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Tuesday October 3, 2023

Gwen Stefani - Videos - Discography - Filmography

It's great to be back on The Voice.

More Birthdays and News

Nobel Prize in Medicine

Nobel Prize goes to scientists behind mRNA Covid vaccines

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded to a pair of scientists who developed the technology that led to the mRNA Covid vaccines. Professors Katalin Kariko and Drew Weissman will share the prize. The technology was experimental before the pandemic, but has now been given to millions of people around the world to protect them against serious Covid-19. The same mRNA technology is now being researched for other diseases, including cancer.

Health in the News

Health Index

Milk teas have become phenomenally popular in China and other parts of Asia in recent years

Researchers identify structure in circadian mRNA that affects the sleep-wake cycle

New Research Shows 'Jumping Genes' Could Be Key to Slowing Down Aging

Brain cells, interrupted: How some genes may cause autism, epilepsy and schizophrenia

Nobel Prize in Physics

Physics Nobel Prize rewards science on a 'tiny timescale'

This year's Nobel Prize in Physics rewards experiments with light that capture "the shortest of moments" and opened a window on the world of electrons. The award goes to Pierre Agostini, Ferenc Krausz and Anne L'Huillier. Their work demonstrated a way to create extremely short pulses of light that can be used to capture and study rapid processes inside atoms.

Physics in the News

Physics Index

Antimatter: We cracked how gravity affects it. What it means for our understanding of the universe

Chemistry in the News


Ancient architecture inspires a new way to work with metal-organic frameworks

New material discovery could revolutionize roll-out of global vaccinations

Late Night is Back

I just watched Stephen Colbert. To catch up on the humor we missed - he did a double monologue highlighting events as far back as June.

Favorite joke: On the matter of prosecutors accusing Robert Menendez, the top-ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, of taking bribes in exchange for helping protect Egypt's access to billions in U.S. - Colbert said it was a .... "Pyramid Scheme."

Colbert's guest was Neil DeGrasse Tyson who spoke about the uses and benefits of artificial intelligence - and also UFOs and extraterrestrials featuring that pic of the alleged mummified alien recently in the news. I didn't get the feeling he believed it was real, but he keeps an open mind and is very careful with his choice of words even though most of the time he's overly animated and distracting - or maybe that's how scientists, like magicians, spin a tale and get us wondering.

Space in the News

Astronomy Index

Wrinkles on Mercury's Surface Suggest The Planet Is Still Shrinking

Mission to Put a Radio Telescope on The Moon Planned to Launch in 2025

Scientists use Webb, SOFIA telescopes to observe metallic asteroid

Scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA) have used NASA's James Webb Space Telescope to make an astonishing discovery: free-floating objects the size of Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, in the Orion Nebula, the nearest star-forming region to Earth

Indian spacecraft heads towards center of solar system

Mysterious Dark Shadows Observed Across Orion Nebula

The world's largest radio telescope has scanned Barnard's star for extraterrestrial signals

Planet Earth and Climate Change

Planet Earth Index

We've Been Overlooking a Major Part of Climate Change, And It's Sending Warning Signs - Soil Heat

Scientists investigate Grand Canyon's ancient past to predict future climate impacts

Japan sees hottest September since records began

How the age of mammals could end

Confirmed: New Study Shows The Gulf Stream Is Definitely Weakening

Archaeology in the News


Pythagorean Theorem Found On Clay Tablet 1,000 Years Older Than Pythagoras

How are ancient Roman and Mayan buildings still standing? Scientists are unlocking their secrets

Stonehenge study upends a 100-year-old theory and suggests further discoveries to come

Paleontology in the News


Prehistoric Carvings Are So Accurate, Animals' Sex, Age, And Species Can Be Determined

The Continuing Adventures of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Jets vs. Chiefs - Exciting game - Celebrity audience

Great to see Aaron Rodgers on the mend.

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"Simulation Theory - Explaining Reality"

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