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Souls Who Travel Together
George Michael - Living Your Truth
2016 Winter Solstice and how it Relates to the Upcoming Winter
Mercury Retrograde - Dec. 19, 2016 - Jan. 8, 2017
What ever happened to prophecies
2016 End Time Events and You
"Forum of Reality" The Holographic Universe
Psychic Readings Then and Now
Pyramid Meditation 1992
Numerology Your Personal Years
Before the US Presidential Election
Ellie's Yom Kippur Adventures - World Trade Center
Sunset Over The Verrazano Bridge
The Evolution of Ellie's World Blog
Rainbow Over The Verrazano Bridge

2016 News in Review

Souls Who Travel Together: Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds
Carrie Fisher "Journey of the Soul"
George Michael - Living Your Truth

Powerful Ring of Fire Earthquakes - November-December 2016
The Precipice of 2017, 2016 End Time Events and You, Whatever Happened to Prophecies?
December 2016 Holidays, The Gift, The Magi, Z: The Beginning of Everything
The Gift - Reading People
December 21, 2016: Winter Solstice - Sun in Capricorn - Z and Alchemy
Full Super Moon 22° Gemini - Geminids Peak
    5.0 Mammoth Lakes Quake - Eskimo Woman Prophecy
    Consciousness Frozen in Time

Ellie's Adventures
Happy Birthday Joel
Christmas 2016 in Pittsburg at the Steelers Game
Seeing "Wicked" on Broadway YouTube
17 Black - Zsia goes to Atlantic City
Zsia and Zsa Zsa
How Spirits Communicate - Stories from my friend Leslie
The Passing of My Friend Tom - Orion Connections

Fiery New Moon 7° Sagittarius

Alien Themes 2016
    Sigourney Weaver, Ellie's Lucid Dream about Aliens
    JFK Alien Coverups - Fidel Castro Dies
    "War in Space: The Next Battlefield" - CNN Special (Video)
    "Ancient Aliens" Video "The Alien Wars
    Fade to Black - Coney Island Revisited Video

The Story of the Bergamasco Shepherd
War in Space: The Next Battlefield

Ellie's Thanksgiving in NJ with Family and Friends
Thanksgiving Week 2016 Blogs
    Ellie's Holiday Thoughts and Cornucopia,
    Pilgrims: First recorded UFO Sightings in US
    Mike Pence @ "Hamilton" - Founding Fathers & Messages
    From A (Allah) - Z (Zeus) - Gods are all mythological
    From A (Aliens) - Z (Zoroaster) - they are all inserts to show us the truth
    The Assassination of JFK
    Sagittarius, Black Holes and Reality
    Pacific Plate Earthquakes November 14-24: New Zealand, Argentina, Japan, Central America

Fake News

Trump's Revolving Door and Reversals
Post Election "Blues"

Ellie Returns to Her Pyramid, Meditation, Video
Mannequin Challenge

Full Moon 22° Taurus - November 14, 2016     Biggest Full Moon since 1948
    Earthquakes: New Zealand+ Small Tsunamis, Argentina
    The Skylight, The Full Moon, and the Pyramid in the Window of Time
    Hold The Moon 11 Great Pics from National Geographic

November 11, 2016
    Veterans Day
    11:11 - Masonic Numbers - Freemasons
    General George Patton
    2016 Election - Videos, Text, Pics
Donald Trump Wins - 45th President

Chicago Cubs win 2016 World Series
Return to Standard Time, "Clock Earrings", Election, NYC Marathon
Behind the Scenes ... of Life
Political Differences and Relationships
The Women of "Suits" - Prince Harry and the Actress

Decision 2016 - Election Dramas
"I will keep you in suspense"     Trump, Hillary, Debate, Al Smith Dinner, Nostradamus
"Stand By Your Man" - Melania Trump - Stephen Colbert
Revolution 2016
    Full Circle, New World Order, Old World Themes, Trump, Hillary, Michelle Obama
Columbus Day 2016, Bald Eagle, Freedom, Second Presidential Debate
18 and Voting for the First Time
The Days of OUR Lives starring Donald Trump and Billy Bush

