Bay Ridge Third Avenue Festival - October 4, 2015

Thousands of people turned out for the Festival this year on a sunny cool autumn day.

That's my friend Anthony in the blue shirt who owns The Pearl Room Restaurant on the right.
Anthony was holding the table while the gay female singer performed and someone jumped up ...
dancing and twerking while people danced in the street - alone or with partners.

There was food everywhere ... people spilling out into the streets ... feasting on specialties.

The rock and roll oldies group from the 2014 Festival were back as once again we sang along and danced.

There was a band featuring a British singer who imitated Mick Jagger
as he and his group performed songs by the Rolling Stones.

This boy played chess with a man who had trouble walking
pointing with his cane as the boy moved the pieces around.
This kid had great moves and won in no time.

Many of my clients have local shops. Mariana owns Lola's Boutique pictured here today.

Mariana and I had lots of fun. She gave me a great deal on this denim shirt.

This week I discovered we have a Jewish Center in Bay Ridge not far from here.

As fate would have it ... along the way today I was stopped by a woman named Ruth who was handing out flyers for their upcoming flea market.

Ruth asked me to join the Jewish Center then introduced me to a lovely family who happened to be walking by.
I gave her my business card after which she proceeded to tell me about her life. People do that a lot.

We come to another client, Donna, who owns a store named "Frame Me".

Funny ... The wire from the frame makes me look like I have antennae.

I sat outside watching Donna's table as people came from near and far for her services.
She's been in business for 30 years and is the best at what she does.

Until next year ... if we're still here.

Casting Calls

Monday October 5, 2015

Sunday night TV did not disappoint. Homeland was awesome as was Quantico and Madame Secretary - topping it all off when I saw my client/friend Adam Davis on The Good Wife. Among all of the superstars on the show - and those joining the cast this season - there was Adam seated on bench in a courtroom - the only white guy who was singled out at the beginning of the episode. I was hoping he would have a speaking part as he has been studying acting for years - but it didn't turn out that way. Adam and I go back 25 years. Most of that time he worked corporate but in a reading years ago I suggested he study acting because I "saw" him on TV. Adam listened ...took classes ... now let's see where this all takes him. I have read a lot of extras - and have friends who are retired and find it fun - but there is something about Adam. Also - he lives on a beach block in Brooklyn ... his home miraculously surviving Hurricane Sandy.

People have asked me to get an agent - or join an agency and become an extra. It's not easy and the money earned would be less than my expenses for a day sitting around doing nothing until called. Another client who is a model suggested I try out for commercials as they are casting seniors now. And so I paid attention to the roles offered to seniors. The parts go to people who look old and have something quirky about them. Not sure that's me. Do I personify the average senior citizen? Don't answer that! People still don't believe I don't take meds for anything. I'll consider commercials next spring after I take off the rest of my weight ... maybe. I'm now down to 140 pounds. Confessions of a psychic ... yesterday at the Festival the only thing I ate were two fresh zeppole drenched in powered sugar (my weakness). Guilty as charged!! But today I continue on my quest to return to the 120's. By the way ... did anyone notice the Halloween candy in the stores ... peeps! I will walk down another aisle this month.