the heading' of special effects. We experience in the Technology Program/Grid, using these tools to create special effects and projects never conceptualized decades ago.

One finds reference to UFO's and alien visitors in art forms created millennia ago.

Those who study metaphysics, realize that we are one again 'channeling' encoded messages through the right side of the brain, the creative side that teaches/searches for ways to express itself in some form of art ... therefore we are all artists in some manner of speaking or another.

What is shown is not always understood, as the imagery is often created in the form of archetypes the conscious mind has yet to assimilate into 3D language.

Your mind is not limited to slow moving 3D thought. Your mind is a receiver always receiving messages from higher frequency, but has to increase its frequency to hear and see what is there and learn its proper interpretation. The problem with meditation, is often a lack of clarity.

And so the messages continue to unfold in a never-ending story... in the many forms of art, fine art, design, architecture, computer graphics, film, writing, poetry, music, just about any form of creative self expression.

They say that everyone has at least one invention in their head, though few go forward and develop it. What would you like to invent?

In our spiritual journey through the cycles of the time, some people are 'drawn' to automatic art and automatic writing as a means of connecting to that which they cannot access in 3D. The information is often scattered and may reflect a person's emotional state, becoming detrimental, rather than bringing information from higher source.

Art styles change as human consciousness and that of changing grid inserts evolves, thus dictating a need to look at creativity in a new hue, spectrums of sound, light, and color, new codes.

Art forms are nothing more than a metaphor reflecting our destiny and how humanity has used to connect with higher consciousness. Creative expression comes from soul communication.

I have clients who range from famous painters, others who design wall murals, others who do set design for TV and film, and on and on. Most have a passion for their work as it comes from the soul and they recognize guidance by design, the design of the Grand Plan, Master Plan, Masonic Blueprint, the Bloodline, their DNA.

Art allows the 'vision' ... and with that comes an ability to bring archetypes and messages beyond normal linear thinking.