Summer Solstice 2005

Strangeness in Summer Solstice Teleconference Class

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I received an email and image from a reader in Texas. "Friends of ours from Ireland stopped over in New York to do the tourist thing before traveling on to Colorado for a conference. On their boat tour of NYC they snapped this photo that clearly shows the shadows of two towering buildings that are no longer standing in the city. The picture has not been digitally tampered with. Things that make you go, "hmmmmmm"!!! Awesome!"

Do you see the projections/shadows of the twin towers in the background where once they stood?

Original Image taken with a digital camera

I darkened the image to bring up the details of the projection!

My Summer Solstice teleclass began like all others. The energies of the Biggest Full Moon at 00 Capricorn did not go unnoticed. The Moon, rules Cancer, emotions, feminine, rebirth of ... consciousness, a nation on July 4th, and more. A few minutes after we began the class, I shifted the energies out of the box discussing what that meant and how people are becoming conscious of who they are when not in a physical form.

As my students and I spoke, suddenly, through the phone bridge lines, there was loud static that sounded like white noise. I had to move the phone away from my ear it was so loud, as the bridge lines went dead. Thinking it was a technical problem, I redialed, as did the rest of the class.

The class proceeded and I discussed the sun moving into Cancer on this day, which references the Masonic program and its inception in the US in the sun sign Cancer, July 4, 1776. We are 2 weeks away from July 4, a key date in Sarah and Alexander. I had posted the image of the twin towers on my blog this morning and now discussed it with the class. Here we find a good example of reality as projected illusion, film on a screen, projected through the lens of time.

On this day, the Masonic Program seemed to be calling out to us with messages from Ground Zero. Suddenly, there was another sharp burst of white noise ... after which the bridge lines went down again! Could this have been linked to the energies of the 9/11 spirits, who sometimes visit me when their friends and family come for a reading? In the 14 years I have lived here, I have never had a phone problem of this kind. White noise is linked to spirit some of the time. Time to redial and reconnect through the bridge line. We discovered that our group now consisted of only 4 woman, all living in different parts of the world.

After a brief discussion about the summer solstice and joyous celebrations, honoring rebirth ... we moved our consciousness to the center of Stonehenge where we stood facing in 4 directions, the 4 cardinal points. Cancer is a cardinal sign. Each woman chose a direction. I was last and wound up facing north which was my choice.

Many people come each year to have fun and celebrate the summer solstice at Stonehenge. This year is no exception. Over 21,000 people welcome the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

In this energy, we spiraled clockwise as if a dance of creation. We paused then reversed our direction. When we paused we thought we could lift the stones telekinetically. Our magical powers, the shaman in each of us, returning. Beams of light, looking like the lights one sees at a movie premiere, spotlights, emanated from each of us to somewhere outside reality. The beams merged changing into a giant diamond ring or Bailey's Beads, an eclipse, of consciousness. We saw Moses with the 10 commandments, X, which came crashing to the ground. He held a new Torah of Light which each of us was to touch. On each of the four hands that touched the torah, I saw a diamond [DNA] bracelet ignite. I used my left hand which is the divine feminine. The energies became more powerful. Suddenly we physically heard music in the background somewhere, but there was no source for this sound.

We heard a dog barking. I immediately thought of Sirius, the 'dog star', and my research earlier in the day about the Summer Solstice in Ancient Egypt, the Inundation of the Nile River on this summer solstice each year, water flowing, collective unconsciousness recreated , Isis -- Osiris -- Horus , resurrection and rebirth. Masonic = created by sound, now coming full circle back to Egypt, Egg!

When we felt complete, I knew the bridge line was going to cut off. As that thought entered my mind, we heard a tone that sounded like a bell. The teleconference company did not issue one.The bridge line went dead. All was silent. All had ended. Class dismissed! I can generally refocus in my physical reality shortly after teaching a teleclasses, but this energy lingers with me still.

There are, and will always be changes, inserts, in the energies of our grid programs, based on celestial movements and events within the program. Their primary focus is to move consciousness up one notch in its spiritual evolution. When they occur, you stop and pause, knowing on many levels that something profound has occurred and you are forever altered. You embrace these energies as milestones on your journey through the cycles of time.

After the class, I called the people at the teleconference company and explained what happened, assuring them that I was not angry. They could offer no reasonable explanation, at their end, for what occurred. They sent me a computer printout of the members of the class. No unauthorized guests had entered the teleconference room, physical or non-physical!

Email From Students

Danijela in Brussels

Mari in Nebraska

Norma in Georgia

Kristie from Enumclaw, WA (Foothills of Mt. Rainier), she who did not attend the class

Crystal Workshop, June 26, 2005

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