Coming Full Circle in Leo - August 7-21, 2015

All things come full circle in the hologram ...

even the hologram itself ... and the souls within.

Everything in physical reality has a beginning and an end including those who experience in off-world programs. We are here to experience in one or more realities simultaneous - sometimes at the moment of historic change. We need change. We are programed for it. It tests our patience, imagination, and emotions.

This experiment started in what we now call the Middle East and focuses there today. Remember that we are part of a multiplex system of consciousness grids that are aligning as we connect the dots and weave through their imagery. Many things seem to be coming full circle in my life these days ... maybe because I'm in a 9 Year or for other reasons that are part of the greater blueprint of our original design.

On Friday August 21, 2015 "Ancient Aliens" premiered an episode called The Alien Evolution

Many bipedal species of humanoids have evolved on Earth over millions of years in one form or another - often interbreeding and perhaps evolving into modern-day civilizations - leaving historical records that can be interpreted in many ways. Theories vary from natural evolution (selection), to alien intervention, to my theory about all of this being a series of biogenetic experiments created and designed by a collective unconscious to experience and learn - then as if a computer program - are deleted in time.

But what if none of that was real - just virtual reality in which we are experiencing?

Souls are thought to experience simultaneously in one or more co-existing programs as the entire project runs from beginning to end and experience takes on many forms. For the most part we can only understand who we are in this aspect of the hologram, which for most of us seems limited, like Superman losing his powers and trapped in a human form.

The green screen (landscape) of reality leads us to believe many things are real that are just projections of thought and consciousness mirroring the greater agenda. Nothing is real, yet appears to be. No matter who or what created his reality, it leaves one to believe it is all about to evolve out of existence - thus coming full circle as per its programmed design. As humans - we'll never understand the truth - we are not programmed to until this hologram ends - as that's not a given just something that gives us continuity where there may actually may be none.

Are we the most advanced form of life to have ever have existed on Earth? Most likely not because our directive is to figure things out - trial and error (era) - until its over and we return to our natural state of light and consciousness - if that is who we really are. It's also possible that everything - including the souls - get deleted. If you can be objective and can rise above the human dramas - you will be okay with that. If your soul has been programmed for pain and drama - as most are - your feelings of resentment - and the fact that we all don't leave here to return to paradise - will bother you.

About the hologram - biogenetic experiments - or however you see this reality - souls fight to heal and reach a point of understanding to justify experience. Whatever is going on in the bigger picture, reality as we know it is about to change. This aspect of the experiment is coming full circle.

Coming Full Circle - Washington, Politics and the Masonic Program

Once upon a time we met by the obelisk you and I ... nothing more than shadows cast in the sands of time.

Friday August 7, 2015

We met by the Obelisk in the Park.

William and Ellie at Fort Hamilton: Politics Then and Now

Saturday - August 8, 2015

8.8.8 ... Ellie and Nefertiti ... Discovering Nefertiti's tomb

Ellie ... Catherine ... and Meryl in the John Paul Park

Meryl lives in Coney Island where it all began for me.

Thursday August 13, 2015 - "Sarah and Alexander" Coming Full Circle

Ellie, Yvonne, Gloria, "Sarah and Alexander" Redirected

Ellie and Gloria at the UN

Coming Full Circle - Science and Religion - "Sarah and Alexander"

National Senior Day - August 21, 2015

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US Presidents, Masonic Program, Whitley Strieber

Coming Full Circle With Lovers and Friends

Paul in Hawaii, Deja Allison, Sue Reeve

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2016 = 9 Year

Auroras - August 19, 2015


The Dandelion is Leo.

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