Presidents' Day Then and Now

Fun with Abe and George

February 16, 2015

Baby it's cold outside ... 6° this morning in NYC ... Six degrees of separation ... as more and more people consider moving to a warmer climate. Fashion week continues in the city where people are not only asking, "Who are you wearing?" but "What are you wearing?" ... to keep warm. In my 72 years I've never seen it this cold, but once again, I know it's all part of closure. Saturday's 7.1 earthquake in the mid-atlantic ridge is what really caught my attention.

Think about how cold George and the guys were at Valley Forge.

What do you "see" George? Did you ask God or aliens for help?

Are you just having a moment? Would you believe 239 years later people still do this?

Something must have happened as we started our American journey as a free nation. (Rewrite needed)

US Presidents Day takes us to George Washington's visions, and the Freemasons who were coded to be the architects of this subroutine in the hologram incorporating myth, math, and mystery school teachings to awakening the sleeping prophet in each of us as the decades unfolded. It's all about time and time capsules. It's about time capsules as human DNA. It's all about ancient aliens if that's what connects for you.

Present (Presidents) Day ...

Hey George ... Is your face on the front of the dollar bill and the pyramid on the back with the All Seeing Eye - supposed to mean we are going back to the Middle East now replete with mythology and symbolism? Are we watching the unfolding of World War III - prophecies of biblical proportion - created by Isis (ISIS) in one form or another? What's up with that George?

What about you Abe? What would you say about the state of the world today? No Abe ... Put that down ... We don't use quill pens anymore ... we use this [Ellie giving Abe a cell phone]. Send me a text. You could post on Twitter. ... What did you post ... Some of our presidents were what? Watch your words Abe they echo in history ... "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal." (rewrite needed).

Did you guys forget I have a birthday now too - February 17th?

There I stand between Abe and and George (interesting visual).

It's all about that bass... Ellie. I just found a strange word ... "Twerking".

Ellie wrote: I like to examine all sides of a situation. I don't believe in religion and gods but most of the world is programmed to that end as it gets them through whatever happens in their lives. Now ... what if someone came along and made fun of their god ... their only hope for salvation? Crazy times will continue to create crazy situations in a crazy reality.

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February 16, 2015

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