Tsunami 2004, January 2005

2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake

Tsunami in Southeast Asia: Full Coverage National Geographic

Saturday January 8, 2005

In the aftermath of the 9.0 earthquake and resulting tsunamis in Indonesia, the number of people found dead, missing and assumed dead, and the number of homeless, continues to mount as the world rallies to help the victims. Relief efforts pour in from around the world as this story unfolds.

Spiritually, any catastrophic event of global proportions, serves as a unifier for the souls, creating the sense of 'Oneness' which will be experienced at the end of time when consciousness evolves. It is as these times, that we experience the best, and sometimes the worst, of ourselves and humanity. People reach out and work together, letting go of personal issues, and working to help one another. The mission continues ...

Children of the Tsunami

The Plight of the Orphans

Searching For Lost Children

Setting up refugee camps

Rescuing the children

Many anguished parents searched for their lost children in hospitals and shelters formed by organizations around the world. In the aftermath of the tsunamis in Asia, there are many orphaned children, some with siblings. There is fear of children being kidnapped for any number of reasons, past history telling us about human-trafficking of children and young teens, slavery, rape, and all sorts of other abuses that dysfunctional souls perpetuate for money or other sick motivations.

Animals of the Tsunami, Animals Have a Sixth Sense

There were no dead animals, Did they have quake warning? BBC

One interesting fact came out of the tsunami disaster, the possible verification of something most of us already knew, animals have a 6th sense 'esp'ecially in the face of disaster. Humans also display extraordinary abilities when faced with disaster, their psychic abilities heighten. It is about raising your frequency to a higher volume, when faced with fear. Fear wakes/shakes you up! It jolts your consciousness within and without of the grid. Your instincts are to go to higher frequencies for answers, god, for example,, as you instinctively know the answers are not in this realm.

Animals in general, particularly dolphins, domesticated animals, and sometimes wild animals, often seem more attuned to things beyond this realm. If you have ever observed an animal you know that they often chase after, or stare at, something which is invisible to us. People who live with animals are aware that animals dream, which means that they too are experiencing multi-dimensionally. Animals are capable of seeing and hearing beyond human frequency. One could assume it is part of their survival instinct. It is perhaps for this reason that no one has found dead animals in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami.

In the past, it has been recorded that animal behavior is an indicator of Earth changes. Cats in particular, act strangely before an earthquake or other impending disaster. This may occur days before the event. On some level they must be able to feel / sense subtle vibrations in the Earth's magnetic fields, which act as a warning. In the case of the tsunami, many people believe that the animals heard the water before it came to the shore, causing them to run to safety.

Communicating With The Dead in Indonesia

Ghosts stalk Thai tsunami survivors BBC

While reading a client on Tuesday, I 'saw' the image of an elephant followed by the faces of people who had died in the Tsunami tragedy. The images looked like slides rather than animations. The client I was with had nothing to do with this tragedy, so I knew I had randomly tapped into the grid of those events. As if viewing an 'instant replay', I saw a sunny calm day erupt into tragedy, followed by an endless number of souls caught up, as if in a whirlwind of energy spiraling them upward ... then they disappeared. I saw animals, elephants in particular, spiraling up with them. The image of the elephant returned. It looked at me then disappeared. I looked for the souls, but the images 'faded to black.'