Do you believe?

Wednesday June 24, 2015

I had lunch with my daughter Zsia's father-in-law Joel, 71, who spends summers in Brooklyn and winters in Florida. I didn't realize it at the time, but when looking at this picture, I seem to dress in the same colors as my relatives as well as most of my clients. We sort of look like a yin/yang. The message ... not all things are black and white ... do you believe?

Joel isn't a believer in anything metaphysical as he isn't programmed to be ... yet. As he got into my car it filled with a floral fragrance to which I explained it was created by his deceased wife, Sheila a spirit who often visits. Joel was open ... yet I didn't say anything else that would make him feel uncomfortable ... well almost nothing ... we'll maybe just a few things ... but he was cool about it. He was impressed by my dialogue with Z. Here's an example.

I drove Joel around my area of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to show him the beauty of the area. On the way to the Belt Parkway I drove up a street unfamiliar to me. Should I turn right or left? Z said left as Joel listened. Z was right ... or is that left ... no Z was right as always.

Joel told me that most of the people he meets here and in Florida - ages 60 and above - spend most of their time talking about their health issues - not my thing as I am healthy. Joel is another person I know with bad knees.

After I drove Joel home, he said I was great company and wants to spend time together soon. Does that mean he now believes ... maybe just a little?

The Ability to "See"

Why Do I See Patterns When I Close My Eyes?  
Huffington Post - June 26, 2015

Many people who have seen this visual phenomenon think it is an light-induced afterimage of what they had seen before they closed their eyes but an afterimage may only be part of what they are seeing. The real reason we are treated to this fuzzy fireworks display behind closed lids has to do with phosphenes! Phosphenes are the moving visual sensations of stars and patterns we see when we close our eyes. They are thought to be caused by the inherent electrical charges the retina produces even when it is in its "resting state" and not taking in a ton of information and light like it does when our eyes are open.

The Metaphysical Explanation

The Third Eye