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2019 Predictions in the News
Ellie's 2018 End of Year Messages
2018 News in Review: Science, Space, Health, Media, Politics, Pseudoscience

Blue Light Illuminates New York City
Winner of The Voice Season 15 was Chevel Shepherd
Remembering Penny Marshall
Brazilian faith healer John of God sexually abused more than 300 women
From Tinker Toys to Tech Toys What Do Children Prefer in 2018?
The Con - Life, Santa, Time, Politics, Crime
Remembering President George H.W. Bush
12/12 in Blue, Ellie in the Great Pyramid, Joie Lights in the Sky, Enuma Elish, Mother Mary
Bennu, Beginning and Endings, George H.W. Bush,
A Thousand Points of Light, Chanukah Festival of Light,
Masonic Symbolism, JZ, Fade to Black

Where did all the UFO's go? Destination Mars - Destination Moon
How to Power Wash Your Obelisk for the Winter
2018 G20 Buenos Aires Summit - Putin and the Saudi Prince
Central American Migrant Caravans - November 2018
Earth Changes November 2018
Return to Mars - InSight Lander Successfully Touches Down
Cake Day With Ellie - Then and Now
Thanksgiving With Ellie's Family 2018
Ellie's World 2018 Thanksgiving Blogs
The Kennedys in the Algorithm (Pattern): Births, Deaths, Politics
The Clintons and the Trumps - Are we characters in their games?
Unexpected Snowfall and Wildfires Overpower the Country
California is Burning - Wildfires 2018
Button Day
FAO Schwartz Reopens For Christmas
Remembering Stan Lee - Marvel Comics
100th Anniversary of Veterans Day - H.G. Welles Time Machine
Thousand Oaks Shooting - Granddaughter Joie at a RUSS Concert
    Wings, Gods, Upside Down Video, Finding a Lucky Penny on the Beach

The Day After the 2018 Midterm Elections
Sacred Ground
Fun With Greg Chan - Client, Friend, and Model Manager From Manhattan

Halloween 2018
Porch Pirates - They Steal Your Packages

The Power of a Symbol - Star of David - Swastika
Time Travel, Tesla, Trump
One Nation Under God
Ellie and the Flower of Life
Looking at Things From Another Perspective
US Mail Bombing Attempts - Pittsburg Synagogue Shooting

Migrant Caravans and Crises
Make a Difference Day 2018 - Get Out and Vote
World Series 2018 - Game 3 Sets a Record - Red Sox go on to Win the World Series
Native American Themes - Autumn in New York With Ellie
Border Crossings - We are all Immigrants from ...
It's All in Your Mind - Blue Dot or Red Dot - The Matrix - Blue Pill or Red Pill
Memory Loss 2018 as Consciousness Disconnects from the Grids
Stephen Hawking's final book reveals ...
Friedrich Wilhelm NietzscheFriedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Saudi Adventures and Hit Squads
Playing Lotto - Breaking Even
Ellie, Melissa, and the Alien Teacher - "The Time Before Time" - "What's Beyond the Sky?"
New York Limo Crash - Ellie and Limos - A Different ind of Multitasking While Driving
Remembering Preston Nichols
Remembering a Friend Who Has Passed - Ellie and Ellie
World Teachers' Day 2018 - Tracy's Class Visits the AZ. SciTech Festival
Assigning Names to Objects

First Ladies: Eleanor Roosvelt, Michelle Obama, Melania Trump
Mental Health Day 2018 - Kayne West - Selena Gomez
Why Nothing Makes Sense
Vanishing Point

Sand Formations That Look Like Intricate Crop Circles
Banksy Art Self Destructs After Being Sold at Auction
UFO Themes: John E. Mack, Sputnick 1, Shag Harbor UFO Incident

First Emergency Alert Test Sent Nationwide
Indonesia: 7.6 Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcanic Eruption

2018 Nobel Prizes

Brett Kavanaugh Investigation
Matriarchy Versus Patriarchy - No One Wins - Bill Cosby Sentenced
United Nations General Assembly - Trump Gets Laughed At
    North Korea Nuclear Testing and Earthquakes
   Libra, Goddess, Mabon, Meditation, Visualization,
   Oktoberfest, Moon, Traditions, Creation, Magic

Manifest (TV Series) Parallels Missing Flight MH370
Robocalls Increase and Get Weirder
Kings Plaza Mall Garage Fire
Beyond Organic Farming

9/11 Seventeen Years Later
    Trump, Giuliani, GW Bush, Bob Woodward "Fear"
    Numerology - By the Numbers
    Les Moonves, CBS
Fear: Trump in the White House - Lightning Strikes the WH

Magic, Illusion, Green Screens, Streaming Consciousness
Yom Kippur 2018 - Salvation - Magic and Illusion
Rosh Hashanah 2018 - Noah's Bar Mitzvah - Grandparents Day
Hurricane Florence - Creation and Destruction
The Matrix
    Here Comes the Judge - What is the Matrix?
    Artificial Intelligence or AI - The Matrix is AI
    Tropical Storm Gordon - Gordon-Michael Scallion - The Matrix Institute
    Noah's Bar Mitzvah - Biblical Flood Stories - Is reality a shared dream?

