Primitive Americans and the Voting Process

"We voted for Trump! He opposes immigration
which seems bad for us in the future."

All experiences are inserts within a hologram created by an algorithm set in linear time that our senses tell us is real.

Human Experience 101 (ah ... binary code) ...

People wonder about the rise of early humans across the world and how they evolved - or are they part of biogenetic experiments (inserts seemingly past, present, and future) which are running parallel to our timeline yet quantumly entangled. Today's news segues to early Americans who did not face the issues we do but their own programming. These first Americans lived in Florida and did not get to vote in its the primaries ... because there were none ... prime directive ... survival. But let's say there was an electoral process for leader of their tribe and his name was Donald Trump. Would they have voted for him? Maybe he's older than we think? Alas Florida is always a turning point especially for elections and senior citizens.

Stone Knife and Mastodon Bones Point to Earlier Arrival of First Americans   National Geographic - May 13, 2016
A sinkhole in Florida's Aucilla River is an archaeological gold mine that offers a rare glimpse of life in ancient America. A thousand years before big game hunters who used what are known as Clovis spearpoints spread across North America, earlier arrivals were living near Florida's Aucilla River alongside mastodon and other animals now long extinct. So say archaeologists who spent four years investigating an underwater sinkhole known as the Page-Ladson site.

Pre-Clovis civilization in Florida; settlement 1,500 years earlier than previously believed   Science Daily - May 13, 2016
The discovery of stone tools alongside mastodon bones in a Florida river shows that humans settled the southeastern United States as much as 1,500 years earlier than scientists previously believed, according to a new research. This site on the Aucilla River -- about 45 minutes from Tallahassee -- is now the oldest known site of human life in the southeastern United States. It dates back 14,550 years.

Politics and Rating Sweeps Months

May 13, 2016

Over in the Republican Party - Trump's past lies come into focus while fellow Republicans in Washington try desperately to unite the party - and most Americans want it replaced with something that is in the best interest of the people. Do we hold Trump accountable for mistakes made over 20 years ago to embellish his career? This reminds me of the Brian Williams fiasco in 2015. Brian remains at NBC as an anchor for special news events over at MSNBC.

As many people have addictive personalities - to one thing or another - do the continuing adventures of Donald Trump fall into that category? What will the followers of this political reality show do when it's all over in the November election and rating sweeps? The most interesting thing about the Democrats is the fate of Hillary Clinton. Will she be deposed as a criminal or the next president? We all know what each of the candidates has against each other in terms of personal issues - but will they leave that alone and go directly to other issues? It's May as ratings sweeps month continues.