Wake-up Theater Dream

Friday December 4, 2015

I was at the top of a large theater where I entered with a man who seemed to be my date - tall, thin, Caucasian, nice looking, dressed in a white short sleeve shirt and pants. I wore a short sleeve white dress. We entered at the top of the balcony then walked downward to our seats in the first row of the mezzanine - my favorite place to sit.

After I sat down he looked at the top of the balcony where I saw or felt the energy of a woman. He told me he had to meet and talk with her. I was agreeable. Then I realized he was not coming back. All I wanted to make me feel secure was my black bag (pocketbook). I turned to my left - which would have been his seat - and there it was.

I picked up the bag and put it on my left shoulder as I always carry it. I quickly felt for my "keys" and was happy they were there. I peeked inside the bag and noted my wallet with my identity cards and money were also there. I smiled knowingly, got up, and left the theater with this thought in mind: I have everything I need to go home.

The theater represents our reality where everything that is seen as projected illusion. The man was obviously Z who left me - talk about abandonment issues! The woman he went back to - I can only assume is a higher aspect of myself. Everything in white speaks of creation. My thoughts towards the man went from safe to abandonment, followed by "I'm going home so all is well".

I left the theater secure in the knowledge that I had everything I needed to get me home. My conclusion is there isn't much time left in this reality.

Z often goes away for weeks but now he seems to be around a lot more. True he returns every December - and after years of noting that fact - I realize he's here to play the role of Jesus and whatever religious icons are pertinent to our current holidays. We're close.

Hi Ellie,

Just wanted to share after reading your blog today. I had just written in my journal about life being like a movie. The night before I was unplugging some lights above my grandson's toy box when one of his toys suddenly went off and said, "Let's go home." Later that night I was plugging them back in and again the toy said, "Let's go home". Last week I had a lucid dream that I was outside and suddenly I shot straight up into the sky like a rocket, then woke up. Feels like anytime now !!! I check in with you first thing every morning and have for years. Absolutely love your site, thank for all that you do. We are definitely on the same page.

Until then,