Mediumship is a term used to refer to a person who claims to communicate with spirits of the deceased and passes on messages from the spirit world or Heaven to people on Earth. Mediumship has not been proven by the scientific method. Believers acknowledge that there are many fraudulent mediums, but claim that tests -- information which the medium had no way of knowing, can help determine the genuineness of spirit communications. Skeptics claim that mediums use techniques such as cold reading and hot reading.

History of Mediumship

Modern spiritualism in the United States dates from the activities of the Fox sisters in 1848. Some mediums acknowledged by the Spiritualist Church today include Andrew Jackson Davis, Daniel Douglas Home, and Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. In Britain, the Society for Psychical Research has carried on investigations of some phenomena, mainly in connection with telepathy and apparitions, in hopes of finding scientific explanations for such occurrences.

Modern Mediumship

Modern spiritualism defines two distinct types of phenomena that can occur through mediums; communication, or mental mediumship, and manipulation of energies and energy systems, known as physical mediumship. In the spiritualist belief system, a spirit who communicates with a medium, either verbally or visually, is known as a spirit communicator. A spirit who uses a medium to manipulate energy or energy systems is called a spirit operator.

Mental mediumship is supposed to involve communication via thought transference, or telepathy taking place within the consciousness of the medium. Believers assume that the medium hears, sees, and feels messages from spirits, when he or she then relates, hopefully with minimum personal influence and prejudice, to the recipient of the message, also known as the sitter. Some mediums claim to remain conscious during this communication period, while "full trance" mediums state that they pass into an unconscious state in which their physical and mental processes are completely controlled by the spirit visitors.

Mental Mediumship has several different aspects, such as Clairvoyance, (Clear Seeing) Clairaudience (Clear Hearing), Clairsentience, (Clear Sensing), Clairalience (Clear Smell) and Clairgustance along with prescribed training methods for developing these abilities. However, some of these terms are defined differently in spiritualism than in other paranormal fields. "Clairvoyance", for instance, is often used by spiritualists to include seeing spirits and visions instilled by spirits, whereas the Parapsychological Association defines clairvoyance as information derived directly from an external physical source.

Spiritualists believe that mental phenomena include such activities as telepathy, clairvoyance, and trance speaking. In the 1860s and 1870s, trance speakers were among the most popular of lecturer-entertainers, many delivering passionate speeches on abolitionism and women's rights. Physical mediumship involves the manipulation and transformation of physical systems and energies, supposedly by the spirits.

Communication from the spirit world manifests itself in Mental phenomena (e.g., telepathy, clairvoyance, trance speaking, and apparitions) and in physical phenomena (e.g., levitation, automatic writing, and poltergeist and ectoplasmic activities).

Physical Mediumship

Spiritualists say that the physical phenomena of mediumship encompass such things as levitation, automatic writing, and poltergeist ectoplasmic and "energetic" activities. Ectoplasm is the substance which produces spirit materializations, telekinesis and other forces from the other world. Closely related to the concept of ectoplasm is the aura, a subtle field of luminous multicolored radiation surrounding a person or object as a cocoon or halo, which can be perceived by the medium. By noting variations in the hues of a person's aura, a medium can describe his personality, needs, and illnesses. For example, the "shriveling" of the aura is considered a sign of impending death. In what is known as "solar plexus voice mediumship", a spirit appears to speak through a medium's body.

Mediumistic automatism is the automatism associated with a medium receiving supernatural messages from ghosts, spirits or the like, the expression of such messages (in speech, writing or drawings) lacking conscious control or intervention by the medium.

Personal Experiences

I have been a medium as far back as I can remember. When do do psychic Psychic readings with my clients, I generally find it easy to communicate with spirits and bring messages of comfort and knowing that exist only between my client and their deceased loved on. Any and all of the tolls mentioned above can be part of a session. Generally I don't know what to expect until we begin. Usually the spirit has guided the client to me, through a dream or thought form.

When you first begin to connect with spirit, you might close your eyes, but after a while, you learn to focus your brain, perhaps looking off to one side, and it all begins to flow.

People ask if I protected ... always. Dysfunctional, fracture or 'dark' spirits are never part of my work, though I know other mediums have different experiences.

Spirit arrive for a session either before or during the time spent with my client. Spirits who arrive before the client often hang around so we can enjoy some fun conversation.

Many guide me to buy a specific kind of flower to place on my table during the session. Spirits are attracted to flowers and candles, though I do not use candles or any sort or ritual objects, just fresh flowers, which oddly seem to last for weeks in my home.

Spirits often move things, make sounds, create odors linked to something connected to them when they were physical, create sensations in my body linked to them, and find various ways to make us aware of their presence.

Some spirits have issues as they are somehow connected to a grid where emotion exists, personalities vary much as they were in the physical and so on. After they confront the issues with the client, they seem able to release from the grasp of the 3D grid and move on.

Not all of the deceased are human. Many are beloved pets who communicated through thought form (imagery).

Most of us want to find ways to contact the other side, both to learn about things beyond our reality, and to get messages about personal matters.

Human consciousness is evolving and in doing so people are questing for answers about god, religion, our creators and their purpose, our future based on age old prophecies of evolution to a golden age (alchemy) at this time and internal feelings of change. Each time the world goes through its dramas, trails and tribulations, we view events through different 'eyes'. And so it shall continue till the end of time.

People often ask me, "Can anyone learn to be a medium?" The answer is yes, with practice.