New Year's Resolution for 2016

"Be Prepared"

December 31, 2015

This is the time of the year we reflect on the past and create a vision for our future though we know the unexpected rules reality these days. This is not going to be a self help blog because we've been down this road before and have to be realistic in 2016. There will be talk about New Years Resolutions or promises to yourself that can improve your life. Whatever works in this crazy world. The best resolution is to "Be Prepared". "For what"? you ask. Anything and everything.

Motivation and Inspiration Day

January 2, 2016

I've written many Motivational and Inspirational blogs over the past 20+ years, but not under the heading of Free Will - meaning you can change this and that to make a better life as most people are programmed to believe. My path is to help others define the patterns of their lives (programming) and that of reality in a less emotional and more pragmatic way - as all is an algorithm brought forth to study emotions until the end of time and this illusion (dissolution).

Most self-help and self-awareness suggestions are nothing more than common sense patterns ... recycle year after year by different authors, systems, gurus, and even yourself. They work when your are programmed for change.

In the thousands of global readings I've given over 30 years, I've inspired many people and am always happy to see someone's life path going in a positive direction. But am I inspiring them or simply reading their programmed timelines? There's nothing I like better than a happy ending but as we know that is often not the case in this world of crazy people playing out their dramas and emotions - unable to live without them - the worst situations generally coming out of the blue.

Remember the days of affirmations? They were everywhere from blogs, books, and now social media though I see less and less as people deal with real issues. They were easy to read like a Tweet and usually accompanied by a spiritual picture that drew you there in the first place. But ... affirmations won't change anything unless read at a time one's programming is scheduled to change. You then give power to the word, but it's necessary to do a reality check on your life more often now than ever before.

So what are we fact-checking today? In 2016 we must be prepared for anything. Ridiculousness will reign especially in politics. The universe is in a 9 year so there will be many endings and much destruction/ distraction.

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