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Monday December 4, 2023

Jeff Bridges - Videos - Filmography

We came from beyond the stars and so we shall return.

Karen Allen co-starred with Jeff Bridges in the 1984 film Starman.

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Cracked Piece of Metal Heals Itself in Experiment That Stuns Scientists

Is Earth inside a giant void or bubble? It could solve one of cosmology's biggest puzzles


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Planet Earth Files ~ Solar Cycles

Solar storm from 1977 reveals how unprepared we are for the next 'big one'

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'Halo' Device Coming in 2025 Is Designed to Induce Lucid Dreams

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Colossal Prehistoric Tomb Was “Greatest Engineering Feat” Of The Stone Age


Oxford's word of the year is 'Rizz' - internet slang for romantic appeal or charm mostly used by young people. - BBC

'Rizz': A term shortened from of the word "charisma" - Who has it and how to find your own - CNN

The term "rizz" found its way into teen slang through TikTok and other social media. Unless you're Gen Z you probably never heard of Rizz until now.

It has nothing to do with Z who I blog about - although he is charismatic if one were to look at all of the roles he's played throughout history.

Charisma means having the ability to attract and influence others either overtly or subtly. It is often described as a mysterious quality that one either has or doesn't and can be developed.

It's magnetic. It's confidence. It's energy. It's timing. It's often flirty.

You walk into a room and all heads turn. Been there did that for much of my life naming it the "Z Factor". It allows me to vicariously understand when celebrities like Taylor Swift walk into a situation.

Among the many adjectives one can use to describe former President Trump and his shenanigans - I always felt people voted for him because he has Rizz. There are a world full of people who are charismatic because of what they say and do in a positive way that makes a difference. He was simply put in place to play the role of the antagonist in our current drama.

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