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Will Brexit fix it?

June 24, 2016    9:22 AM ET

Do you remember the expression, "Your days are numbered"? It means everything we do is by design - an algorithm if you will - waiting to return to "0". Many people, places, and things, are running out of "time".

Brexit ... Today's major story is a global game changer and once again expresses the sentiments of people across the world who want change. Read More ...

Gay Pride Weekend in NYC

June 24, 2016    10:00 AM ET

Gay Pride Weekend comes to NYC with a parade on Sunday.

German producer and director Roland Emmerich is gay.

His new film Independence Day: Resurgence opened today.

Last year he directed Stonewall set in and around the 1969 Stonewall riots, the violent clash with police that kicked off the gay liberation movement in New York City.

In the Age of Technology ...

June 22, 2016    3:33 PM ET

A review of this week's episodes of "Mr. Robot dec0d3d" and the series finale of "Person of Interest" called "return 0".

Two series about humans vs. machines ... good and evil ... give us food for thought and greater understanding of the reality in which we live. Where is technology taking is? How does it influence us without our knowledge?

Both series are set in New York City

Both episodes are worth watching ...

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Ellie ... Tech Dreaming

June 21, 2016    12:12 PM ET

A lucid dream that looked like the pics on cell phone - showed me another way human consciousness focuses and the options we chose to experience in time.

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