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The Met Gala

May 5, 2015     9:14 AM ET

The theme of the 2015 Met Gala in NYC was "China: Through the Looking Glass".

Lots of amazing fashions and photos.

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May 4, 2015: Interstellar, Star Wars Day

May 5, 2015     10:03 AM ET

I finally got to watch the film :Interstellar" at home On Demand. I didn't see it in the theatre because it's 3 hours long and I knew it would move way too slowly. This is not a "save the planet" film - but about "save humanity" by relocation- moving souls to a sort of simulated environment until they find another planet (home). It reminds me of myths about the transition of humanity from Atlantis to Egypt as inserts changed in the hologram/illusion.

Two elements are involved - emotions and physical science. Let's thrown in some geometry on Star Wars Day and it was an interesting experience. What are people looking for? The same thing they always have ... who are we and what are we here? The journey continues ... Let the Force be with you ...

11 ... Read Between the Lines

May 5, 2015     9:30 AM ET

11 can show up in its various forms when someone is overcome by emotions, feels lost, or becomes indecisive. Here 11 is used by the brain as a conditioned grounding mechanism to balance the circuits to focus and function. People who experience in "zone 11" have the most interesting stories to tell about the number repeating for them everywhere. Read More ...

Out-of-Body Experience Is Traced in the Brain

May 5, 2015     5:43 PM ET

What happens in the brain when a person has an out-of-body experience? A team of scientists may now have an answer. In a new study, researchers using a brain scanner and some fancy camera work gave study participants the illusion that their bodies were located in a part of a room other than where they really were. Then, the researchers examined the participants' brain activity, to find out which brain regions were involved in the participants' perceptions about where their body was. Read More ...

What Everyone Needs To Know About Anxiety

May 5, 2015     11:40 AM ET

Anxiety disorder goes along with fear and panic.

It is a malfunction in the brain and should be addressed with medication and perhaps something organic.

It touches 18 percent of American adults and is one of the most common mental health issues in the world.

Each year we learn more about this and other disorders in the hope of curing mental illness.

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There's Nothing Wrong With Going To Therapy

May 1, 2015     6:30 PM ET

"Therapy" is often regarded as an unsavory word, viewed as an admission that someone's not totally together.

But here's the reality: There's absolutely nothing wrong with needing or wanting to get help.

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