Coming Full Circle: Seniors and Alien Agendas

August 21, 2015

US Senior Citizens Day

National Senior Citizens Day

Senior Citizens Day honors the contributions of senior citizens in the United States.

Are we going to elect a Senior as the next US president in 2016 to carry on the traditions set in place by George Washington and the Masonic Program - or are we programmed to make change and enlighten in this timeline. Politics and alien agendas have somehow always seemed connected through the matrix of reality.

This week former President Jimmy Carter, 90, told the world about his battle with cancer. He can reflect on life positively and feel grateful. Remember the Jimmy Carter UFO Incident in 1969? He saw a UFO which may or may not have altered his destiny as it does for many others. If President Carter could have told us more he would have, but that information remains censored, so the story changed. There are those of us seniors who remember the original version.

At 72 - I never think about dying - every day seen through the same eyes I've always experienced life. I also appreciate my life. Many evenings I relax on the sofa and watch the sun set over the bridge in spectacular shades of red, pink, turquoise, and more. It's my favorite place to be - combining city life with the serenity of the sky, the view of the Verrazano Bridge, the Atlantic Ocean flowing beneath, historic John Paul Jones Park, and everything else that surrounds me. With great health, family, friends, and new adventures each day, life doesn't get better than this at my age. Though my agenda has alien overtones and connections, it is about reality as a biogenetic experiment set in place that is reaching it's apex.

Seniors and Alien Agendas

Back in the 1980's, when I began my research into extraterrestrial agendas, I met two important researchers and authors in the field - Budd Hopkins and Whitley Strieber, now 70. It was the alien experiment that brought us together - meeting from time to time through the years, usually at an event. The last time I saw Whitley was September 2007 in New York City at a book signing he attended with his wife, Anne. It was a beautiful feeling of contention of souls that would be my last contact with Anne, and probably with Whitley.

Today I read on their website Unknown Country - about Anne's recent passing. I am certain the answers are now all clear to her and she will guide Whitley in the future. Our experiences with aliens may have been different, but once you cross into that reality, you become uniquely linked to everyone else who has had a legitimate encounter, especially those who are here to enlighten. Somehow it feels like the alien biogenetic experiment is coming full circle as we say good-bye to those who were in the forefront back when it all began.

In his 1987 book Communion, based on his alien encounters, Whitley compares the "familiar" female being he sees, to the Sumerian goddess Ishtar. This takes us from gray aliens to reptilians to Z and the grids. Reality is nothing more than a consciousness grid experience.

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