August 8, 2014 or 8.8.8 - a day many saw as a stargate linked to
Sirius or Isis and the Lion's Gate - the Lion as we know is Thoth or Z.

Today Isis takes on another meaning as she takes down the old hologram to create anew ...

We experience in the Lion's Tale (Tail) - (Leo)
Projected illusion - Stories on a screen (MGM Logo).

Last month a beloved lion named Cecil was tracked down and killed.

Is this a symbol of the end of the illusion or hologram?

August 14, 2015

New Moon 21° Leo

Egyptian Ceremonies with Ellie and Company

Sunday August 9, 2015

Catherine, who also lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
had a ceremony in the park across the street.

The theme was Ancient Egypt the Opet Festival

Before I went to the park ...

Photos by Andrea - None of the Photos below were photoshopped

I morphed into an older version of Nefertiti as we took this picture.

Queen Nefertiti was the wife of Akhenaten the first to preach monotheism.

My hair appears bigger in the back - my cheekbones highlighted though I wasn't wearing blush.

In my book 2012 Sarah and Alexander, the Tombs of Nefertiti and Akhenaten are found near the end of the story..

  Queen Nefertiti's Legendary Lost Tomb May Have Been Discovered Inside King Tut's Burial Chamber  
Huffington Post - August 12, 2015

  Has Queen Nefertiti been found behind King Tut's tomb?   Daily Mail - August 10, 2015

  Has Nefertiti's tomb finally been found?   CNN - August 12, 2015

Nefertiti has continued to capture our collective imagination throughout the ages. Yet no trace has been found of the legendary "beautiful one" who ruled across Egypt at her husband's side... until, possibly, now. Nicholas Reeves, a British archaeologist at the University of Arizona believes he has found her resting place hidden in plain sight -- in the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Scans of King Tut's Tomb Reveal New Evidence of Hidden Rooms -   National Geographic - March 17, 2016
The walls of King Tutankhamun's burial chamber are painted with scenes depicting the burial rituals of the young pharaoh. Radar scans suggest the presence of open spaces behind the walls.

  King Tut's tomb: 90% chance of hidden chambers   CNN - March 17, 2016

Update on finding the tomb of Queen Nefertiti wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten - the hypothesis that she was buried in a chamber just behind King Tutankhamun's tomb was put forth by British archaeologist Nicolas Reeves in August 2015. Time to find out more.

Is the lost Queen Nefertiti hiding behind Tutankhamun's tomb?   Daily Mail- November 29, 2015

Experts 90% sure there is something behind the walls of boy-king's chamber after new hi-tech radar images point to hidden passages

  King Tutankhamun's tomb: Evidence grows for hidden chamber   BBC - November 28, 2015
Egyptian officials now say they are "90% sure" that there is a hidden chamber in King Tutankhamun's tomb. Clearly it does look from the radar evidence as if the tomb continues. The radar behind the north wall of Tutankhamun's burial chamber seems pretty clear as if a continuation - corridor continuation - of the tomb, which will end in another burial chamber.

Projecting into the Illusion

This photo of me was taken in a restaurant August 2014 as
I projected into Dilmun the Reptilian - Anunnaki Creators

It's all about shifting your consciousness grid
to another aspect of your soul's experience.

Another example is found on my Blue Photo

With Akhenaten


Move your cursor over the image above.
The enlarged lips are reminiscent of Akhenaten.

Check out the blue photos to see more.

Reflections - This is a mirror in my hallway reflecting into my bedroom and another mirror.
Angela and I were not sure why there was a line defining color (hall) from black and white (bedroom).
Color reflects physical reality while black and white is the dream or other dimensions.

Does anyone else see an Ibis bird or Thoth the Scribe and Magician?

This is up for interpretation

Ancient Egypt

Ellie and Yvonne - "Sarah and Alexander" Coming Full Circle

In the Park

Ellie and Catherine

Meryl and Catherine

Catherine used Angel Cards to define what would be healed during her ceremony.

It was an interesting trip down memory lane about the connection of mythological
Atlantis and its link with Ancient Egypt and what many are working through today.

It was about the Myth, Math, and Magic of the hologram transcending space and time
and one's interpretation of events based on their programming.

Before the actual ceremony started I saw Ra (Thoth) and knew it was time to go home.

August 15

Flooding of the Nile - Rebirth

The annual flooding cycle of the Nile goes back to ancient times. Ancient Egyptians believed that the Nile flooded every year because of Isis' tears of sorrow for her dead husband, Osiris. It is celebrated by Egyptians beginning August 15 lasting two weeks, known as Wafaa El-Nil. Were it not for the Nile River, Egyptian civilization could not have developed, as it is the only significant source of water in this desert region. The Nile flows from south to north, to its delta on the Mediterranean Sea. The ancient Egyptians did not realize that the flood was due to rains on the mountains to the south. It was seen as the annual coming of the god Hapi. The rains would swell the different tributaries and other rivers that joined to become the Nile River, generally regarded as the longest river in the world.

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Humans

Like Robots and A.I.s, humans perform based on their programming.

On Friday August 7, 2015 "Ancient Aliens" featured an episode called "Aliens and Robots" (image above) suggesting the technology goes back millennia - perhaps linked to ancient aliens. It's interesting that the image has an Egyptian theme as I blogged about Egypt below.

"Ancient Aliens" also featured an episode about Leonardo Da Vinci creating a mechanical lion. I don't think Da Vinci's achievements had anything to do with aliens. He just tapped into the grids as per his programming and came up a lion - a theme that runs through my blogs this week with the sun in Leo.

  History Channel : Da Vinci's Mechanical Lion

More and more we learn about advances in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. How does that make you feel? What is your take on humans and aliens co-existing? In this reality/duality there are pros and cons. Science-fiction has taught us about some of the amazing things artificial intelligence can do, but we've also seen the dark sides. Current shows featuring A.I.s are Extant and Dark Matter.

Dandelions are Free