Placebo Button
Sexual Misconduct - The Children
Relationships and Psychic Readings 2018

Remembering Burt Reynolds

Simulation Theory 2018
Crystalinks Turns 23 in the Matrix - If I was Queen - Ellie and the Blue Photo
Ellie's Grandchildren August 2018

Passing Thoughts - John McCain, Aretha Franklin, Neil Simon
Men in Power Synchronicities and Parallels - Guilt by Design - Trump, Manafort, Cohen
"Truth isn't Truth"
Keeping it Legal - Brett Kavanaugh, John Brennan, Trump, Omarosa, Others
Russia Declassified - Trump and Putin Colluding on UFO Covers?
Politics: Pull up a Chair if You Dare
Collapsing - Zippers The Gears of Time
Deep State - Trump and Omarosa
QAnon - Conspiracies

Major Earthquakes - Alaska, Fiji, Tonga, Indonesia, Oregon, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia
Hawaii 2018 - Paradise Lost
Sacred Places are a Thing of the Past - Indonesia Quakes
The Shape of Lightning, Electromagnetic Energy, and the 2018 Grids

True or False - The Family Man and Collateral Damage
Has Egypt's Second Great Sphinx Been Found?
New Moon Solar Eclipse 18 Leo - Lightning Connections - Thoth - Tesla - More
Conversations With Researchers
Live Wherever You Feel Safe
Who Am I? - Cogito, ergo sum (Thoth)
Cheating Death - Knowing
Aretha Franklin - A Soul Note
Aretha Franklin - A Soul Note

Ellie's 2018 Narragansett Adventures
Ellie, Leo, Sun Gods, Egyptian Connections, Ancient Aliens, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth
Ellie, Amun and the Tree of Life
Ellie and Shirley - #GirlsHavingFun
Small Tornado Over Brooklyn - Fade to Black at the White House
Ellie and Joel Walk Down Memory Lane
July 4, 2018 in Coney Island with Linda - Freedom Coming Full Circle in Time

Was the Great Pyramid a Power Source?
Beryl - The Storm and The Crystal
Ghosts in the Kitchen, Civil War Influences
What's The Plan
2018 Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki and Aftermath, WH Invitation to Putin
Till Death Di Us Part- Sheila and Marty - Joan and Frank
2018 Thai Cave Rescue
It's About the Children, My Family, Thai Cave Rescue, Immigration Crisis
Identical Triplets Separated at Birth - Environment vs. Heredity
Build a Bear Workshops
The Last Straw - No More Plastic Straws
July 4, 2018 from NYC
The Hierarchy of Consciousness in the Alchemy of Time
As above, So below?
Egyptian Connections
Happy 4th of July 2018 from New York City
Masonic Program and 4th of July Symbolism
The Collapse of Freedom - Russia
Joie at the World Trade Center - 9/11 Connections & Symbolism
The Road Home
Sarah and Alexander

Adventures with Joie in NYC
Ellie, Sherry and the Time Traveling Phone Booth
Immigration and Family Separation June 2018 Video Blog
Creating a Space Force Video Blog
When Lightning Strikes Ellie's House
Fathers Day2018, Ellie's Father, Immigration
Using an app for Contraception - Dr. Ruth Crystal

Rose Moon, Vera Wang, Da Vinci Code, Rose Bloodline, Rosslyn Chapel
The Road Home 2018
Messages From Z, Zaida, The Hologram
June-July UFO Incidents That Changed Everything
    Kenneth Arnold, Roswell, Papua New Guinea, UFO Day
Do you talk to yourself?
Summer Solstice 2018, Flood Stories, Immigration
World Refugee Day 2018, Immigration Crisis
Feeling Safe, Immigration, Father's Day
Queens and Goddesses - Beyonce and JZ at the Louvre, Madame Pele's Hair
Mexico's World Cup Winning Goal Caused Man-Made Earthquake
Your purpose is ...
The Reboot 2018
When a Tree Dies - Scientists shocked by mysterious deaths of ancient trees
2018 Singapore Nuclear Summit
2018 Tony Awards
Justify wins the American Triple Crown of Horse Racing
Long Island Psychics Predict the Triple Crown Winner
    Fort Hamilton Immigration Incident
Glitz, Glamour, and Fashion
    Miss America Ends Swimsuit Competition, Beauty Pageants, Ellie
    Council of Fashion Designers of America, Kim Kardashian
    Lord & Taylor is closing its 5th Avenue Store

