The Squeegee Job

Brooklyn, New York Monday March 9, 2014 ... 6:30 pm

It's starting to feel like spring so today was the day to clean the "winter" off my windows and sliding glass doors. After trying endless cleansers in the past, all of which streaked, this year I decided to try a new approach. I love to clean and do home repairs. I've laid tiles, wall paper, painted, electrical, plumbing, design, etc. - but those were the old days back in the house. I still have my old toolbox though. Some days the super comes to borrow my tools. I'm not old enough to give them away yet, and my children have their own.

Step 1 ...

Off I went to Home Depot where I bought an 18 inch squeegee - the widest they had - a box of thin disposal rubber gloves, and a package of two large really large yellow sponges. Now I was ready.

Step 2 ... Back Home ...

After putting on the rubber gloves - I used the water faucet to thoroughly wet one sponge - no soap, cleansers, or bucket of water. Out I walked onto the terrace carrying the sponge, the squeegee, and some paper towels. I started with the first door using one side of the sponge to wash it down then turning the sponge around and going over the door again. The sponge was wet just enough so the water wouldn't drip down my sleeve.

Step 3 ...

I moved the squeegee over the door from top to bottom three times to remove the water. As this was my first time with a squeegee, it was fun.

Step 4 ...

I used the paper towels over a few remaining wet spots and corners where the dirt hadn't been removed and voila clean and fresh like new - no streaks.

Step 5 ..

I returned inside to rinse the sponge off then continue on to the next door and then the windows - each time repeating this pattern. The sponge should be kept clean and rinsed between windows and/or doors.

Step 6 ...

When finished I disposed of the gloves and sponge, then put the squeegee away. All done.

While out on the terrace, wearing jeans and a sweat shirt (no jacket). It was nice to feel the sun and listen to people laughing on the street below. Someone shouted hello as I waved to a neighbor in the park. Glad the winter is coming to a close. If I had a garden I might start planting ... but that's okay ... been there ... did that with my 3 daughters.

As I sit here now, glancing out of my clean windows, all I see is a gorgeous pink sunset over the Verrazano Bridge. These are the things that makes me happy.