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Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving opens the door to the Holiday Season as another year ends.

Many will reflect on how difficult 2017 has been at home and abroad. It's been a whiplash year of developments, enough to awaken even the most spiritual person about the fate of reality. That which has been abused and hidden is now coming to the surface. Along with that we find the predictable increase in all the things I've blogged about over the past two decades from climate change, to natural disasters, to imploding paradigms in the human condition and more.

Many American families will celebrate Thanksgiving in ways they never imagined one year ago as the human spirit presents with a different perspective on the flow of reality. If 2017 brought positive things to your life and to those you love and care about most, you are indeed fortunate. On the matter of enlightened human consciousness in 2017 - there were the usual healing and awakening events that go along with one's belief in their source of creation.

For those heading out to be with family and friends, travel safely and enjoy. Once again I'll be in New Jersey with my children, grandchildren, and extended family. It's been a positive year for us and we all appreciate it.

November 23, 2017


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