Workshop September 20, 2004

Friday, September 19, 2003

My friend Pat came over to help me set up for Saturday's workshop. Earlier in the day I had been guided to set up my 9 foot pyramid, in front of the sliding glass doors, with a view facing the Verrazano Bridge and the gardens in the park just across from my home. By 8 pm, Pat and I were finished. We decided to sit in the pyramid and connect with the energies that called to us. I had used crystals in the pyramid so the energies were pretty intense. We turned off most of the lights except for the 3 small pink fluorescents, that are in my 3 domed wall units. This allowed the chain of lights on the cables / arches, of the bridges, to guide our way.

I sat facing south (Staten Island), while Pat felt she needed to face north to Manhattan. As we sat there, we both had the feeling that we were spiraling clock-wise. A few minutes later a client named Amanda called, from Edmonton, Canada, and we began a journey through sacred geometry. Amanda worked with Pat, using a system called Geotran. These energies created heat and balance in Pat's body. I placed my right hand in her left hand, and felt the flow of energy. Suddenly I saw several of Pat's past lives unfold before me. They were so clear, it was awesome. As Amanda worked on her energies fields, balancing and locking them into place, I was able to tell Pat about these past lives. Geotran involves certain numerical patterns that are spoken by the person working on your. As Amanda gently spoke the numbers, Pat heard a man's voice speaking them along with her. It was awesome. We assumed it was Z.

On a gorgeous Saturday in NYC, I taught a workshop in my home to a special group of enlightened souls. The theme was Creating Balance. It was about bringing up old issues and releasing them. Those who wanted to sit in the pyramid, took their turn, and experienced the energies. The class was a great sharing of people from 3 different states, NY, NJ, and Conn., and backgrounds. We shared energies, stories, experiences, geometry, and more. We felt the energies of those who had crossed over on 9/11 and experienced a floral fragrance just prior to meditation.