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October 31 - Halloween, Magic Day, Samhain

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October 23, 2014

Sun in Scorpio

Happy Birthday to the Scorpio Readers

Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Pluto.

New Moon Solar Eclipse 0° Scorpio

Diwali - Hindu Festival of Lights

October 21, 2014


  Orionids Google Videos

The Orionids are annual meteor showers located near the constellation Orion.

Monday October 20, 2014     6:30 PM ET

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  Ebola crisis: Nigeria declared free of virus   BBC - October 20, 2014

In Photos: Prehistoric Temple Uncovered in Ukraine   Live Science - October 20, 2014
The temple measures 60 by 20 meters (197 by 66 feet) and was made of wood and clay. Originally two stories tall it was surrounded by a galleried courtyard. The temple and settlement were burned down after they were abandoned. (Photo Credit: courtesy Nataliya Burdo and Mykhailo Videiko/Institute of Archaeology NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv.)

Comet Siding Spring skims past Mars   BBC - October 19, 2014

A recently discovered comet has whizzed past Mars, giving scientists a unique chance to study an object from the farthest reaches of the Solar System. The comet, known as Siding Spring, raced past Mars at 56km per second (125,000mph), missing it by 139,500 km. Rovers on the Martian surface and satellites were primed to catch the event on their cameras and instruments.

Giant Sphinx from 'Ten Commandments' Film Unearthed 91 Years Later   Live Science - October 20, 2014
Hidden for more than 90 years beneath the rolling sand dunes of Guadalupe, California, an enormous, plaster sphinx from the 1923 blockbuster movie"The Ten Commandments" has been rediscovered and is now above ground. The public will be able to see the sphinx on display as early as next year, once it has been reconstructed - a necessity since it became weather-beaten during its stint beneath the sand, said Doug Jenzen, the executive director of the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Center, who oversaw the recent excavation.

Parkinson's Drugs Linked to Sex and Gambling Addictions   Live Science - October 20, 2014
Pathological gambling, hypersexuality and compulsive shopping are some of the abnormal behaviors that are linked to the use of certain drugs commonly used to treat Parkinson's disease, according to a new study. The findings are important because they mean that doctors and patients should be wary of the drugs' side effects, according to the study authors. But they also give researchers a better understanding of how abnormal behaviors develop in general, and how such behaviors may be related to the brain receptor that is targeted by the drug, the authors said.

Mental rest and reflection boost learning, study suggests   PhysOrg - October 20, 2014
A new study, which may have implications for approaches to education, finds that brain mechanisms engaged when people allow their minds to rest and reflect on things they've learned before may boost later learning.

  Scientists track Internet usage as it pulses across the globe daily   PhysOrg - October 20, 2014
Researchers studying how big the Internet is have found that it "sleeps," almost like a living creature.

  Lynda Bellingham: Tributes paid after actress dies at 66 of cancer   BBC - October 20, 2014

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

October 20, 1967

A purported bigfoot is filmed.

Bigfoot and Other Ape Creatures   Crystalinks

  Bigfoot Google Videos

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Dr. Carl Sagan

Bigfoot Quotes

October 20, 1979

John Krasinski

  John Krasinski Google Videos

John Krasinski is an award winning American
actor, film director, and writer. Filmography

I never worry ... the answer always comes.

John Krasinski Quotes

October 20, 1977

Sam Witwer

  Sam Witwer Google Videos

Sam Witwer is an American actor and musician.

I enjoy being human.

Sam Witwer Quotes

October 20, 1980

Niall Matter

  Niall Matter Google Videos

Niall Matter is a Canadian actor. Filmography

Playing a genius on Eureka had endless possibilities. I learned a lot about time travel especially

when my romantic interest found herself back in 1947 - then returned - changing the timelines.

Niall Matter Quotes

October 20, 1956

Danny Boyle

  Danny Boyle Google Videos

Danny Boyle is an award winning English
filmmaker and producer. Filmography

I love huge movies. Not sure I am the guy to make them,
but you can rely on me being there watching them.

Danny Boyle Quotes

October 20, 1935 - December 28, 2004

Jerry Orbach

  Jerry Orbach Google Videos

Jerry Orbach was an award winning
American actor. Filmography

I like to work fast. It's a New York thing.

Jerry Orbach Quotes 1

Jerry Orbach Quotes 2

October 20, 1971

Snoop Dogg

  Snoop Dogg Google Videos

Cordozar Broadus aka Snoop Dogg, is an award
winning American rapper, record producer and actor.
Filmography -- Discography

Hip-hop is what makes the world go around.

Snoop Dogg Quotes 1

Snoop Dogg Quotes 2

Snoop Dogg Quotes 3