Coming Full Circle In Numerology

2016 = 9 Year

In Pythagorean Numerology a cycle is nine years. My Numerology teacher, Sue Reeve taught us that each year as we enter Virgo Transition in August, you move into the energies of the year to come. For example ... I am in a "9 Year". Sue would say I enter my "1 Year" now and that we all move ahead adding the number 9 to our month and day of birth for 2016. If you are born January 1 - you add 1+1+9 = 11 = 2 year. Personal Years

Here's a little trick Sue taught us. As Pythagorean Numerology is based on 9 - you can cancel out all 9's or numbers that add up to 9. Example ...Your birthday is June 4th. You add 6+4+9. But you can drop the 9. Number 9 - or combinations of numbers that add up to 9 will always cancel out.You would simple add 6+4 = 10 = 1 year.

Next year is the universal 9 year (endings) - which will be very interesting whether it starts now or in January - as time after all - is an illusion. It will be interesting to see what happens in the universe in 2016. Old and outdated things will be deleted. Much will come full circle. Does this affect the US presidential election? Since it happens in November 2016, Sue would move that to a Universal 1 as a new cycle begins which means the old system will be forced into change. Does that mean Donald Trump could win and the outdated Washington machine tumbles down? Yes. We experience in a broken reality with hope things will get better. Sadly that is not the algorithm we experience in especially in end times.

August 19, 2015

My annual memo to parents and students during Virgo Transition ... if starting university or any institute of higher learning ... be sure you major in something that will get you a job when you graduate. Don't major in Art History or English Literature to heal your issues unless you plan to take it further as a career. Majors in Philosophy, Theology, etc. go nowhere, but you may recognize they are part of the healing and self searching process for you. Do all of that but plan a way to be financially independent.

Universities are very expensive so a major must have financial value when you graduate. I still have too many clients who are majoring in film and communication with no where to go when they graduate. I know we study based on our programming as this reality is nothing more than a school, but focus before you make a mistake.

Careers change for many during their life time. Has your changed? Are you still holding on to a business that is not profitable even if it once was - as you don't know where to go and working for someone seems intolerable?

Lucky young adults inherit money. By investing it wisely they don't have to work. That is far from the norm.

Many people are not programed for higher education, blocked by emotional problems, learning challenges, and lack of finances.

Many young people won't work unless they can make a difference or their job is meaningful.

Many woman still want to find a man to take care of them ... It happens but for the most part it's an outdated concept for somewhere in that philosophy there is generally emotional payback.

Jobs are hard to come by no matter what one's age, sex, race, religion, contacts, etc.

The world I grew up in was far from perfect, but it allowed a person time to work, create, and dream because it would be decades before the hologram would collapse.

As we are discussing Numerology today class ... one needs to know that reality is simply math and science following not just binary code (brain) and the Fibonacci Sequence (hologram), but an algorithm that started it all and runs until it spirals up to its apex in the hourglass of time at this level of consciousness.

This is our class ... hourglass

set in linear time for you to experience emotions.