Long ago and far away, in a land of magic, NostraSanta wrote a list of prophecies for the future of the children of planet Earth. When he was finished, he placed his predictions on a scroll to be found when the time was right.

In that age of magic, the children were able to manifest their own gifts, all that they needed. The poles froze along with the consciousness of the children. Santa and his wife moved 'above' the North Pole, to watch over the children of the Earth 'below' and help them keep their faith in him and in magic. The prophecies spoke of trying times ahead for the children, filled with pain and suffering for many. But the children knew that through the chaos and confusion there was love, the nurturing presence of spirit, and a time when all would return to peace and tranquility. Santa tries to help the children with gifts of love so they remember a time would come one day to move beyond that which brought them to a place of loss, where all would be found and the magic would continue. The children believe....and Santa returns each year help restore their faith.

The children decorate trees with lights to represent a new Tree of Life in which all is made of light and love. The children evolve into adults who, through their trials and tribulations still maintained their belief, sensing that one day a happy ending would come to all. The magic and innocence of childhood always remains in their hearts. The children grow old now and await the 'return of Santa' who has predicted that when he is seen, and they believe in their hearts that miracles can happen, his final prophecy will be fulfilled, and the souls, will be set free, released to the innocence they once knew in a land where all is in balance and magic is real. Santa's list of prophecies for the souls grows short.

The North Pole is melting and Santa must relocate as the ice thaws and we leave the frozen consciousness of third dimension. The poles will shift and merge in one instant in time, many of the souls remain here for just that experience one which allows us to return to the magic of the all-knowing. And on that day Santa will return and we will follow him into the Light of a new Star, his final prophecy fulfilled.

My Family, Christmas 2003