Suicide and Collateral Damage, Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, Others

The Insanity Index Rose By Two Points This Week
    Roseanne Barr Fired, Samantha Bee Curses
    Televangelist Jesse Duplantis wants us to buy him a new airplane
    Trump's Latest Diversions, Pardons, Letter From Kim

Atlantis: Once Upon a Time in a Myth
    Thoth, Tehuti, Halls of Amenti

Reverie ~ Dreams, Illusions, and Perspectives
Roseanne Barr Incident - You Can't Stop the Insanity
Decoding Alien Messages 2018
    Pictographs, Geoglyphs, Ancient Cave Art, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Crop Circles

Presidents of the United States and the Future of Humanity
Memorial Day 2018
Ellie Welcomes Fleet Week 2018
Hawaii, Mt. Kilauea Erupts, Madame Pele, Paul, and Ellie, Z
National Wine Day, History of Wine, Persians, Z

The Royal Wedding Starring Harry and Meghan the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
Merging Cultures and Realities

When Adult Children Won't Leave Home

Do you hear Yanny or Laurel?
Legendary Paranormal Author and Investigator Brad Steiger has passed

Earth Changes May 2018
US Volcano Map, Dangerous Volcanoes, Kilauea Erupts, Yellowstone
Earthquakes, Oklahoma, New Madrid Fault, Severe Storms, Merging Realities
Asteroid BZ & Z
Time Travel 2018
Smartwatch that can turn your arm into a touchscreen

Alien Reflections on Mother's Day - Bloodlines
    Pics With My Mother Florence
    Zoroaster, Anunnaki, Wings, Ancient Aliens
    Ellie's Alien Pics and Crystal, Anunnaki, Isis & Horus, Mary & Jesus
    Paradise Lost, Anunnaki, Creating Bloodlines, 2018 Hawaii Quake, Volcano Kilauea
    Wings, Met Gala, "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination"
    Getting Your Wings Back
    In the End We Return to the Beginning
Mother's Day Fun With Family, Stop and Smell the Roses, Rose Bloodline
Linda Moulton Howe - AI and an Alien Presence, Protocols, Prophecies, Preparedness

Ellie Welcomes Fleet Week 2018

National Teacher Appreciation Day 2018 (Tracy)
Ellie Goes to Broadway: Summer: The Donna Summer Musical
Ellie has Lunch in Atlantis
Food Channel Fun with Nikki and Her Friends

Earth Day 2018 - Ellie at a Pow Wow
Ellie's Pics: Spring Comes Late to Brooklyn
To Dream of the White Knight (Horse) Chess Piece

The Road Traveled and Unraveled, Spring, YOLO, The Journey of the Soul
Meghan Markle: Here Comes the Bride, Spring Relationships 2018
Seasons, Spring Relationships 2018, Political Bromances:
   Trump, Macron, Kim and Moon (Korea) - Full Moon 9° Scorpio

White House Correspondents' Association Dinner
Trump and Macron: French Kisses and Other Connections
Dr. Jackson ... I presume
Bill Cosby Guilty, Golden State Killer Jailed, Full Moon 9 Scorpio

April 26, 2018
    National Richter Scale Day, North Korea Nuclear Testing, Chernobyl Disaster

Remembering Barbara Bush
2018 Pulitzer Prizes - Rapper Kendrick Lamar

Out of Washington April 9-13, 2018
    Mark Zuckerberg testified
    Paul Ryan will not see re-election
    James Comey - A Higher Loyalty
    Bombing Syria - New Moon, Friday the 13th, Mercury Retrograde
    Conspiracies Anyone?
Remembering Art Bell, Coast to Coast, Time Travel Machine
Flat Earth
UFO Over the Verrazano Bridge

Ellie and Irene - The Way We Were

Children in 2018
March For Our Lives Gun Control - Children in 2018 - Earth Hour Climate
Street Name Change (Corbin Place) and Confederate Plague Removals in Brooklyn

