Roswell UFO Museum and Research Center

Kim and Andrea reporting from Downtown at
the Roswell UFO Museum and Research Center

This painting is on the side of the UFO Museum.

The Lobby

This building used to be a movie theater. The lobby has with couches, restrooms, souvenir shop and registration desk. The auditorium has been converted into the actual museum. Each of the cubicle areas focuses on a single aspect of the UFO phenomenon, including peripheral exhibits such as crop circles, bigfoot-sasquatch and Mayan hieroglyphs. The vast research library is located off the main lobby, to the left in this photo. It is quite a place, now that it has had about ten years to mature and acquire additional artifacts, news articles, photos, and so forth. There is a large map in the lobby where visitors can stick little colored markers into their hometowns. You'd be amazed at where all the visitors have come from. In some areas, there is no room left for new markers. And the map on the wall behind the horse contains all sorts of tiny lights. You can push a button to light up all the known UFO landing sites in the world, another button to light up all the known sightings of UFOs, another to see all of the abduction sites, and other information with easier access as technology evolves. Enjoy!

Outside the Museum

I am standing with a alien in front of the diner.

souvenir shop and bookstore

From Kim in Roswell - July 4, 2011

They had a Sci Fi Short Film Competition this year. The winner was my friend Boyd Barrett.

They only had 4 days to shoot and edit.