Messages Come in Strange Ways

Goodbye Chelsea Flor

Monday January 5, 2015

It all started this afternoon when I got an email from an online search service called My Life asking if I was searching for Barbara Reen, 62. No ... I hadn't thought about Barbara for decades nor have used the service of My Life. Barbara goes back to the 1990s and a group of psychics who used to teach and/or visit here ... then disappeared into their lives - too much drama - to resurface from time to time. One thing united us ... we all shared the same memory of the gala party (ball) in Austria attended by Hitler during WWII linked to time travel. We played different roles, but we were all there, and seemed to have found each other in this timeline one way or another.

I deleted the My Life email and went on to other things. 10 minutes later another email like it popped up so I got curious and googled Barbara. Sadly she had been arrested in 2012 for welfare fraud and her destiny was not looking very good at that time - no further updates.

Then I thought about someone else who was part of that circle of friends - Chelsea Flor. It was all about the Philadelphia Experiment and related Montauk Project and all the players in it - having the exact same memories from that lifetime before we met.

The last time Chelsea and I spoke was December 2012 when I was planning my trip to California and thought I might have time to visit her in San Diego. Sadly there wasn't enough time and we hadn't been in touch since.

Author Peter Moon, who wrote the books about The Montauk Project, sent this email: "Chlesea had cancer for many years and finally got what she would call her "great reward". I had heard that Ellen Crystal also passed away recently and had to clarify that it was not you. This passing was a blessing to Chelsea who remained very mentally lucid and was not afraid to pass."

It's about time travel and biogenetic experiments

I met Chelsea in the early 1990s at a huge event in Manhattan where I sponsored Bill Cooper who lectured about UFOs and government cover-ups. We became instant friends and took Bill out after the event. Also part of that group was my friend Tom who I just blogged about linked to my TV show The Metaphysical Experience.

I decided to check Chelsea's Facebook as we have been friends for years. Much to my surprise a friend of hers had posted about her passing last month. Her cousin Sherri emailed that Chelsea lost her fight with breast cancer, December 11, 2014, at age 61.

Chelsea made bridal gowns for a living but could sew anything. I am also a talented seamstress with little time to sew in recent years. Someone posted, "She was so talented! She also made Bon Jovi's wardrobe for their first couple of music videos for MTV. "Little Runaway,"etc."

Ellie and Chelsea

Chelsea's Workshop December 14, 1997 just before she moved to San Diego.

Chelsea taught sacred geometry in my home among other topics that were new to many of us back in the 1990s before the Internet. She "reached" parts of the grids that only a person of advanced thinking could go. Like me she sees the grids and beyond. Her music, poodles, living by the water, and healing were what made most sense to her and I think kept her grounded in this reality. Chelsea understood the holographic nature of reality and we often spoke about the alchemy of consciousness. In some way I feel her crossing over has to do with closure and what we call Time Travel, etc..

This is Bill at Chelsea's workshop. He was a close friend of Chelsea's.

Bill emailed: "After Chelsea died, I called her home as I live in New Jersey. A woman answered and said she and others were on their way to spread Chelsea's ashes on the water as she lived on the beach by the Pacific Ocean. My connection with Chelsea was with music especially Jimmy Hendrix. As I spoke to the woman, "Little Wing", a tune by Hendrix, came on the radio. It felt like she was bringing a message. "Little Wing" pretty much describes Chelsea."

The Star Knowledge Conferences

With Sanding Elk - Loren Zephier

I attended the first Star Knowledge Conference in South Dakota in 1996. Chelsea attended many conferences as a lecturer and one who enjoyed Native American energies.

Lorne wrote: "The Universe sent humanity a beautiful Light and it continues to shine in the hearts of those that have been touched by your Love. Our hearts are extremely grateful to creation for loaning us a precious gift that has created miracles through her songs. We have been touched by your smile and we have been blessed with your presence. The Star Knowledge family loves you. Thank you from our hearts and we will keep in touch through your spiritual presence. Chelsea, we Love you! Standing Elk aka Chief Golden Light Eagle.

Chelsea's Facebook Photos

Click an image to read what friends and family wrote. She was indeed beautiful in body, mind and spirit.

My 1997 interview with Chelsea November 1997

Thursday January 8, 2015

Chelsea stopped by to visit me since I posted the blog above. I am a psychic and medium so we have shared a few laughs. She mentions that the harmonics are much better where she is. She showed me herself flying free like an eagle after which I received an email from a Crystalinks reader named Dan who sent this ... Eagle Cloud Formation. He did not know about Chelsea. Chelsea's fiend Bill also referenced "Little Wing". Fly free Chelsea.