Spring Nor'easter, Poetry Day, Trump Cards and Stormy Days
The X-Files Finale
St. Patrick's Day 2018, Ellie, Allie, and the Alien
Bankruptcy 2018 - Toys 'R' Us - iHeartMedia
National Student Walkout Day For Gun Control From Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Stephen Hawking Dies
Pi Day 2018, Hawking Dies, Einstein, Schiaparelli, Spielberg's "Taken", Ellie Shares Pie

Turning 75 with Nikki, Ryan, Matthew and Noah

Hopi Blue Star Kachina Prophecy 2018
    Falling From the Sky
Blindspot Episode [3.14 (Pi)] "Everlasting"
    Stuck in the Loops of Time
    The Trumpet in Divination

Suicide - Crossing Over - Golden Gate Bridge

International Women's Day 2018
    Theme: #PressforProgress - Women of the Future (Joie)
    Wake-up Dream With My Teacher Sue Reeve
    McDonald's Flips Its Golden Arches - MW Reversed Meaning

March 6-8, 2018 Nor'easter Quinn Bay Ridge, Weather Mojo, Screened Memories
Ellie's Flood Stories and Strange Photos After Storm Riley - Staying Alive
Papua New Guinea Earthquakes Continue

The Future With Putin and AI
Oscars 2018
Ryan Winning the Community Compassion Award for 2018
Doodling Around ... Create Your Own Doodle

Music Meditation: Waning Moon Over Verrazano Bridge Inspires

The X-Files - Rm9sbG93ZXJz - "The Followers" - Robots and AI
The Veils are Lifting in the Illusion of Life
Papua New Guinea Earthquakes & Tsunamis

Nikki and Ryan at the SoBeWFF and Perez Art Museum Miami
Fun With Facial Masks, Joie, Korean Facial Masks at the Olympics
Auras: Jimmy Kimmel Vists The Aura Shop

Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting in Parkland, Florida
    2018 Valentine's Day Massacre
    New Moon Solar Eclipse 27° Aquarius
    Youth is the Hope of the Future
    Victims of the Florida School Shooting Fight For Change
    Some things are just meant to happen
    It's All Programmed
    The Experiment
    Classroom Earth

Ellie Turns 75 with Family, Friends, and Flowers
Birthday Lunch with Cousin Doug from Los Angeles

Egypt: Auguste Mariette, Remembering John Anthony West
    Elon Musk, Wernher von Braun, Arthur C. Clarke,
    Stanley Kubrick, Friedrich Nietzsche, Tesla
White Tiger
False Warning Alerts US, Hacking, AI, Elon Musk, SpaceX Falcon Heavy
Philadelphia Eagles win Super Bowl LII

Chemtrail Sunset Over The Verrazano Bridge
Watching the fog roll in under the Verrazano Bridge

March: Oscars 2018
Myths and Movies - The Shape of Water
A Spectacular Night at the 60th Grammys
2018 SAG Awards: Celebrating Women
2018 Critics Choice Awards: Empowering Women
2018 Golden Globes - Oprah's Acceptance Speech - Oprah For President
Ellie's High School Landmark Moments, Neil Diamond, Brooklyn Sunset
Verrazano Bridge at Sunset, Zoroaster and Ancient Aliens

Branches, Trump's State of the Union Address, More
Doomsday Clock 11:58, Ring of Fire Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Bees Built a Spiral Nest, The Buzz about Creation
Secret Societies 2018, Trump, Conspiracies
Governmental Affairs, Alien Humor, Government Shutdown, Women's Marches and Protests
The Power of Football, Tom Brady, The Power of a Hug

The X-Files Finale - March 21, 2018
The X-Files - Rm9sbG93ZXJz - Robots and AI
The X-Files, The Mandela Effect
X-Files: "This" is a Simulation
Genesis 2018, The X-Files 2018, Ellie's Alien Experiences

Hawaii 5 Uh-oh, Hawaii False Nuclear Alarm
Earth Changes January 2018: Oprah, Calif. Mudflows, Earthquake, US Fracking

The Day After Grayson, Jeanne Dixon, Cayce, Nostradamus, Trump, "Fire and Fury" Michael Wolff
Quadrantids, Draconians, All Seeing Eye
Electric Universe, Science Fiction Day, Isaac Asimov, Artificial Intelligence
2018 Self Help Blog and Reality Check
Ellie's 2018 New Years Blogs, Full Wolf Moon, Supermoon
2018 New Year's Thoughts from Ellie and Ron, A.I. and the Simulation
Ellie's 2018 Messages
2018 Predictions in the News

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