The Mission - Why are you here?
End of Time Dreams Increasing, Inception, Spinning Top
Ending the Simulation, Dreams, Time Travel

Ellie's Adventures - YouTube
The Evolution of Ellie's World Blog YouTube
2016 Global Immigration Crisis YouTube
Ellie's Yom Kippur Adventures - World Trade Center YouTube
Global Warming YouTube
Hurricane Matthew - Earth Changes 2016
Mosquito Bite on Ring Finger: Palmistry
National Dessert Day in Brooklyn
Rosh Hashanah - Third Avenue Festival YouTube

Other Topics
Scorpio, Orionids, Orion, Great Pyramid, Egypt's Scorpion Kings, Great Pyramid
    Streak of Record-Breaking Hot Months Breaks Record
Global Warming YouTube
The Stock Market in October
World Mental Health Day
2016 Nobel Prize Winners and Articles

First Presidential Debate: Trump vs. Hillary
Shimon Peres Dies, New Moon 9° Libra, Rosh Hashanah 2016

Ellie's Stuff
Ellie Guests on "Forum of Reality"
My Grandson Mathew's Bar Mitzvah in Connecticut
National Grandparents' Day 9.11.16 - Ellie and Bernie
Is someone trying to tell me something?
Weekly Roundup September 17-23, 2016
Spooky Full Moon 24° Pisces Lunar Eclipse
    Pic of Moon over the Verrazano Bridge - "Spooky Action at a Distance"
Ellie and Michelle - Healing and Wellness
Brooklyn Block Party: Politics and Terrorism
Friends, Love, Politics
    Ellie and Karen - To Europe With Love
    Ellie and Sherry with Faith
    Crazy: Political Humor, Sing along
    Inspired: Trump and Hillary - Singalong - Sh-Boom!
    Hair's the Thing - Jimmy Fallon Plays With Trump's Hair

Holidays and Celebrations
Autumn 2016 - Sunset Video, Pictures, Text
Oktoberfest 2016 and Current Events
Peace and Balance
    2016 International Day of Peace: Global Civil Unrest
    Finding Peace Within
    Sun in Libra
    Autumnal Equinox and Celebrations
    Balance Scales: JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case 20 Years Later

9.11.16 - 15 Years Later
    Surreal and Silent - 9/11 Spirits are Watching
    Transparency, Hillary Clinton
    The Hologram
    "Sully" - The White Pigeon That Hit My Window
    Numerology of 9.11
    Hajj, Eid al-Adha (Muslim Holidays) Full Circle

"Stranger in My Genes", Out of Body Experience, Fade to Black
Psychic Readings, Timelines, Rituals, Predictions - Rick Shroder Divorces
Gamers and Science
Uber launches groundbreaking driverless car service

Crystalinks turns 21

The Returned - Alien Abduction Experiences
Greetings: Etiquette, Voyager Golden Record, Ellie in the Mirror
Extratemporal: Happening Outside of Linear Time
    Time Travel, UFOs, Missing Flight MH370, Consciousness, Thomas W. Campbell
Illusion, Matrix, Inception, Dreams, Virtual Reality, 2016 Olympics
Flat Earth Hypothesis - Earth as a Simulation

The Inventors
Russia's Secret (UFO) Files and Related Topics
Ellie and Alice Down the Rabbit Hole in Crop Circle Land

Self Help
The "Fall" of Relationships
It's Complicated
Don't call me ... sweetie, honey, darling

2016 Presidential Election
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 25° Aquarius: 2016 Election
Man Scales Trump Tower
Trump a diversion for Hillary or another secret agenda?

