Easter Sunday in Manhattan April 5, 2015

My friend Clell picked me up in a "Car2Go" so we could park anywhere.

The car is small but is very comfy inside. Bad shocks on the winter-torn streets though.

Once in the city we picked up a passenger - Clell's friend Alex as we headed off to the Easter Parade.

It reminded me of a clown car as we headed uptown without anyone paying attention. You have to love NY.

Later Alex sent me this photo of a police smart car.

There were hundreds of people wearing crazy hats and costumes.

Gothic look. Thought it was a guy in drag but she was a woman.

This was a great hat though she had trouble keeping it balanced.

More costumes and people posing for pictures

This is my improv cotton candy hat.

From there we headed uptown to visit my friends Marion and Chuck in the Dakota.

With a car that small were were able to park on Central Park West near their apartment building.


Clell at the entrance

Security guards outside to the left and a concierge in a room to the right as you enter.

Hallway - Elevators


View from Marion and Chuck's apartment

Marion and I have been friends since our teens and taught High School in Brooklyn.
We are both involved in media.

Chuck, Ellie and Marion in the family room

Clell is an actor but also has a day job in Real Estate working with Alex who goes to Law School.

Many people are programed to believe that without drama life will be boring.
It never is for me and my friends. The next adventure is always just around the corner.

Easter Sunday 2015

Saturday a client named Fred, a retired school high school teacher from my area, asked "Why do you mention in your biography that you are Jewish if you are not into religion?" Good question.

Initially it was about the fate of the "nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn" and more of a Jewish schtick. As I reflect back on my 6 years of Hebrew School as a child, it is more about the Hebrew bloodline and destiny. After Fred left I spent the rest of the day watching The Dovekeepers Miniseries which I never expected to like ... and yet there was this strange connection I felt to the storyline and Masada. I feel no need to visit the fortress nor that I may or may not have experienced there ... it was about the storyteller ... Titus Flavius Josephus who recorded Jewish history ... and this is where I come in. The main male protagonist was Eleazar. The main female protagonist is Shirah (like Sarah) who had psychic powers. Remember... it's all just a story ... projected illusion on the screen created by the storyteller replete with the full gamut of human emotions.

On Easter we come to the story of a Hebrew
man named Jesus of NaZareth. Myth? Alien?

April 4, 2015

Full Moon 14° Libra Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon)

Branch formation outside ... Reminds me of the Star of David

And a snake slithering along the tree on the bottom right

The first night of Passover in Westchester, NY - April 4, 2015

New Passover Family Tradition in the Tech Age

All boys but then there's Joie.

Easter Sunday 2016 Ellie and Clell at the NY International Auto Show