Happy Valentine's Day 2016

With love in your heart, your life will flower.

A Heart Shaped Lenticular Cloud   APOD - February 14, 2016

Can a cloud love a mountain? Perhaps not, but on a Valentine's Day like today, one might be prone to seeing heart-shaped symbols where they don't actually exist. A fleeting pareidolia, the featured heart was really a lenticular cloud that appeared one morning last July above Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand. A companion video shows the lenticular cloud was mostly stationary in the sky but shifted and vibrated with surrounding winds. The cloud's red color was caused by the Sun rising off the frame to the right. Lenticular clouds are somewhat rare but can form in air that passes over a mountain. Then, vertical eddies may form where rising air cools past the dew point causing water carried by the air to condense into droplets. Unfortunately, this amazing sight made the fascinated videographer late for breakfast.

David was guided to Brooklyn from Miami for a reading today.

We had dinner afterwards continuing our conversation about the many facets of reality.
It's not easy for me to find someone programed to "get it" having reached
that understanding through his own life experiences and research.

David called the following day to thank me for his reading. He said the turning point in our session came when he asked me how often I meditate. My answer was ... "Never". After years of searching - including owning a healing center - that answer in that moment - was his trigger to understand he no longer has to search in the illusion of time and space. Too much questing and listening to theories can drive a person crazy thus bringing more conflicting thoughts and challenges than when the person began.

I told him what I tell everyone ... "Keep it simple. We live in a holographic illusion set in time and space that had its 'Moment' and is about to evolve out of existence". I am grateful that he understands the nature of reality. I feel the way I do after teaching a workshop and students email me with their thoughts. Of course the bottom line is both David and my students are drawn to my readings and workshops to not only share but to leave with the final answer they are programmed to hear. Once you 'get it' the whole world looks different to you. You will never be the same or react the same way in most circumstances. I am not going to promise you great things will happen in your life because your consciousness is still in the hologram subject to your programmed experiences - but at least you will understand them better.

Saturday Ellie's Valentine Birthday With Family

Enjoy your day