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Apollo 11 Moon Landing 50 Years Later Text and Video Blogs
Ellie's Vimana Earrings
July 2019 Ridgecrest, California Earthquakes
July 4th: Fireworks over the Verrazano and Brooklyn Bridges, 6.4 Earthquake in Calif, Trump's Extravaganza Text and Video Blog
Children With Anxiety 2019 Text and Video Bog
Creation Myths and End Times YouTube
Helicopter Crash in Midtown Manhattan, Ellie's Platforms 2019 Text and Video
Body Temperature and Performance
Best Friends Day 2019 Text and Video Blog
D-Day 75 - World War II Connections & Recollections Text and Video Blog
Princess, Priestess, Women Today
Burnout Text and Video
Virginia Beach Shooting Text and Video
Ellie and Will - Unidentified "Floating" Objects Text and Video
Looking back on MUFON 50 years later - Aliens and UFOs Text and Video
Rare White Animals and Prophecies Text and Video
Severe Weather May 2019 Text and Video
Memorial Day 2019, Brooklyn, Rhode Island, Jersey Shore Text and Video
February Purple Sunset From Ellie's Home Text and Video

Creating a Space Force Text and Video
Immigration and Family Separation June 2018 Text and Video

Over your head in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Video Blog
Meditation Tips With Ellie Text and Video
2017 Las Vegas Shooting Text and Video
What ever happened to Flight MH370? Text and Video

September 2017 Earth Changes Science and Pseudoscience Text and Video

Reading Cards With Ellie - Creating Your Own Deck of Divination Cards
Hurricane Harvey and Other Natural Disasters
The Great American Solar Eclipse - August 21, 2017
Check out Ellie's solar eclipse sunglasses
The New Goethals Bridge - Fun in NJ
Removing Two Robert E. Lee Plagues in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
North Korea - August 2017
Book Lovers Day 2017

JULY 2017
DNA Human Biogenetic Experiment
Ellie Talks Politics - The Mooch
Two Leo New Moons and Two Eclipses
Crop Circles Through the Years
When should you change therapists?
The Akashic Records
Freedom: Bastille Day 2017
Alchemy - Science and Pseudoscience
Antarctica - Science and Pseudoscience
Trump Collusion - All in the Family
Trusting Your Intuition
Affordable Health Care
Reality Check July 2017 With Ellie

JUNE 2017
Reunions: Ellie's June 2017 Florida Adventures Text and Video
Conspiracy Theories With Ellie Crystal Text and Video
Ellie Revisits the Holographic Universe and Finds Herself Trapped in the Matrix Text and Video
James Comey Hearing - About Truth - It's TimeText and Video
Telepathy 2017 Style With Ellie Text and Video
Nikola Tesla is Driving Me Crazy Text and Video
Terrorism in the UK - "One Love Manchester" Text and Video
Ghosts or Ghosting: The Element of Surprise Text and Video
Paris Climate Accord ~ A Different Perspective Text and Video
Back in our old haunts as George visits Ellie - Text, Pics, Videos
Figuring Out The Truth

MAY 2017
Memorial Day Text and Video
Memorial Day Farmers Market
Memorial Day Flea Market
Ellie's Gazebo Adventures in Brooklyn

APRIL 2017
DNA Day - Science and Pseudoscience
Brooklyn the Bird Flies Free
Ellie joins her client Brian from Dallas, discussing country music on the night of the CMAs

MARCH 2017
Trump - Collusion and Diversion March 20, 2017
Nor'easter March 14, 2017 from Brooklyn Shooting a Scene in the Park Outside
International Women's Day 2017
Metaphysically Speaking ... Ellie and Diego
The Phoenix Lights (UFOs) 20 Years Later

Walk-ins, Wanderers, and Inserts
Inserts in the Hologram
Ascension As We Understand It Today
Reacting Emotionally Before an Event Occurs
Valentine's Day - Relationships 2017
Blizzard of 2017

Channeling - The Switchboard Effect
Post Inaugural Blog
Being a Teacher
Inauguration Week January 2017
Dealing With Stress
The Return of Nibiru

Forum of Realty: The Holographic Universe & Multiverse

Crystalinks Turns 20
Crystal Meditation With Dean and Ellie
Crystals With Dean Harris and Ellie

The Metaphysical Experience with Producer Tom Lombardo

Ellie and Mike in Seagate after Hurricane Sandy

Welcome to Crystalinks

History Channel: The Lost Book of Nostradamus
Pyramid Meditation

Cultural Hours With Linda Powers

Evolution Schevolution - The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

Ellie's World Blogs 2017

Psychic Reading With Ellie






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