Pope Francis in America

Panorama of a spectacular pink sunrise spanning across the sky to Manhattan where we greet the pope today.

Friday September 25, 2015

It was another picture perfect day as Pope Francis continued his American Pilgrimage in New York City. There is nothing like the power of the people here in the city - many taking a day off from their daily lives and dramas to share in this memorable experience. To date, the Pope has touched the lives of millions of people many of who hoping to make change as a result of their encounter. His parting words, "Don't forget to pray for me." We will remember the Pope's direct connection to the people, especially the children and the afflicted, riding in his Popemobile and humble Fiat.

My friend Greg Chan took a selfie with Pope Francis.

The Pope's trip reminds me of my early days in metaphysics when I traveled to experience the energies of a location (power grid point) ... connecting that with other locations in the grid ... which branched out endlessly as the energies flowed. This is what I get from Pope Francis as he visits around the world sensing a feeling from him that he lives each day to the fullest as if it could be the last. He goes without fear thrusting he is protected ... and like many of us he is here on a mission. His historic journey is more about healing than religion for millions of souls trapped in the confines of physical reality.

To me the prophecy (legacy) of the Pope being here now was set up at the beginning of the hologram - as we come to the end - soul evolution remaining on the forefront of our journey in the physical. Today aligns with many other powerful religious and global events such as Yom Kippur and the meeting of 170 world leaders at the UN General Assembly. It's like a game of connect the dots (as in grid points). The mission feeling prevails I want to make a difference but for most it's their personal journey. For the Pope and world leaders - healing and consciousness awakening is on a global scale. In the end ... it all plays out as was preprogrammed ... spirituality combined with math and science for a happy ending.

Farewell Pope Francis

Saturday September 26, 2015 -- 8:44 AM EDT -- (Numerology ...

The helicopter the Osprey - half-plane half-helicopter - carrying the Pope - just flew over the Verrazano Bridge on its way to JFK Airport. CNN reports the pope is taking an aerial tour of the city. His helicopter was accompanied by several helicopters with white tops. I quickly captured this picture. The 78 year old pope looks tired but he'll keep the energies going this weekend on the last "leg" of his journey (he has sciatica) guided by his mission. His final stop is Philadelphia. Schedule

Sunday September 27, 2015 (9.9.8)

In the energies of the Full Moon 4° Aries - Total Lunar Eclipse - Red Blood Moon - Supermoon ...

As predicted nothing apocalyptic happened.

The Pope finished his historic journey in America with a massive mass in Philadelphia.

Monday life continued on for all as is programmed or scheduled.

September 27-28, 2015

Full Moon 4° Aries - Total Lunar Eclipse - Red Blood Moon - Supermoon

  Explaining A Supermoon Lunar Eclipse   NASA

  Rare supermoon eclipse comes Sunday   CNN

The moon was at its closest point in its orbit to Earth, making
it appear slightly bigger in the sky than usual called a Supermoon.


This eclipse was special as it followed three other total lunar eclipses in the past 18 months.

Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse and Lightning Storm   NASA - September 29, 2015

What's more rare than a supermoon total lunar eclipse? How about a supermoon total lunar eclipse over a lightning storm. Such an electrifying sequence was captured yesterday from Ibiza, an island in southeastern Spain. After planning the location for beauty, and the timing to capture the entire eclipse sequence, the only thing that had to cooperate for this astrophotographer to capture a memorable eclipse sequence was the weather. What looked to be a bother on the horizon, though, turned out to be a blessing. The composite picture features over 200 digitally combined images from the same location over the course of a night. The full moon is seen setting as it faded to red in Earth's shadow and then returned to normal. The fortuitous lightning is seen reflected in the Mediterranean to the right of the 400-meter tall rocky island of Es Vedra. Although the next total eclipse of a large and bright supermoon will occur in 2033, the next total eclipse of any full moon will occur in January 2018 and be best visible from eastern Asia and Australia.