Coming Full Circle With Lovers and Friends

Tuesday August 18, 2015

When I haven't heard from some of my metaphysical friends for years - which is often the case - and they don't reply to email or phone calls - I tend to go to one of my other resources - "the other side" - only to find them there. Recently two such friends - both born in Leo - came to me from the other side on their birthdays.

Meet Paul Fritzen - with a "Z" and an "E" in his last name. Paul and I were friends and lovers meeting in 1989 through an A.R.E. newsletter. (Remember the days people wrote letters and waited a week for a reply?) Paul was originally from Los Angeles where he worked in the entertainment industry until his early 30's when he moved to Hawaii, invested in property, and built a home when prices were low. He was a laid back sort of guy who never married, had no kids, and laughed at things just as I do. He actually looked a lot like Z.

The first time we physically met was in 1990, after a year of getting to know each other by phone. This was the first of 3 visits Paul would make to Brooklyn to visit me. On that occasion he asked me to live with him in Hawaii the connection was so strong. I refused as I was working on my TV show and recognized what we had was the magic (alchemy) of metaphysics and pheromones which should not be confused with real love. Though I never took him up on his many invitations to visit his home, now I'm thinking maybe I should have and would go today if he were still around.

Paul had a Leo (Sun) and Aquarius (Moon) while I have an Aquarius (Sun) and Leo (Moon) which an astrology at the time told us meant strong attraction. Paul loved Z and had no problem making "connections". Time spent together were always metaphysical adventures. Of course Paul understood about reality and the hologram which was not easy for me to find especially in 1990.

Remember the days Sarah's music box from "Sarah and Alexander" played for me out of nowhere? On Paul's first visit, we went out one day, and when were returned home found a message on my answer machine ... the music from Sarah's music box. It played for about two minutes - over and over - as we listened knowing Alexander had created it. At that time, Alexander kept coming to me with music and patterns of angel hair as a sign of his existence-presence. I had written the first draft of "Sarah and Alexander" in December 1989 when Alexander first came to me - and sometimes my friends - to dictate the story.

Through the years Paul and I stayed in touch one way or another. We last spoke in 2010 when he told me he wanted to change his life and wondered if coming to New York would be the answer. I told him he would not be able to adjust to the weather and that I was really not interested in a personal relationship - the old feelings gone. He seemed so lost at the time.

2011 went by and on his birthday August 4 ... I called only to discover his phone had been shut off. As he had spoken so often about moving to Mexico and living in the spiritual energy of the pyramids, I thought that was his destination and one day I would hear from him. As the years passed every August 4th I thought about Paul ... coming to realize he had passed but never wanting to believe it. This year Paul showed up as a spirit. Still not wanting to believe he died, today I searched his name as an obituary. And there it was ... Paul Fritzen died October 31, 2010 at age 65. He has crossed over and is now free to swim with the dolphins and play with Z. Somehow I always considered him an aspect of Z. Have fun boys and don't forget I'm still stuck in this reality waiting for the end as things come full circle.

Paul has crossed over ... Fade to Black

Another friend I met on the same day as Paul also comes to mind ...

Deja Allison, Aquarian, who died March 28, 2013 at age 66.

We had so much fun with Paul back in the day ...

Ellie in her Pyramid at Sue's Psychic Fair in Brooklyn

Next we come to my friend Sue Reeve who goes back to 1985 - another Leo born on August 14, 1940. Sue lived in Sheepshead Bay where she gave readings and metaphysical classes teaching thousands of people through the decades - her focus Numerology. I met Sue through a fellow elementary school teacher just after I divorced. She became my metaphysical teacher in 1984 and gave me a reading. She told me about the great things I would do which are still unfolding.

We never spoke about the hologram. She was more about healing and issues. Through her classes I made friends with other students who would come and go in my life through the years. One of them was Mike who took the blue (infrared) photo of me in the 1980's. Last week Mike and I connected after many years to discuss Sue and catch up. It's interesting that it was the day I posted about me morphing into different expressions of my soul and mentioning the blue photo.

The last time I spoke to Sue was December 2011 just before Christmas when my friend Pat and I paid her a brief visit. Having been obese most of her life I could see that Sue's health was failing and knew it would be the last time we would meet. On her birthday this year her memory lingered and I found out that Sue (whose real name was Madeline Sue Reeve) had died in 2012 at age 72 from complications of diabetes. Sue was a special soul whose greatest joy was to give to others. She joined her two sisters on the other side in whatever metaphysical adventures they are having.

Wake-up Dream With My Teacher Sue Reeve

Thursday March 8, 2018

In a wake-up dream that riveted me back to this reality at 4:04 this morning, I was talking to one of my early connections in metaphysics - psychic and teacher Sue Reeve. In my dream Sue told me that there will never be disclosure in the traditional sense of one or more people coming forward with proof of alien agendas and reality.

Hacked information will be simultaneously disseminated across the world - like watching a scene from a movie where everyone sees the same message. This will bring truth at the end which, according to Sue, is very soon. My perception of the hacker was a white male about 30 years old, clean shaven, no glasses, wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Taking to another level this is how my mind would perceive a hacker but it could easily have been a screened image of someone not of this reality that my mind could relate to.

Sue smiled as I felt myself pulled backwards into this level of consciousness watching her smile at me in knowing approval of things discussed now and back in the day when I was the Psychic in the Pyramid we created this destiny.