With all art, most people know if they are gifted, or if they are not, even while taking lessons. With channeled art, one allows something other than their consciousness mind to guide their project. This can include another aspect of their soul, another entity, or the consciousness grids that create reality. For some channeled art comes easily as they have probably done it in the past unaware that they were channeling, while for others, nothing happens. Some people are naturals at Mediumship, while others find another way to connect with the other side.

Channeled art is an extension of automatic writing practiced by many people, who say, "The idea just came to me and I began to create."

I believe that all art is channeled to some degree as it expresses the essence of the person channeling. People need to express their creative side one way or another as it allows them to access the right side (intuitive side) of the brain, part of increasing one's psychic abilities.

Channeling a message to the artist.

Art by Josephine Wall

Visionary art purports to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes, or is based in such experiences. It is about the expression of a soul through a form of art by creating themes and messages brought forth in a manner one can perceive as channeling. Many famous masterpieces were created this way.

Channeled art can used in therapy. Much of what is created is a reflection of the artist's emotions, challenges, personal transformation, or the collective changes going on within the universe that call to us and need to be expressed and shared. The finished work should not be judged on merit, but interpreted personally and universally - archetypes and symbolism. Creating many unfinished works of art, also defines the person's emotional state.

Let's Channel ...

Get something to work with. Chose a medium that flows for you - sketching, painting, collage, sculpture, sand painting, graphic arts, mobiles, computers, weaving, sewing, other.

Sit somewhere that is comfortable and free of distractions.

Listen to music if it inspires you.

Though I don't recommend it, many visionary artists gain inspiration from hallucinogens, marijuana, or drinking.

Relax your body ... your mind.

Take a deep breath ...

Begin your project by allowing your hand (hands) to simple create as guided by your subconscious. The goal is to see beyond your current experience here.

There are no judgments. Start your project and keep going. No need to rush.

Take another deep breath ... Relax ... See it ... Feel it ... Be it ...

You may want to close your eyes and see what you create.

Try a suggestive word like "Home" ... "Family" ... "Love" ...

Relax your body ... your mind ... then let it flow ...

Colors are frequencies and reflect our inner emotions. Check for their definitions when your project is complete.

To test for another entity vs. your higher consciousness, you could ask the entity to draw in a manner that is beyond your capabilities and see what happens.

If you think the entity is an extraterrestrial, telepathically suggest art work reflective of other worlds and themes, especially their own.

Entities can create at their own pace combined with your energies. This can move slowly taking days, weeks or even month to complete an art work, or can be finished within minutes.

Be patient. It may take a while before you are comfortable enough to allow another energy to come through you.

If it feels right, then it is right.

All things channeled should flow EZ and from the soul.

If you were guided to this file, an aspect of your soul wants to try this form of mediumship.