Crystal Workshop, June 26, 2005

On this picture-perfect day in New York, I taught a crystal workshop with Dianne who traveled here from Ottawa, Canada.

I woke to a strong fragrance that oddly smelled like 'baby powder'. Does it mean a new birth is about to happen for all?

Most of the students arrived saying that they felt powerful energies as soon as the walked down the hall to my apartment.

As this was a reunion of sorts, brunch was served, personal stories told, a day filled with releasing, healing, and meeting spirits from many realms.

We honored the presence of Jill, a metaphysical teacher who had crossed over in February 2005, of cancer. Three of her students attended the workshop. Jill was a special soul, traveling world-wide to teach and heal. She entered our class by ringing the doorbell, but no one was at the door! After she contacted' me, we realized that it was she who had rung the bell. The rest of the day, Jill made her presence known in ways that amused and entertained us.

Within the high energies of the crystals and the students, we laughed and played. There were chakra healings, meditations and more.

A bond was created, the energies lingering, coming to future consciousness when souls need to reconnect.

I know the word 'Reconnection' is popular with coaches and healers. It is about reconnecting with your soul and releasing the blocking that manifest along the way.

The first part of our workshop took place in my home with discussions about crystals, crystal skulls, crystal bowls, Atlantean crystals, seed crystals and more. A crystal scrying exercise enabled each student to get messages for someone else in the class.

After lunch we prepared for our shamanic journey to the park, the 4 elements, 4 cardinal points.

We closed our eyes, listened to Native American drumming music and discovered our totem/power animal for the day.

Remember that totem and power animals change based on your experience at that moment, just as the crystals you use vary with your experiences.

My power animal seemed odd, a lion with a blue and gold pocket watch in its mouth. Later, in the park, as I looked at the obelisk, I realized this symbolized the 'sphinx in time'. It was the same blue and gold pocket watch I had taken to Egypt December 2000 - that linked with magic and 2012. The Masonic Program was signaling to me from outside the box ... The Founding Fathers and the Watchers / Pocket Watch, Time Keepers.

Bearing in mind that we are in the window of the Masonic Program manifest in America, July 4, 1776, and related metaphors and global events, the class and I walked to Cannonball Park. This land ... this area ... the Verrazano Bridge ... the collective history/waters of the Atlantic, where the stories and battles of our program where fought and honored, permeated our experience on this day.

Once upon a time ... Native Americans roamed this area
and now their spirits returned as Dianne performed various rituals.

From a shamanistic perspective, smoke cleanses based on the intent to cleanse created by the person who needs the healing. This is similar to working with crystals wherein the person who owns the crystal places their intent into the crystal matrix. Shamans blow smoke into an area of the body to clear the area, based on intent by the person.

Shamanism works with earth energies, power/totem animals, and plant/spirit medicine.

Shamanism deals with the 4 cardinal points directions, North, South, East, and West, as well as the intercardinal points, the points in between the cardinal points, such as northeast to southwest and northwest to southeast. It's all based on ceremonies and rituals. Shamans traverse many planes of existence to gain knowledge to bring back to the physical planet.

Shamanism embraces the sacred circle, sacred hoops, the circle of life, medicine wheels, dream catchers. All are rituals. All are metaphors. Rituals have always been ways to embrace the energies of that which is above, higher wisdom and knowledge, with that which is below grounding us to the physical planetary grid.

At the end of the day ... souls seek ... love and compassion, balance, freedom, empowerment, and self-awareness, in the loops of time. That's a tall order in our program, but by the very nature of its creation, we will find it at the end of time.

When Dianne was finished, we sat in a circle between 2 trees. No one wanted to leave as we experienced the cool ocean breeze, the warmth of the sun, the earth beneath us, and strange harmonics heard by most of us.

The energies of the Revolutionary War, filled my mind. The Statue of Liberty was west of where we sat. Ground Zero called out to me! More spirits! I thought about the image of the twin towers sent to me last week.

At the other side of the park, a bridal party was taking pictures as they always do when the weather is nice. It is a tradition for couples followed by many couples, to take pictures here in these energies, as if blessed by god.

After 14 years of watching brides and grooms, it was not until this moment that I realized something else metaphoric about this place Z had guided me to live, an apartment that waited 9 months for me. Before me, I saw the sacred union of male and female, marriage of soul mates, married to the project and its outcome, love in bloom, if you will. It's funny how you can watch something over and over again and not understand its symbology until your consciousness grid locks into the right connection.

My attention returned to the class which created a circle between 2 trees. We realized we were 13, now placed as 12 Around 1, with me as the center hub. What a rush of energy that was! The students pointed their crystals toward me as guided by Z. My lion with the clock in his mouth reappeared. The time loop was being affected. Pat saw the gears of a clock moving in synchronicity and heard gears like those in our April 2004 experience in the upstate journey. Many students felt a counterclockwise spiraling effect followed by the earth falling away and our souls spiraling up and out!