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Nutrition and Fitness Articles 2015
Self Awareness Articles 2015
New Year's Resolution for 2016: "Be Prepared"
Oprah and Ellie on Dieting in 2016
Snowbound in Roswell, New Mexico
Ellie's 2015 Holiday Adventures
Visiting the Dumbo Section of Brooklyn with Ron
Chanukah: Lighting the Menorah Each Night
Ellie's Ugly Christmas Sweater Arrives on Time
Christmas Party at Karen's House
Christmas Lunch with Zsia, Mary, and Liz
Christmas Fun in Brooklyn With Harold
Christmas Earrings, Blue Neck, Nutcracker, 13th Floor
Ellie's Wake-up Theater Dream
12.12.15, Lady of Guadalupe Day, Scent of Roses, Eskimo Woman Prophecies
The Mysteries of the Mona Lisa Further Revealed
The Illusion and the Delete Key
Georges Seurat, Xmas in NYC, Birth of light

Jaguar "The Audition" Starring My Son-in-law Ryan (Video)
Thanksgiving with Family in New Jersey on a Perfect Day
Poetry, William Blake, "Europe a Prophecy", Barbury Castle Crop Circle
Autumn in New York With Ellie
Paris Terrorist Attacks and Related History and Myth
Slinky and the Loops of Time and Reality
The 2015 "Bond Girl" is 51 - Looking Younger - Ellie at 51 & 72 - Hedy Lamarr
SAT on SAT. Do you remember taking your SAT's?
Donations: You may never know where your money is going

Hair Shedding in Autumn
Back to the Future Day
Columbus Day: Humor, UFOs, Changes in Celebrations
The Agenda: Destroying Ancient Ruins
Ellie's Interview with The Home Reporter: Crime and Surveillance
Weight Loss Programs That Began in Brooklyn
Bay Ridge Third Avenue Street Fair - Casting Calls
2015 Nobel Prizes

Ellie with Pat and Anna
Pope Francis in New York City
Noah's Birthday With Family, Friends, and Au Pairs
Crop Circle Fun with Ellie - Photos by Shirley
9/12/15 - "Run For The Fallen"
9/11/15 "We Remember" - Rainbows
Ripples in Time, 9/11, Eclipse, Ripples in Space

August 8, 2015 - 8.8.8 - Mirror Reflections - Ellie with Neferitti
8.8.8 - "Sarah and Alexander" - With Yvonne Maria Shafer and Gloria Rubin
Auroras, Dandelions Are Free
Ellie and Sherry ... 72 is the new 40
Wayne Dyer - Ellie's Tropical Paradise in Brooklyn
August 25, 2015 - Crystalinks Turns 20
Coming Full Circle in Leo - August 7-21, 2015
Visiting Forth Hamilton With William
Presidents, Seniors and Alien Agendas
Washington and Politics
Science and Religion - "Sarah and Alexander"
Friends and Lovers: Paul and Sue
Yellow and Black - Clients, Colors, Chakras, Emotions, Lions
Ellie Explores the Sinkhole in Sunset Park, Brooklyn
Numerology: Virgo Transition
Artificial Intelligence Warning, Robotics, Ancient Aliens, Hawking and Wozniak
Disclosure - Is Our Universe a Simulation? 5 Video Interviews From Space.com
Staring, Illusion, Shape Shifting

Fun at Foxwoods Resort Casino
Bike Riding Along The Esplanade in Brooklyn
Dress With Ruffled Skirt - Wings With Pleated Skirt - Zoroaster Crop Circle
Fashions from the House of Ellie - Purple Skirt and Blouse
Lunch With Carol and Stewart
Shopping With Anna at Whole Foods in Brooklyn
A Client Named Anna
Ellie Meets Anna and Ronald in the Gazebo in the Park
Eid ul-Fitr with Ellie and Mahmoud
Ellie's Totem Animal: The Great White Shark
Wounded Warrior Project
The Book Club in the Park
July 2, 2015: World UFO Day and Related Themes
Terminal Lucidity - Clarity Before Dying
Sustainable Living

