Tesla and the White Pigeons

Saturday January 18, 2003

White pigeons made another appearance since my experience last Christmas Eve, as I was reading a client today. This time they did not circle the obelisk in the park outside, as they did on Christmas Eve but rapidly flew in patterns over my house as my client and I watched. One pigeon flew amazingly close to my sliding glass doors. Telepathically I heard, "Watch where that white pigeon flies." We watched as it soared over way towards the Atlantic, over the arch, arc, of the Verrazano Bridge, then back here flying passed my terrace once again, pausing for a moment, then flying away.

A floral fragrance permeated the room as we stood there watching. Thoughts of end times and apparitions filled my mind, linked with Mother Mary, and Eskimo Woman Prophecy.

My attention was riveting to the clouds. My client and I saw the same patterns emerge (cloud scrying). Cloud images included the fibonacci sequence, spirals, Zoroaster morphing into Abe Lincoln, the Lion and the Lamb coming together, grids and the horse nebula.

Anne from Finland wrote...

Hi Ellie,

Nikola Tesla was obsessed with pigeons, ordering special seeds for the pigeons he fed in the park. There was one white pigeon, the female, that was so precious to him. One day the white pigeon got sick. Nikola took very good care of it, but it died in his arms. Nikola was not a very religious man, as he believed that there must be a scientific explanation for everything. But when that white pigeon died, he saw a very bright light coming out of her eyes, so bright that he told his friends afterwards, that even he could not have managed to create so luminous a light. It made him believe that the white pigeon must have been a messenger of a great spirit...

I read that story to my young daughter recently, while we were in the library.

On another note, in my dreams I live in higher dimension, where everything is transparent, like a gel. I am able to see through people, walls, etc., if only I could find the words to share my experiences. Hopefully 2003 will be the year others can finally see their dreams, the pictures in their heads, exactly as we do, on the screen. That was the kind of machine Nikola Tesla hoped to create, or might or possibly did. He allegedly never drew a blueprint for any of his inventions. He saw them in his mind already complete, to the point he could turn them at different angles watching them work. It is said that his inventions were always perfect. Never were there miscalculations nor changes needed.