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In the News ... June 25, 2017   8:00 AM EDT

Trumps attend Steve Mnuchin's wedding, officiated by Mike Pence

Pakistan oil tanker inferno kills at least 140

German physicist and engineer ... one of the
founding fathers of rocketry and astronautics
"Space Travel will make available
every place where life is possible"

Other News, Birthdays, and Events

Truth and Consequences

June 24, 2017    8:00 AM EDT

Thanks to brilliant ongoing investigative reporting by the Washington Post and others, the truth is unraveling about Russia's interference in the 2016 US presidential election. As with all events in history, the matrix of conspiracies runs deep keeping experiencers, in a specific timeline, engaged. The current advancement of technology takes the conspiracy algorithm to a higher level. It is all evolving to a final ... Continue reading ...

Schroedinger's Cat

June 24, 2017

Another article about Schrodinger's cat ... You may recall that Schrodinger's cat followed me everywhere until I realized ... the cat is neither alive nor dead. It is just part of the algorithm of the illusion of reality. It's all a thought experiment set in time. "Thought", you may recall, takes us to Thoth, that cool Egyptian God and scribe who wrote this program ... and on and on in review.. How the quantum Zeno effect impacts Schroedinger's cat

Thinking Ahead 2017

June 23, 2017    9:30 AM EDT

Do you think ahead? Does the future seem clear to you or clouded in emotions? Continue reading ...


June 20, 2017    4:12 PM EDT

There are many things that affect memory. Events that are emotionally charged - both positive and negative - are the ones we remember the most. This could be because they altered our lives and are markers for experiences we came here to have.

An article posted today discusses, Memories that stick with us for a lifetime are those that fit in with a lot of other things we remember -- but have a slightly weird twist. It's this notion of 'peculiarity' that can help us understand what makes lasting memories. It's this notion of 'peculiarity' that can help us understand what makes lasting memories. The way to create a long-lasting memory is to form an association with other memories. Read More ...

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