Caretaking Someone With Alzheimer's

October 7, 2005

My main client theme over the past 2 weeks has been with children of parents who have Alzheimer's.

My clients were all woman who had busy lives until one of their parents became ill with Alzheimer's, and now must find a way to balance their world with caring for a sick parent who has moved in, or has resulting in them going home, and will remain in that situation until the parent dies, moves to a nursing home, or to an assisted living facility.

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease may be one of the greatest challenges a family can experience, as few people are equipped to handle the situation, and many are not caretakers to begin with.

If you can't do it, you must find someone who can.

Sometimes the caretaking is part of the domino effect as the child who returns who, is lost and searching. This goes to finances of the caretaker, wherein they live free at home plus the social security benefits of the parent, which often pay the rest. These caretakers are unhappy that fate has chosen this destiny for them. They often have learning challenges and emotional problems of their own, such as depression, and an inability to take care of themselves.

There is no telling how long the caretaking of a parent with Alzheimer's will be, as each person goes through the stages of Alzheimer's at their own pace, in their own way, and what works today may not work tomorrow.

My clients are all trying to cope, coming to me for help on all levels.

It is not easy to explain that the consciousness of a person with dementia is no longer aligned with the grid of this reality and hence causes confusion and disorientation making the afflicted person unable to function in physical reality. They will slowly detach form the grid until in one final moment they are gone and free of physical confines. Meditating to the soul of the person could allow one to reach them at a higher frequency level, but you cannot ask them to correct their grid alignment back into the program, as their programming cannot longer support the energies of the physical grid.

Why do people with dementia, and related mental illnesses remain in the physical? Sometimes it is a soul connection to a person in the physical with whom they are attached. Then there is the fear of leaving the grid completely ---> going to the light and unable to return to this grid program.

Other times, it is simply the destiny of that soul which has come into the physical for that experience and must play out its DNA program to that end.

I do not believe most souls come here by choice, but are part of random programming as they spiral out of the collective unconsciousness and move into the grids to experience.

As souls awaken, they ask the questions, If life is filled with doubt, confusion, disappointments, fear, and pain, why am I here? What did I come here to do? Do I have a mission?

When their soul reaches the frequency and understanding of reality as an illusion, and that the program is closing soon, comfort is found on some level.

Other souls do not take comfort in the fact that they are going through so many trials and tribulations, just to be consciously part of the Grand Finale. Most do not think the journey here is worth it.

Back to caring for a parent or close relative with Alzheimer's, know what is involved before you get started. It will involve a change in lifestyle and a personal commitment you cannot afford. Decisions about placing the parent in a nursing home may be best for all concerned, setting the finances aside.

Each of my clients is struggling with what to do while waiting for the parent to cross over, as there is no real quality of life for either of them.

Awareness, the parent, the child, is changing.

It is not easy watching someone you love, perhaps someone who was vital and filled with love and energy, suffering with Alzheimer’s.

There is much about the brain and consciousness, that we know little about.