Ellie's Stuff
Political Statements and Art - Generation Z
Video of Rainbow over the Verrazano Bridge
Chadwick Memories
    Shirley Turns 80
    Ellie the Psychic in the Pyramid
    Zsia The Gymnast
A String of Beads from Maka in Alaska
The Last of the Seltzermen

The Economy after the 2016 Presidential Election

Ellie's Stuff
Seeing "Hamilton" on Broadway
The Master Plan ... Ellie's Story
Nikki's Missing Rings Materialize
Written in Stone - Grand Canyon Adventures

What do you expect them to say? Words have power
The Fight For Freedom - July 4-10, 2016 Text, Pics, Videos
    July 4 - Time Travel with the Founding Fathers
    July 5 - How easily we distort truth - Hillary and Trump
    July 6 - Eid - "Hamilton" - Immigrants make a difference. We are all immigrants
    July 7 - Aliens: Roswell Crash: Our souls are not from here
    July 8 - Shooting of Dallas Police Officers
    July 8 - Ellie's Dowsing Message: We are spiraling out of control
    July 9-10 - Racial Division and Political Polarization
Bastille Day and the Roles We Play
    Past Lives, Thomas Jefferson, Hamilton, The Fight For Freedom

Pomegranate - Exodus, Symbolism, History, Art, Literature, News
APOD Depicting Creation Through Spiraling Consciousness
Rainbow Breathing Whales Under the Golden Gate Bridge
My Grandchildren Visit "History by George"
"Pokemon Go" and Family Matters
APOD: Color the Universe
Miss Cleo Alleged Psychic Dies

2016 Democratic National Convention - Hillary Clinton Nominated
2016 Republican National Convention - Donald Trump Nominated

The Fight For Freedom
Coming Full Circle: Email From David
Independence Day Themes
    Will Brexit fix it?
    "Independence Day: Resurgence"
    Gay Pride Weekend
Terror in the Orlando Grid - Ghosts
Orlando Nightclub Shootings
U.S. Flag Day June 14, 2016
Bilderberg Meeting in Germany
Hillary Clinton Makes History Under The Glass Ceiling
Monday 6/6: Presidential Election
    Flooding, Ramadan, Trump, Muhammad Ali, Normandy

Ellie's Stuff
Father's Day Fun in Basking Ridge
Ellie's New Chairs - Green Screen is the Illusion - Hourglass and Painting
Ancient Aliens: "The Wisdom Keepers and the Holographic Universe"
Ellie ... Tech Dreaming
"Mr. Robot dec0d3d" - "Person of Interest" Series Finale "Return 0" Videos
Realizing We Exist in a Simulation - Elon Musk - "Person of Interest"
Galactic Center Cloud Formation With Z - Statue of Liberty
"Time Beings: Extreme Time Travel Conspiracies"
Verrazano Bridge - A "Z" is Missing
Ellie Revisits Coney Island on 6.6.16 Text and Three Videos
Ellie on Aliens 6.16.16 - Independence Day Resurgence

Programmed For Money
Who's driving for Uber these days?
European Railroads

Ellie's Stuff
Memorial Day Weekend - When Harry Met Sally - Dandelions Are Free
Red Nose Day
Nova Gymnastics Reunion
Ellie Stuck Between States - 11111 - The New House
Ancient Aliens Season 11: Antarctica, Mars, The Next Humans "Alien Con"
Navigating the Journey, Fleet Week, Henry the Navigator, UFOs and Remote Viewing

New England's "Dark Day" - Science and Pseudoscience
Friday the 13th in Mercury Retrograde - Addicted to Drama, The Osbournes
"Loving Vincent" - Vincent van Gogh
Mother's Day 2016 - Conception - Perception

The Future, Trump Indecisive, Hyperloop
The Flight of Rudolf Hess

Earth Xhanges
    Mt. St. Helens
    The moment you're born you begin to die

Primitive Americans and the Voting Process - Trump
The Rules of the Game - Decision Making
End of the Old World Order, Trump, New Moon, Behold A Pale Horse, Bill Cooper
White House Correspondents' Dinner (WHCA) - Ellie Reporting From Brooklyn

Met Gala 2016 - "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology"
Daytime Emmy's "The Talk" Wins
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Cinco de Mayo 2016

