Reunions: Ellie's June 2017 Florida Adventures

After reuniting with Lincoln High School and Brooklyn College friends on Facebook, I decided to take a short trip to southern Florida for a reunion. Everyone had warned me about it being rainy season in Florida, this year being especially hot and humid, but considering that the temperature in New York this week was 99 for three days in a row, what was the difference. You really can't let weather affect your decisions because the climate is so bizarre these days - you just have to adapt.


I set out early this morning to JFK airport - JetBlue terminal. Using my local car service I thought the trip to the airport would be uneventful until a few minutes in when I realized the driver, my age, is deaf, which he shared when he realized I had asked him something about lowering the air conditioner, and he didn't respond. Oh yes ... there was one other incident during the drive when he was in the left lane looking to move into the middle lane, a car was speeding up in the middle lane, the driver blew her horn at him, but he didn't hear her. Whew! If I didn't throw a few right lights around that car I'm telling you I would be toast. Refresh :: It wasn't about moving white lights but more about stopping time adjusting and the timelines ... Yes that sounds more like me.

Arriving at the airport --- > the driver pulled up to the curb, which is not easy at JFK. I had already paid him after which he walked around to the back of the car, brought my suitcase to the curb finally noticing that I was desperately trying to open the door to no avail. I banged on the window and shouted, "I'm locked in!!" to which he ran around to the driver's side of the car and unlocked the doors apologizing. Okay ... They say travel of any kind is not easy so let's enter the terminal.

As I had paid for extra leg room and faster check in, I went through security in no time. In the center of the terminal I walked past the sign above, stopping to take a picture as I noted that my flight was on time. On to the gate which was far enough away that I stopped for breakfast. In the waiting area I met a local woman and somehow we got into the subject of psychics, crystals, etc. It's amazing how fast the time goes by when you find someone to talk to especially somebody interesting.

Boarding ... Roll your luggage in ... Row 2 Seat F by the window ... carry-on luggage quickly secured in the overhead compartment. Checking ... no crying babies or young children near me ... all is well. The man next to me in 2 E was a restaurant owner named Patrick from Long Island. Next to him in 2 D was a teacher named Maria from Queens. As they chatted I put on my headphones because the news on the screen in from of me looked to be about yet another shooting. Volume up ... There were the first reports about the Alexandria, Virginia shooting earlier that morning. 2017 Congressional baseball shooting

A few minutes later I decided it was time to forget about everything and watch one of two movies I have programmed for the flight - "Fifty Shades Darker" and "Beauty in the Beast". My daughter Nikki had wondered why I would watch an almost X-rated movie during the flight, so I told her it would depend who sat next to me and if the movie was violent I would delete it.. OK everything was cool as I started the movie turning the screen at an angle away from Patrick and Maria.

Fast forward ... Before I knew it we getting ready to land at Fort Lauderdale airport ... time to close my iPad ... I could finish watching the film later. Would "Fifty Shades Darker" have a happy ending? I laughed as Patrick and Maria asked if I could let the movie play till the end. I didn't realize that they had been watching the screen while talking. The three of us chatted and had lots of laughs while waiting for the plane to land after which we walked off in a separate directions both having taken my business card. Your instincts are ... as you pass people along the way ... I'll never see them again ... but sometimes fate has something else in mind.

On to meet George who was waiting at the Gate. Though I'm not a lover of Florida weather ... The rain had stopped as we planned the rest of the day, sightseeing in Fort Lauderdale, enjoying his condo complex, and whatever came along.

Interesting Encounters at George's Pool

This statue looks like the Moai from Easter Island.

The statue was standing in an area filled with beautiful tumbled stones. I suppose I'm not the only person who feels guided to stand behind it and either place something above as if ceremonial ... then do whatever comes to mind. For me if was just fun. Ouch! George stopped the camera abruptly because he got bitten by one or more mosquitoes. Itch!

George's Office

Reunion With Friends in Boca

Hi Girls ... Meet Marilyn, Anita, and Linda.

12:00 PM give or take ... George and I were greeted at Seasons 52 in Boca Raton by Linda and her husband Alan. Hugs, kisses and introductions as George had never met my friends from back in the day which seemed like another lifetime as we sat there. Alan told George the story about how I introduced him to Linda then I shared how George and I met in a crystal warehouse in Manhattan exactly 14 years ago. We laughed and chatted until Marilyn and Anita arrived ... cue the men to leave. After lunch we drove to a local mall where we sat near a waterfall sharing more life's experiences.

Marilyn has taken to reading my blogs which seems to awaken something within her. Several weeks ago she and I had talked about another high school friend named Muriel. None of us knew what it happened to her. I connected my grid with Muriel's. That night Marilyn, and several friends, were at a focus group and who should she meet ... you got it ... Muriel. Muriel wasn't interested in a reunion but this was about synchronicity creating and manifesting for us.

Maryland also told me a story about an experience she and her husband had while purchasing a new Toyota. To make a long story short, their salesman told them an interesting story about his seven-year-old son. The salesman is Jewish. His father survived the Holocaust. The boy was named after his grandfather. From the time he could talk, every time he saw a picture of his grandfather he would say, "That's me". The grandfather died before the boy was born so they never knew each other. The boy still insists, as he looks at the pictures, that is him.

