The Agenda

Saturday October 10, 2015

In 2000 I wrote a blog asking the question, "If the Great Pyramid was destroyed, would the illusion end?" The answer is No. The possibility of that event happening to the Great Pyramid in today's crazy world is more likely as extremist groups go after ancient sites. When I had my time alone in the Kings Chamber, on 12/12/00 - the mysticism I had read about the pyramid didn't exist for me emotionally - too much human interaction though many synchronicities did occur on my trip to Egypt that impressed me. In retrospect - no portal or wormhole opened - no physical manifestation occurred - no UFO - just an experience that I embraced. When I stood beside the Great Pyramid that evening at midnight - under a full moon looking up at Orion - I felt a connection but not as profound as I hoped for. Having had a UFO experience as a child - I was hoping for the answers researchers seek as they are guided to visit ancient sites around the world. Years later I realized it was about the quest ... the answers not ready to be given.

Last night "Ancient Aliens" aired an episode called "The Forbidden Zones" presenting a look at sacred sites that house irreplaceable ancient artifacts, relics, and texts - destroyed throughout humanity's history - that might reveal the truth about our origins. The suggestion is made that aliens create scenarios - such as war - and may I add what appears to be natural disasters - to keep humans in the dark. .... Or is that all part of the illusion? Of course it is.

We've read theories about covert factions that start wars and control violence having their own agendas. It would seem there are agendas within agendas - some isolated - others interconnected - that go beyond this realm created by the patterns of the matrix/hologram/illusion/reality. There are always an endless stream of agendas rippling through reality. As they occur your consciousness connects - or doesn't connect - to follow through based on your programing for experience.

Each time I watch the destruction of ancient ruins - especially in the Middle East where I have my strongest connections - it speaks to me of letting go of physical objects that encode us with myths about our origins. For researchers programmed to use ancient objects as keys to unravel the mystery of humanity - this destruction is tragic. Many people who believe life as we know it continues on and on - and do not see an end to the illusion - assume they have lost key ingredients in disclosure - some of which have been physically stolen away by humans. Where does the game take them next? Not to worry ... they will continue the game in other ways as new inserts present themselves. To me the lesson is about letting go. It's all just stuff. Don't worship artifacts or what is called sacred or empowered objects. Myths should be outdated in your thinking - as many stories never happened - or are misinterpreted events. The answers will come at the end.

Ancient Alien Theorists suggest many interesting hypotheses in the quest to figure things out - mostly depicted the human biogenetic experiment as "in the dark" per one or more alien agendas. That might make sense on many levels ... or you could return to the notion that all is an illusion about to reveal itself which goes beyond aliens - be they ancient travelers, here on Earth today, Watchers, etc. Technology is an encoded key filling in the missing gaps at this level of consciousness. If our brains worked to full capacity, would we then be able to understand the human experiment? The answer as always remains ... only if we are programmed to that end.

Long ago ... I was shown "12 disc-shaped objects" strategically places across the planet when the illusion came into existence. Their placement is based on the geometry of physical creation at this level of conscious awareness. They hold the illusion in place and allow for the human experiment to progress within the bipolar nature of its design - reaching its apex of knowledge at the end before it Fades to Black. You have your personal philosophies that get you through the day - your theories on reality - and finally the truth that perhaps none of us can comprehend until the illusion ends.