Tuesday Morning January 30, 2017

Experience on the Tree of Life is about intertwined branches that should grow together in unison but apparently never do in our bipolar physical reality. Take for example the three branches of the US government ... legislative, executive, and judicial whose powers should not exceed each other ... until they do. The results ... chaos, conspiracies, coverups, and more.

Since Trump became president ... well we know most of what has happened over the past year ... diversion, distractions and more. Tonight Trump addresses the nation in his first State of the Union Message with the formidable assignment of shoring up a presidency threatened by a Russia scandal that is sowing rancor in Washington and tearing at national unity. Trump will tout his great successes. as he sees them and paint a picture of a glorified future, which is not possible in the best of circumstance as all leaves eventful from the Tree and branches die off.

We know Trump's pattern of reading a speech from the teleprompter then tweeting something else the next day then changing his mind again depending on reaction. Like the person on social media who goes there do to battle ... Trump instigates ... he needs that Russian (rush-in) high. We understand his psychological profile and hope it gets him impeached. His nemesis for now is Robert Mueller and anybody else who stands in his way or criticizes his behavior which constitutes most of us. Trump is so self destructive he torpedoes his own successes which takes us to clinical depression mixed with other disorders. What does he believe? That too changes from moment to moment symptomatic of certain mental illnesses where one lives in the moment.

State of the Union Address

Wednesday morning January 31, 2018

It was the third longest State of the Union address, lasting 80 minutes, in which Trump touted his achievements and his goals. The man who seeks approval and can't handle criticism stood there looking pompous ass, in all his glory, as the world looked on.

He looked over at the throngs of spectators like a character in a film where he is king addressing his subjects - acknowledging Melania dressed in white - a standout in the crowd - but looking somber. She arrived alone. You either feel sorrow for her as Trump's wife yet reconcile it with the fact she is well compensated for the charade, much like the wife of a character in one of those movies from ancient times or perhaps from the future in another mythological world. When the camera is on Melanie she smiles and waves, but watch her expressions when she thinks the camera has moved away.

I fell asleep early as I don't believe anything politicians say nor do I buy into most conspiracy theories - just rhetoric. This morning I briefly watched some of the commentary. Whatever is going on behind the scenes, no matter how insane Trump's remarks and behavior, I don't see him impeached any time soon, if at all. Whoever put him in office has plans to keep him there for now - dossier, memo, or whatever it takes.

There have always been crazy world leaders but today everything gets highlighted due to technology and the ability to move stories and consciousness in a given direction to illicit reactions. You can play the games, be a spectator, or just let everything fall into place as programmed. I've lived long enough to know it's all a lie - no one can fix the issues in the games of emotions for there will always be new ones. Good luck Donald. I hope you get the job done without too much collateral damage.

Memo Fallout

Nunes Memo

Friday February 2, 2018 (2.2.2)

Today in Washington the uproar continues about a memo that contends the Russia investigation was tainted from the start - the goal - get rid of Rod Rosenberg and Robert Mueller. If you like a good conspiracy you have found a gift that will no doubt keep you and others busy for weeks, if not months. Pick your means of determining what's really going on, from media, to conspiracy theories to anything else that works for you. Good luck.

Again ... busy work, diversions, perhaps a stunt without substance. Is everyone corrupt? You decide on the narrative. The dow dropped 666 points on 2.2.2 though some believe the number was altered for effect. As reality is staged, everything is altered whether you see it why not.