Gay Pride 2015 in NYC - Same-sex marriage nationwide
Visiting Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn - You Can Go Home
Ellie and Joel - Do you believe? The Ability to "See"
Miracles are Programmed Patterns or Synchronicities
Working With Gemstones: Ellie's Necklace From Jamestown
Ellie's Adventures in Williamsburg, Virginia: Text and Photos of Spirits
Ellie's Adventures at A.R.E - Fade to Black
San Andreas - 2015 Film
The Algorithm, The Ferris Wheel, Fireworks, Dandelions are Free
Paid Parental Leave
Saturn Return 2015 Style - Moving Into Intu-ition
American Pharoah Wins the Triple Crown - The Movement of Time
The Jurassic Period - Another Insert, "Jurassic World" Sets Attendance Record
World Oceans Day 2015

What is an "Elfie"?
Ellie and Donna
The New Face of Seniors: Scientists Claim 72 Is the New 30: Ellie and Terry
Memorial Day Adventures With Ellie and Company
Fleet Week 2015
The Spirit of a Dog Named Jetter
Fleet Week With Ellie and Linda: Ships and UFO's
The Pink Silk Blouse on eBay
Ellie and George ... The Way We Were ...
Mother's Day 2015 at Seasons 52 in Bridgewater, NJ
Adventures of Ellie and Shirley, Nellie Bly, Alien in the Diner
May 1, 2015: May Day
Remembering B.B. King
2015 Met Gala: Theme: "China: Through the Looking Glass"
Chakra Exercise

Freedom: It's All About To Change
"The Vanishings" - When Cultures Go Missing - Ancient Aliens or the Hologram?
Sci-fi Birthdays - April 14
1990 UFO Clips Include Ellie Crystal
National Experience Week: You Only Live Once

Ellie's Adventures
Moms and Proms - Ellie and Zsia
1990 UFO Clips Include Ellie Crystal
Matthew and Noah Access Coconut Water
Trending on Twitter Friday April 15, 2015: #foxflashbackfriday
Ellie at 72: Middle age now lasts until 74, Charlie Chaplin and The Time Traveler
Ellie and Ramsey by the Obelisk ... Egypt All Over Again
Ellie's Adventures with Family, Friends and Clients - April 3-10
Easter Sunday with Clell at the Parade, Marion and Chuck in the Dakota
Julie from Australia Visits - Readings and Dreams

Veterinarians and Animal Energies
X-Files 2015
President Obama on UFO's: March 2015 and May 2012: Videos
Cyber: Hacking, Terrorism, War, Illusion, Politics, More ...
Birthday Lunch With Leslie - The Limo
Choosing Your Destiny
The Squeegee Job: How Ellie gets the Winter off her Windows
Over or Under - The Toilet Paper Caper
Earth Hour 2015: Video, Text
St. Patrick's Day: Ellie's Green Bagel
Special Pi Day: 3.14.15
Time ... Tick Tock ... Daylight Saving Time

Ellie and Pat on Broadway
Remembering Leonard Nimoy
Crossing Over - White Light or Black Emptiness
Ice Floating Under The Verrazano Bridge - Crimson Sunset, The Blue Photo
Celebrations February 15-19, 2015
Presidents' Day Then and Now - Fun with Ellie, Abe and George
Powerful People Inspire Themselves
Psychic Therapy
Ellie and Schrodinger's Cat
Under Consideration
Palmistry and Sexual Behavior
5 Ways to Eat Healthier Even When You've Failed Before

Tick Tock The Doomsday Clock Moved To 11:57
Rebooting the Simulations of Reality
Freedom 2015: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Charlie Hebdo. Sleeper Cells, Cuba
Playwrights, Francis Bacon, Shakespeare, History
Articles about Diet - January 2015
Blood Types - Health, Personality, Culture, Astrology, Aliens, News
Expiration Date - What clients are doing to make money ...

Ellie's Stuff
Painting Reality, Paleontology, Crystal Skulls
Ellie and the Blizzard of 2015
Ellie on National Cheese Lovers Day
Ellie Crystal Clear
Ellie and Mike the Lottery Guy
Ellie and Chelsea Flor - The Passing Of My Friend
Ellie and Ben - "How Metaphysics Changed"
Ellie and Dean - "Crystals and Meditation"
Ellie and Clell - "Crystalinks 2015"
Ellie and the Verrazano Bridge - Photo of the Sun Through the Arches
Happy New Year 2015: Friends, Family, Videos, Photos

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