Freedom January 2015

Today, more than ever before in the history of humanity, the cries for freedom echo globally like a harmonic that will not cease until the end. There is a power with this that would make those who found for freedom in the past - now deceased - stand up and cheer.

January 19, 2015

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

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'Selma' stars, Oprah march in Alabama as nation pays tribute   BBC - January 19, 2015

Charlie Hebdo Shootings and their Aftermath

In the list of growing serious threats to the US - Racism took center stage before Charlie Hebdo showed us there are other dangers one must brace for. People who have nothing to lose, are easily radicalized, with a need to make a difference at all costs to self and family. They are mostly young people from different backgrounds - some with emotional and substance abuse issues - who are emerging not as gang members but as global warriors.

On the matter of Charlie Hebdo and the image of Mohammed - I'm not a fan of satire, poking fun at anyone, or anything that hurts someone else's feelings. Yet I know it was all meant to happen now. I also don't believe in a god icon yet respect that others are programmed to that end.

Sleeper Cells

They exist across the world waiting to be activated - some after years - others after decades - different backgrounds and agendas. As you've seen in TV and film, they may be your neighbors or someone you work with, who seem unassuming.

What makes sleeper cells so dangerous   CNN - January 17, 2015


As of December 2014, talks with Cuban officials and American officials including President Barack Obama have resulted in the exchange of releasing Alan Gross, fifty two political prisoners, and an unnamed non-citizen agent of the United States in return for the release of three Cuban agents currently imprisoned in the United States. Additionally, while the embargo between the United States and Cuba will not be lifted, it will be relaxed to allow import, export, and certain commerce within a limit between the two.

For those who escaped from Cuba, still have families there, or have memories of the days before Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution ... it's time to take a journey back in time as Cuba is changing and tourists will be welcome. People in my age group should remember the 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion that some felt lead to the assassination of President Kennedy while others said Kennedy was about to expose the truth about alien and human interaction.

Modern communication in Cuba is limited, as if Cuba is in a 20th century time warp. but they ail catch up. Without the ability to import cars, most vehicles are classics. I wonder if the owners of these well-kept classic cars realize their worth in today's market. A smart collector could make a fortune. More Cars ...

US-Cuba thaw: Congressional delegation arrives in Havana   BBC - January 17, 2015
An American Congressional delegation has arrived in Havana in the first such visit since the United States and Cuba agreed to restore ties severed in 1961. The Democrat politicians plan to meet Cuban officials and civilian leaders to discuss practical measures required for the normalization of relations. The thaw in relations was announced on 17 December by President Barack Obama and his Cuban counterpart, Raul Castro. Earlier this week, Cuba completed the release of 53 political prisoners. The measure was agreed as part of the agreement.

New travel and trade rules between the US and Cuba came into effect on Friday, also as part of the historic deal. US credit and debit cards can be used there and there will be no more limits on how much money US citizens can spend in Cuba each day. While ordinary tourism is still banned, the new regulations will allow US citizens to travel to Cuba for any of a dozen specific reasons without first obtaining a special license from the government.

Although the latest moves put a large dent in the US trade embargo against the island's communist government, only Congress can lift it completely. The first high-level talks between Cuba and the US will be held in Havana next Wednesday and Thursday. The US delegation will be led by Assistant Secretary of State Roberta Jacobson. Americans will be able to take home up alcohol and tobacco from Cuba up to the value of $100.