The Book Club in the Park

Saturday July 25, 2015

After finishing my clients on another gorgeous day in the city, I noticed a group of people seated in a circle in the park outside. Not long ago I spoke to a woman from the area who holds meditation classes in the park in the summer, so I grabbed a towel to sit on and went downstairs to see what was going on. (I forgot my phone/camera.)

As it turns out, it was the monthly meeting of the Bay Ridge Book Club. Susan, the woman in charge, invited me to join the group as they discussed Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. I was familiar with the book, but the truth is, I have no time to read books anymore. My choices are read a book or create Crystalinks each day and I prefer the latter.

There was lots of criticism about the book, written in 1993, some of which seemed like group therapy or the story of our experiences in physical reality. People read blogs, books, and anything else to relate and make sense of their issues. Maybe I should have written a self-help book back in the day when my friend Lisa at Harper Collins offered me a ghost writer, but I never felt guided to it.

Some people found offense with the author of "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus" mentioning how many copies he sold and him making money. I guess they haven't been around the self-help world very long. That's called marketing. Self-help is about healing your issues then creating a platform where others can follow by example to heal their issues while making money doing it. That algorithm still exists today though the results are not always financially lucrative. Life as we know is about - right place - right time based on the math and science of our reality and one's place in it. I have very few clients these days who plan to make lots of money in the realms of self-help. To make a part time living is more realistic but keep the day job.

My final question to the group was, "If the author was writing the book today, would he write it the same way?" Though some of the basic premises would be the same, it would be different, because we are programmed differently today as are the roles we all play.

It was an interesting discussion after which I was invited to join the group for dinner at a local restaurant. Susan suggested I go online and join their book club. Nice people, fun experience, but no time to read ... which I didn't share with them. I also didn't share my views on reality as a collective compilation of our experiences in physic reality. Men may be from Mars and Women from Venus, but we are all from consciousness and light which is where we are headed in the algorithms of time and reality. Close your eyes. "Look" at the Book of Life for this experience. How many pages remain?