Born Into The Wrong Family

November 3, 2005

There is this feeling that many of us embrace, that we are not from here, planet Earth, visitors in time or dimension, with a soulful purpose. This mission feeling affects much of what we do in life, as it comes into focus in time.

Many people feel they were born into the wrong family, or simple don't belong here at all, unable to find their purpose. Many of these people become disassociated from reality or their current situation, especially if abused.

Feelings of living with the wrong family can begin as early as childhood. They are a common theme in puberty, escapism, moving into college age years when one seeks self awareness and ponders, Why am I here? What is it all about? I do not want to wind up like the adults around me, riddled with issues and a life filled with dysfunctional behavior patterns, relationships, and meaningless tasks. I want to grow up and work at something that helps people and fills my soul with deeper meaning.

This line of thought, DNA programming, is often associated with the feeling that one was adopted, or is from an alien race here to help humanity, or has moved through time to that end and must suffer the fates of the human race until the day when a final truth is revealed to all and they can do the job they came here for, to help humanity, or save the planet, or help souls transition to the our side when the program ends, to return home, the place from which it all began, creation, however that is defined by one's DNA genetic make-up.

No soul originates from the emotional, generally painful, realms of the physical. Souls are nothing more than sparks of light having a physical experience that is about to end. Can you feel it?

As for your biological family, the soul group in which you came here to play out the emotional games of the 3D realms, it's time to release that which does not further your soul's purpose, consciousness awareness in the alchemy of time and emotion.

Do not look to please the family unless it feels right to you. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated as you have in the past. Be assertive. Move on. You can do it if you are ready, but do it with the feeling of completion in love and forgiving, not with negative emotions of anger, frustration, fear, pain, and anguish.

Just step back, outside the box, and become the observer. If you can't find 'that' place in consciousness evolution, you will wallow in self-delusion and miss the grand finale at the end of time when we go from unenlightened, to enlightened, we go home, and connect back with our true family.

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