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Decision Day in New Hampshire

February 9, 2016    9:00 AM ET

A new poll says 23 percent of undeclared voters in the state are still open to changing their minds in today's primaries. 40 percent of eligible voters are undeclared and are allowed to vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary. The Code, Age of Aquarius, Pandora's Box

Entanglement for identical particles doesn't follow textbook rules

February 9, 2016    4:34 PM ET

In quantum entanglement, two particles are correlated in such a way that any action on one of them affects the other even when they are far apart. The traditional methods of measuring the degree of quantum entanglement were originally developed for nonidentical particles, such as between an electron and a proton, or two atoms of different types. Unfortunately, these methods do not work very well when applied to identical particles, such as two electrons or two helium atoms, since such particles are indistinguishable. Read More ...

Underground formations reveal wet past of Australia's Nullarbor Plain

February 9, 2016    5:10 PM ET

A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in Australia has found evidence that suggests that a desert region in Australia experienced a relatively short burst of wetter weather approximately five million years ago.

Their study of stalagmites and stalactites in caves in the area and why they believe what they found might give a hint of what the future holds for Australia.

Australia -- Deserts

Turning Off Niagara Falls Could Reveal Geological Secrets

February 9, 2016    10:45 AM ET

For the first time in nearly 50 years, officials are debating turning off the tap for part of Niagara Falls. Officials have proposed drying out two of the three waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls - American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls - so that workers can repair the aging pedestrian bridges that span the rapids along the river that feeds the falls. Horseshoe Falls is the third waterfall that makes up Niagara. The proposed "dewatering" would do more than provide the curious with a rare chance to see the landscape transformed. Waterfalls


February 9, 2016    10:03 AM ET

We know the seasons affect your moods - SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

A new study address is the effect of seasons on your cognitive skills

Researchers Find More Women Buried At Stonehenge Than Men

February 9, 2016    9:40 AM ET

Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of 14 women, believed to be of elite status, buried at the iconic prehistoric monument of Stonehenge. The remarkable discovery suggest a gender-equal society thousands of years ago. The archaeology now shows that as far as the burials go, women were as prominent there as men. This contrasts with the earlier burial mounds, where men seem to be more prominent. Stonehenge (Scroll Down)

The Science Behind Why You Get "Hangry"

February 9, 2016    9:20 AM ET

You know the feeling: You were in a rush out the door and skipped breakfast, or maybe you have a huge dinner planned so you're skimping on your usual afternoon snacks. Slowly but surely, your plain old hunger turns into a simmering grouchiness and you're officially "hangry." Nutrition Articles

Teaching is part of the human genome

February 8, 2016    6:33 PM ET

As an educator in one form or another all of my life I've always known that it's in my genetic make up to teach.

Current research has concluded that there is indeed a teaching component to the human genome.

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