2018 Narragansett Adventures

Amtrak Adventures

I met an actress named Maryann Durmer at Penn Station who pointed me in the right direction as we were headed to the same destination. "Follow me," she shouted after they announced the Track number and people fled down the escalator to get a good seat. Luckily I was in Business Class so there was no need to run. It was a great trip out to Rhode Island but coming back the train broke down three times with a one hour delay. All Aboard!

Great ride ... Ryan's Land Rover Defender

We drove past Ryan's Alma Mater URI (University of Rhode Island) where new construction is going on.

The Selfies - Headed to the Beach

Ryan's Dad Bernie and his wife Karen as the grandchildren play

The Sun Rose on a Beautiful Day

Early birds - Some chirp in the trees - while others, of the human variety who are far more complicated, arrive at the beach early to - find parking, jog, walk their dogs, set up for surfing and the rest of the day, watch the sunrise, do yoga, meditate, read, or just relax. I watched them from above as they arrived, alone or with others, for adventures in the sands of time.

Sunday at sunrise, when the rest of the family was asleep, in the energies of a Leo Sun and Full Moon in Aquarius, (I am Aquarius with a Leo Moon) I walked along the shore engaging in the beauty of it all. Along the way I met a friend who took a video (posted on Facebook) and pics. There's a serenity about oceans that we gravitate to - most people longing to live on or near water. Oceans represent the flow of the collective unconsciousness (grids) that connect us to source. Oceans set the tone for climate change and our destines. There's lots happening with Earth's oceans today but sometimes an ocean is just an ocean to be respected and enjoyed.

The Giants, the Watchers and the Nuraghe

I took this pic from the first floor deck - fascinated by the stones below. I have always felt that the natural way for me to observe anything is from above in any type of flying craft or with wings flying across the land while living in a cave dwelling (this could also be a metaphor as a cave represents the mind and reality is thought illusion). While standing there watching people pass by, I saw a holographic pattern connecting this moment in time with the Anunnaki - A to Z. As I stood there looking down, the sounds of nature surrounding me, it wasn't Little Neck Creek or the Atlantic Ocean that diverted my attention.

My mind connected to Friday night's episode of Ancient Aliens - "Island of the Giants" - as George Tsoukalos and others investigated ancient sites in Sardinia whose purpose and construction, like many others around the world, defy explanation. It has to do with a race of Giants, the Nephilim, possibly linked to the Anunnaki, who allegedly built structures in Sardinia called Nuraghe. No written records of the Nuragic civilization have been discovered, apart from a few possible short epigraphic documents belonging to their final stages. The only written information comes from classical literature of the Greeks and Romans, and may be considered more mythological than historical.

Once again we find a civilization who alleged exited then suddenly disappeared (inserts in the hologram) leaving behind clues to - who they were, their creation myths, and a thought that they might return one day. Same algorithm - recycled roles. Got it. And as I stood on the lower deck (of Nikki's house) I was reminded of who I am and why I am here and that once upon a time in the history of humanity I was part of something that beckons me to end times and final chapters.

Turning the Page

Before the Party

Noah 12 , Fiona 6, Madison 17, and Matthew checking out the cake before the company arrives

And a Special Happy Birthday Treat for Sami

Sunday - Out for Dinner on Matt's Real Birthday

If you're following his adventures this summer, he loved his time at Yale
and is looking for another summer program in medicine for 2019.
Matthew's wish is to help others which earned him one extra wish.

Now blow out the candle, make a wish, and let's move on to the next chapter...