Ellie's Week of Family, Friends, and Clients

April 3-11, 2015

Friday April 3 - Passover with Family in Westchester, NY

A New Passover Family Tradition in the Tech Age

Saturday April 4 with Fred

Fred is a retired High School teacher who lives in my area. He taught English (creating writing) and Film. Saturday February 4, came here a reading.

The grids that create the consciousness hologram of our reality are imploding allowing realities to merge with many physical examples cited in recent news articles. Fred had such an experience just before coming here. He put on a jacket he hadn't worn for the past 6 months. In the pocket he found the business card for a real estate company that one would assume exists in Manhattan based on the 212 area code printed on the card. The name on the card belonged this friend who died a few years ago but had never worked in real estate. Fred called the 212 number but it was another business who had the number for years. No one had ever heard of his friend - and yet there it was - a professional card - with information that never existed - at least not in this reality. Stories of this type are definitely on the increase. Aways look for physical proof.

The Large Hadron Collider ... The Journey to "Fade to Black"

The LHC started up again last Sunday after two years of upgrades - the goal - connecting with parallel universes. That begs many questions both universal and personal. If accomplished - it changes the face of everything as we understand it. Many people already have physical proof of parallel (unexplained) experiences as realities merge at the end of time and illusion. On July 4, 2012 the God Particle (Higgs Boson) was discovered opening doors to the multiverse, time travel, black holes, with emphasis on proving we exist in a holographic universe, and more. Fade to Black.

Scientists at Large Hadron Collider hope to make contact with parallel universe in days   Express.co.uk - April 7, 2015

Saturday April 4, 2015

Full Moon 14° Libra Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon)

Branch formation outside ... Reminds me of the Star of David

And a snake slithering along the tree on the bottom right

Sunday April 5 Easter in Manhattan

My friend Clell picked me up in a "Car2Go" so we could park anywhere.

The car is small but is very comfy inside. Bad shocks on the winter-torn streets though.

Once in the city we picked up a passenger - Clell's friend Alex as we headed off to the Easter Parade.

It reminded me of a clown car as we headed uptown without anyone paying attention. You have to love NY.

There were hundreds of people wearing crazy hats and costumes.

Gothic look. Thought it was a guy in drag but she was a woman.

This was a great hat though she had trouble keeping it balanced.

More costumes and people posing for pictures

This is my improv cotton candy hat.

From there we headed uptown to visit my friends Marion and Chuck in the Dakota.

With a car that small were were able to park on Central Park West near their apartment building.


Clell at the entrance

Security guards outside to the left and a concierge in a room to the right as you enter.

Hallway - Elevators


View from Marion and Chuck's apartment

Marion and I have been friends since our teens and taught High School in Brooklyn.
We are both involved in media.

Chuck, Ellie and Marion in the family room

Clell is an actor but also has a day job in Real Estate working with Alex who goes to Law School.

Many people are programed to believe that without drama life will be boring.
It never is for me and my friends. The next adventure is always just around the corner.

Monday April 6 with Mike

It was the best day of the year so far ... 65° in the city and sunny. One simply can't stay home on such a great day that begs us winter-worn souls to get out. A call from my friend Mike and plans were made to meet. Mike, 70, is another High School teacher from Brooklyn who current teaches Political Science in college. Mike drove up in his 2004 Toyota .. asked what I wanted to do and I said ... "You're thinking about buying a new car, let's go." As we drove off he said, "You were reading my mind." Yup! At the VW dealership ... Mike decided on a white VW diesel station wagon. This is so not an Ellie car. I love my white Lexus SUV. A station wagon takes me back to years of carpooling when my daughters were young.

Mike and I talked about finding partners as he wants someone to share his life and I value freedom more than anything else ... in retrospect he admitted that he agreed with me and loves his freedom. Men get confused and humans are often ridiculous. Men often promise things to my female clients in the moment ... then realize they made a mistake and bail. As air signs (Aquarius, Gemini) Mike feels that's one reason we value freedom. Maybe if the right man comes along I'll reconsider, but don't bet on it. We have a better shot at the Large Hadron Collider opening a black hole to close the hologram ... Hey ... you never know.

The silver and purple earrings I'm wearing came from a psychic fair circa late 1980's that Mike and worked in South Hampton, Long Island. I was the psychic in the pyramid. He sold crystals ... and we laughed a lot.

Dinner with Mike ... oldies music ... to complete a great day.

Tuesday April 7 with Julie From Melbourne, Australia

Julie came for a reading while visiting NYC with her family.
Years ago she dreamed that her deceased mother-in-law, a
Reiki Master, and I were talking to her .... then she found me online...
and here we were by the bridge that connects us all.

Photo taken in the lobby of my building after Julie's reading

We both wore white and black. Like many Americans I love her accent.

Bridge View

Friday April 10th Birthdays

Z ... my BFF on the other side. I wonder how old he is?

Leslie my dear friend for 40+ years

Julie my client visiting here from Australia.

My grandson Michael turned 17 and passed his driving test. Congratulations!

Michael looks just like his mom, my daughter Zsia.

The Answers Lie With The Teachers

I seem to be hanging out with my teacher friends lately.

Is that the destiny of my grandson Giovanni, 14, whose mom is a teacher?

My grandchildren are all boys except for Giovanni's sister Joie 12.

In the End Everything Comes Full Circle

Like a Pizza - Food for Thought

Matthew, 11, and Noah, 9, visiting their mom's favorite pizza store in Brooklyn, April 11, 2015