What's Black and White and Read All Over and Over?

Clients and Sarah and Alexander

Thursday August 13, 2015

Meet Gloria Rubin

Gloria was there when I spoke at the UN on August 11, 2006.

Here I am with Ben Erwin who designed the alchemy wheel for my book.

After my lecture, Gloria and I had dinner and felt a strong connection. Originally from Columbia, as a professional dancer, Gloria lived and performed in Spain, Paris, Italy and China before moving to NYC and NJ. She knows many fascinating people from around the world. Gloria later had a reading, attended some of my workshops, and bought 4 copies of "Sarah and Alexander", one for herself and three to give as gifts to friends. The years passed with Gloria returning for a reading Thursday August 13, 2015, bringing her friend Yvonne Maria Schaefer, an actress, producer, and director. Gloria told me stories about the adventures of her copy of "Sarah and Alexander" and how it moved from country to country as she lent it to different friends. As with many readers of the book, both Gloria and Yvonne felt a connection.

Meet Yvonne

We felt an instant affinity for each other in this and other lifetimes we explored over several hours.

While I read Gloria, Yvonne read the screenplay version of Sarah and Alexander. She feels that with some updating and rewrites it will become a film. She has endless connections, so you never know. Yvonne and I have much in common in this lifetime and others. She was born and raised in Germany where the screenplay begins .. and is somehow connected to my journey here. Stay tuned ... In case you hadn't noticed ... we all wore black and white.

Recently others have asked about the screenplay though I I thought its time had come and gone. The storyline currently ends on July 4, 2012, as Sarah and Alexander spiral out of existence along with our consciousness hologram.

It's interest that on that date in history, scientists working with the Large Hadron Collider at C.E.R.N discovered the God Particle (Higgs Boson) opening doors to multiverses, time travel, black holes, with emphasis on proving we exist in a holographic universe, and a new physics.

On April 5, 2015, after three years of upgrades, the LHC was turned on again with goals to find:

I'm not sure if the message to me is not so much producing the film as a reminder that we come to the end of ACT III.

One week later ...

Yvonne and I talked about a new end time date for the script, but nothing felt right. I told her I would sleep on it and talk to Z. I woke up before dawn knowing "Sarah and Alexander" ends as was written on July 4, 2012.

The end of the script needs an epilogue to reflect what lies beyond for the souls. "The Seed" was planted by Sarah and Grandma Rose on Labor Day September 4, 1989 to come full bloom (circle) as the next seed of life at the end of the story.


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