Ellie's Archives 2003

Ellie's Alien Encounter in the Nevada Desert, April 4, 1954

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Sharing Your Journey
Banana Umbilical, Rebirth
Christmas 2003 - Santa's Journey
The Zep Tepi
The Rods of the Zep Tepi

The Blue Highway Home, The Blues, W. C. Christopher
Male Energy and Conscious Evolution
Harmonic Concordance, Lunar Eclipse 11/11
Leaving Children or Keys in Your Car
The One, The Right Person For You
The Road to Higher Consciousness is Paved ...
Coming Out of the Closet
UFO Sighting in Brooklyn

Twin Rainbows One the Verrazano Bridge If a Tree Falls ... A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Thoth the Penguin
Solar Storms, Ancient Symbology
Photos, Blue and Sepia, Flower of Life
Workshop on Past Lives
Halloween 2003

Feeling Abandoned in the Grids
The Persian Ivory Scroll
9/11/03, Reflect, Remember, Rebuild
The Rabbi and the Priest
A Visit to the Dentist, Meeting Harold, Nothing is New
Workshop September 2003
Cones and Tones

440 Harmonics
Being An Empath
Light Angles, Reflecting the Light
Healing Techniques and Programming
In Your Power
The Slingshot Effect
Blackout of 2003, Fear Detaches us From the Grid
Checks and Balances
Possessive Personality Disorder
White Feathers Experiences
Mercury Retrograde and Synchronicity

July 4, 2003, Roswell Images, UFO Day, Ellie's Experiences
Roswell UFO Incident, July 2, 1947
Time Looping, Philadelphia Experiment 60 Years Later
Philadelphia Experiment, August 12, 1943
Paul, Hawaii, Energy Shifts (Pacific, Atlantic)
Paul, Hawaii, Dolphins, Earth Changes, Volcano Erupts The Power of a Hug
A Smile is Contagious
What's Happened to all the Websites?
Making Changes in Your Life 2003
If You Could Free The Souls
The Soul is Whole
Reflections, Healers, Questions to Ponder?
Were Your There? The Power of Three, Creational Forces Seniors Citizen Files
Loosing It ...
The Business of Healing
Lara Croft, Strong Women
Kabbalah 2003
Running Away
New Moon in Leo, Where's There's Stars There's Hope (Bob Hope)
The Pace of Things

Lyre, Lyra, Moving Stones With Tones
Points, Connect the Dots, Teleportation
Computer of Dreams
Dream Circle
Sleeping Patterns, Snoring
Dreams of Nursery Rhythms Channeling
Automatic Writing
Automatic (Visionary) Art
Father's Day 2003
Children and Metaphysics
Star Children, Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Walk-ins and Wanderers
Overweight and Obese Children
Stargate SG1, Messages and Metaphors
Prerecorded Events, Psychic Viewing The Crystal Warehouse in Manhattan
Workshop in Manhattan, Initiation, 3 Pyramids, Crystals, Phoenix Do Opposites Attract?
Emotions in Motion. Mood Swings

Akashic Records
Hall of Records
Ron, Shell Games With Pyramids, Truncated Geometry, Egypt
Banana Boat Song, We Wanna Go Home
The Importance of Being Assertive, Saying No
Mother's Day 2003, Rebirth Soul Groups
Caring For The Elderly
Life's a Soap Opera
4-14-2003, Pentagram, Pentacles
May 15, 2003, Lunar Eclipse, Matrix Reloaded, Reality Check
Kitesurfing, Beach Water and Ice, Egyptian God Nun

April Fool's Day
Trickster Sperm Donor Relationships
Born in 1962 and 1963 - Turning 40 With Issues
Special Ed 03, Penmanship, Letters, Teenagers of Today
Frequency Signatures, Your Name and More
Al and the Hypercube
Walls of Illusion, Wonderland
Cannonball Park, Iraqi War Protest Rally
Saddam, Off With His Head, Alice in Wonderland, It's Not Oz

Electromagnetic Energies Unite the Twins, Dreams, Mysterious Photo
Twins Flames
Carousel Symbology Distant Journeys: Coney Island - Washington DC - Egypt - Middle East
Journey to Washington, DC, Obelisks, Sherif, Masonic Program, War
War in Iraq, Third Temple, Metatron, Joash Inscription
Spring 2003
Spring, Vernal Equinox
Synchronicities With Sarah and Alexander
2012 Sarah and Alexander The Alchemy of Time Film "The Core", Polarity Shifts, Pole Shift
The Science Fiction Journey, Truth or Fiction
Ellie's Pyramid Experiences 2003
Osiris in the Pyramid, Torus, Tube Torus, Donut Effect, Black Sun

Death of a Child
     Joanne's Story
     Spirit of Marcus
     Spirit of Carl
     Shanti's Story
     Michelle's Story

Space Shuttle Disaster 2003
Psychic Energy and Tape Recorders
The Path of the Quester
Metals and Stones Have Frequency, Electrum, Gemstones, Alchemy
Tones, Class is in Session
Old Souls
It's All Greek To Me
Balance of Power
Green Light Superman
Ellie's Flowers And Plants Memory Lost and Regained In Time
Memory Frozen In Time
Consciousness Frozen In Time
Ellie's World and Synchronicities in Your Life

The Court Jester and the Fleur de Lis
Flower of Life
Machu Picchu
Apu Inti, Viracocha, Machu Picchu
Inca Civilization
Shattered Glass
Oprah, Dream, 'Sarah and Alexander'
Email From Teenager Readers
Puppets, Who's Pulling the Strings?
Clone or Cologne? Something Stinks
Spirit and the Poinsettia Plants
Nikola Tesla
Tesla and the White Pigeons
White Pigeons at Staples

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