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Monday July 6, 2015     9:30 AM EDT

Ellie's World Blogs
Trending Monday

  Women's World Cup: Carli Lloyd's hat-trick leads U.S. to third title   CNN - July 6, 2015

  Embattled Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis resigns   CNN - July 6, 2015

Greece debt crisis: Finance Minister Varoufakis resigns   BBC - July 6, 2015
Greece's outspoken finance minister has resigned, hours after voters backed his call to reject creditors' demands for more austerity in a referendum.

No basis now for new debt talks with Greece: Germany   AFP - July 6, 2015

  More than 1 million expected at pope's Mass in South America   - July 6, 2015

Calls for Australian constitution racist clauses to go   BBC - July 6, 2015
A senior Australian Indigenous leader has called for racist clauses in the nation's constitution to be changed. Pat Dodson said on Monday there was no point introducing constitutional recognition for Indigenous people unless those changes were made.

Grateful Dead, Trey Anastasio Bid Final Fare Thee Well at Third Chicago Show: Concert Review   Billboard - July 6, 2015
Grateful Dead

How the Human Body Is Affected by the Cosmic Environment   Epoch Times - July 6, 2015

Environmental variables, such as cosmic rays, solar activity, and electromagnetic waves in the Earth's atmosphere, may account for about 2-8 percent of heart rate variability. Cosmic rays have interested scientists for many different reasons. They come from all directions in space, and the origination of many of these cosmic rays is unknown. NASA's website explains Schumann resonances: There is a 'cavity' defined by the surface of the Earth and the inner edge of the ionosphere 55 kilometers [34 miles] up. ... The Schumann resonances are quasi standing wave electromagnetic waves that exist in this cavity. Like waves on a spring, they are not present all the time, but have to be excited to be observed. They are not caused by anything internal to the Earth, its crust or its core. They seem to be related to electrical activity in the atmosphere, particularly during times of intense lightning activity.

  Mammoth DNA Study Pinpoints Key Difference From Elephants   Epoch Times - July 6, 2015

A group of researchers might have successfully isolated what makes a mammoth so different from an elephant. The key was in resurrecting a mammoth gene. After all, mammoths were very similar to the modern elephant. The biggest difference - aside from all that hair - is that today's elephants tend to live in hot climates and the mammoths survived in the extreme cold.

2 Paranormal Cases That Convinced Prominent Skeptics   Epoch Times - July 6, 2015
Major reports of paranormal phenomena always stir up debate between those who believe the reports may be genuine and those who try to debunk them. On one end of the spectrum, some people seem to believe the reports no matter what evidence is brought against them. On the other end, some seem determined that paranormal phenomena do not exist and will find any reason possible to dismiss evidence. Many reasonable and curious people stand somewhere between these two extremes.

Amazon's New Prime Day July 15 Will Be a Massive 'Global Shopping Event'   TIME - July 6, 2015
Amazon is turning 20 next week, and to celebrate the online retail site is launching Prime Day, a global shopping extravaganza for Prime members. More deals than Black Friday.

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

July 6, 1946

George W. Bush

  George W. Bush Google Videos

George W. Bush was the 43rd President of the United States.

I opened new doors of opportunity for Americans
that will continue after my second term in office.

George W. Bush Quotes 1

George W. Bush Quotes 2

July 6, 1921

Nancy Reagan

  Nancy Reagan Google Videos

Nancy Reagan is the widow of former
US President Ronald Reagan. Filmography

Acting was good training for the political life that lay ahead of us.

Nancy Reagan Quotes 1

Nancy Reagan Quotes 2

July 6, 1935

14th Dalai Lama

  14th Dalai Lama Google Videos

Tenzin Gyatso is the 14th and current Dalai Lama.

There is an old Tibetan saying.
"Wherever you feel at home, you are at home.
If your surroundings are pleasant, you are at home."

14th Dalai Lama Quotes

July 6, 1946

Sylvester Stallone

  Sylvester Stallone Google Videos

Sylvester Stallone is an American actor, filmmaker,
screenwriter, director and painter. Filmography

Once in one's life, for one mortal moment,
one must make a grab for immortality; if not, one has not lived.

Sylvester Stallone Quotes 1

Sylvester Stallone Quotes 2

July 6, 1907 - July 13, 1954

Frida Kahlo

  Frida Kahlo Google Videos

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter who used vibrant colors in a style that was influenced by indigenous cultures of Mexico as well as by European influences that include Realism, Symbolism, and Surrealism. Many of her works are self-portraits that express her own pain symbolically and her sexuality. In 1929 Kahlo married the Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.

I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality.

Frida Kahlo Quotes