Anita and I reflected on the experience we had the day before my mother died. My mother had been living in Baltimore with her family having been estranged for a very long time. That day Anita, who lived in Long Island, called and told me she met an old woman who asked her if she knew me and to tell me that my mother was dying in Coney Island Hospital. Everything about that didn't make sense to Anita, my husband Ralph, and myself. And still I knew I had to go to the hospital and she would be there. It was a tender reunion after which he passed that evening. She is laid to rest in Baltimore.

Linda and I reminisced about our summers in the Catskills highlighted by Woodstock 1969. Linda and Alan run a small travel agency. She said the focus for the summer is going somewhere special to see the eclipse on August 21. Nashville seems to be the place.

They were endless stories some of this realm and some from another.

Linda and Ellie

Marilyn, Anita, Linda

Tesla opened doors to many worlds

The Tesla Girls in Boca - Ellie, Anita, Marilyn, and Linda

Reunion with Nina

My time with Nina and George, was one endless conversation that went from George's house where we made the video below ... to Lesters ... a diner near the airport where we had lunch. Nina has had one of the most unique and colorful lives of anyone I know. She's worn many hats, delved into metaphysics, and like me will remain a teacher until the end. Years ago she had an astrology show on the radio for two years and as George is an astrologer they had a lot in common. Nina has been an entertainer - the gene passed down to her son Jeremy Alter a Hollywood producer. To glimpse into the fun we had please watch the video ...

View from George's terrace just after we took the picture above.

The red roof tiles tend to trigger memories of other lifetimes, as if a trigger.

Returning to NYC, I was booked on flight 202 scheduled to leave Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) at 3:09 PM. Torrential rain along the coast, and problems with the runways at JFK, changed all of that, my flight delayed three hours as I followed it on my app while remembering the days before apps.

Why did Ellie sit next to the pilot?

George, Nina and I extended our lunch at Lesters ... arriving at FLL around 3:30. To say that the airport was overcrowded, due to delayed flights, is an understatement. Topping that off, the area where I was to wait had very poor air conditioning. The original flight was scheduled to board out of F8 ... which changed to F10 ... and finally to F5.

With such a long wait my only thought was to find the coolest place in the airport and sit there. It turned out to be F5 where I charge my phone and chatted with a young man from a local neighborhood, Marine Park, passing the time more quickly. I've been on flights with delays, but I have to tell you that the anxiety and frustration level of people today is more than I've ever experienced in the past. People are just losing it.

As it was getting close to boarding, who should I see but Maria who greeted me with big hug. As we stood there talking about our experiences in Florida while wondering why no one was boarding ... who should come along to join us? You got it. Patrick. Both he and Maria were supposed to take the 7:00 flight but due to delays with my flight they changed - sitting in rows 1 and 3. This was another reunion for me in two days.

More delays ... and trust me the natives were getting restless. We soon discovered the problem - the plane didn't have a captain and first officer so they were waiting for substitutes. 30 minutes later they arrived. It was finally time to board. Patrick told Maria and I to follow him as he was a frequent flyer and could board first. What has become most important when boarding is being sure your suitcase has room in the overhead compartment as space is limited and few people want to pay extra for luggage. It was a race to get your carry-on securely in the overhead compartment. For me that was no problems as Patrick put my luggage with his and Maria's.

I turned to get to my seat and who should be sitting there but the man in the picture above who is a JetBlue flight captain named Tony. Originally he was scheduled to be the captain on flight 202 but due to delays and the fact that he had already flown a certain number of hours within a 24 hour period, he could no longer pilot the flight.

I settled into my seat next to Captain Tony who explained the delays - weather, runways problems at JFK, and no pilot. I also learned about the workings of the plane, and lots of other cool stuff throughout the adventure. On the downside the TVs on the seats in front of the passengers were not working. Ellie to the rescue as Captain Tony tried to get some reception but alas things were down ... truly a Mercury Retrograde moment ... but wait... Mercury isn't retrograde ... life is.

I had the last episodes of The X-Files 2016 stored on my iPad which we watched. That begged the question ... What would Tony do if he noticed a UFO following his flight? He wasn't sure how to answer because I don't think he's ever considered it. For now it became food for thought. He actually seemed excited at the thought of such an adventure and promise me that if it ever happened he would take a video and pictures. Nothing about this energy indicated he would ever be chased by a UFO but you never know in this crazy reality.

About security ... I told him I knew who the Sky Marshall was on the plane and he smiled as I casually glanced over at the person I thought it was. He would neither confirm or deny. Guns? Pilots can carry a weapon after training. Was I worried about problems with this flight? No ... except for a crazy blond lady, running up and down the aisle, who came close to losing it when they stored her luggage below.

I shared with Tony that I learned to fly a plane years ago (great fun) but never got a license. For this flight I was his co-pilot and enjoying the journey. My personal choice of transportation ... a portal or just beam me up.