White House Correspondents' Dinner (WHCA) - Ellie Reporting From Brooklyn
Bridges, Science and Pseudoscience
Chernobyl Disaster 30 Years Later - Richter Scale Day
Thutmose III, Thoth, Blue Gods and Aliens, DNA Day, 11
Iconic Legend Prince Dies
William Shakespeare 400 years later
Primary Day in New York - April 19, 2016 - It's all Rigged
    Sun in Taurus, Earthquakes Continue, Full Moon 2° Scorpio
    Taurus and Scorpio are Egypt, Jesus, Moses and the Masonic Codes
Mutant Genes and Mental Illness
2016 Pulitzer Prizes
HERTS, Hertz, and Hurts
Look Up at the Sky Day - Cloud Scrying
Thomas Jefferson - Then and Now on Government
Lucid Dreaming Day 2016
Brain Circuitry, Immobilizing Headaches
Photographing Ancient Ruins in the Middle East after almost a year of Islamic State control

Ellie's Stuff
Furniture Shopping with Zsia and Jon
A Bird in the Hand, Nicole's Palm Print, Ellie's Sparrows Return
Choosing a College or University in 2016
Crystal Connections - Chris, Crystals, Climate Change
Ellie on National Walking Day
Visiting the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Ellie's Stuff
Visiting the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Easter Sunday at the NY International Auto Show
Easter Messages 2016
Oldest Man Alive is Auschwitz Survivor Yisrael Kristal, 112
A Photographer Named Sarah Comes For a Reading
    Ellie's Opal Crystals - Opals Are Used For ...
    "Drawing Hands" by M.C. Escher - Fractal Geometry

Patty Duke Dies, World Bipolar Day, Vincent van Gogh, Wives Matter
Change is Coming and Filled With Symbolism and Surprises
    Bernie Sanders and the female lesser goldfinch
    Hillary discusses UFOs with Jimmy Kimmel
2016 Brussels Bombings. Obama in Cuba, US Presidential Primaries
World Water Day - Swimming the Circumference of Earth
Politics - The Phoenix is Rising
Generation Z
Your Aha! Moments Altruism
Do Opposites Attract?
The Black Pearl

Above and Below Symbolism
The Evolution of Dreams in 2016
Contrails, Gray Aliens, X-Files 2016 Finale
    Black Holes, Gravitational Waves, Wormholes, Time Travel
    Matter and Antimatter
    Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Sacred Geometry
Video, Pics: Contrails Over the Verrazano Bridge
Gravitational Waves Discovered February 2016 - Science and Pseudoscience
Perception is Relative - Babies See Spirits
National Freedom Day - Black History Month - Honoring Frederick Douglass
Maria Duval The French Psychic Scammer

Ellie's Stuff
Contrails, Gray Aliens, X-Files 2016 Finale
Ellie's Valentine Birthday With Family "It's about Love"
Valentine's Day with David "When Questing Ends"
Turning 73 With Anna "Being older, happy, and healthy"
Ellie's Trolley Adventures
Ellie on Groundhog Day in Brooklyn
Raccoons in Brooklyn and NYC

Visualization - Sphinx - The Time of Awakening
Designer Diseases and Hidden Agendas
The X-Files and Other Conspiracies
Reality TV - Donald Trump and the Debate Before the Iowa Caucuses
Concepcion Picciotto - Peace Activist
Changing Your Mind - Election 2016
Self-Destructive Behavior - Stephen Hawking
Anagrams in Space Music ...Meditate
Adele Carpool Karaoke With James Corden
The Money Blog
Cold and Alien Encounters
The Gamble - Sunday Football

Ellie's Stuff
Ellie Makes Fresh Mozzarella Cheese
Eating Out Alone
Blizzard of 2016 - Ellie Reporting from Brooklyn
Reunions ... The Psychic, the Astrologer, and the Futurist
Jeyddan's Dream, Anne Frank, Time Travel
Ellie on New Year's Day 2016 - Z Day
New Year's Resolution for 2016: "Be Prepared"
Ellie's New Year's Messages 2016
Oprah and Ellie on Dieting in 2016
Motivation and Inspiration Day Blog

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