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JUNE 2023
Pride Month
June 8 - World Oceans Day
June 8-11 - CMA Music Festival
June 8-18 - Tribeca Festival
June 10 - Belmont Stakes
June 12 - Tony Awards
June 14 - US Flag Day
June 18 - New Moon 26° Gemini
June 18 - Father's Day
June 19 - Juneteenth
June 20 - World Refugee Day
June 21 - Sun in Cancer
June 21 - Summer Solstice
June 20-25 - Pride New York City
July 26-July 1 - Hajj

Reading with Ellie

Ellie's 2023 Archived Blogs

Thursday June 1, 2023     3:30 PM EDT

Ellie's World Blog Today
Debt Ceiling Deal and Other Political Events
The Birth of the White Bison
UFO Updates and the Algorithm of Creation
Ellie and Debbie TikTok Moments at 80
Ellie's Memorial Day Week of Events

Earth Has Got A New Quasi-Moon


2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season More Unpredictable Than Usual, As New Outlook Shows

There Are 8 Boundaries For a Safe Planet. To Be Fair, Earth Would Fail 7 of Them.


Most of Us Carry a Virus Few Have Heard of. Here's Why It's Important.

Our Brains Can Recognize Powerful People At Lightning Speed


Adorable White Bison Calf Born In Bear River State Park


Hidden tunnel and rooms unearthed under 1,500-year-old church in Istanbul

Jewelry Fit For A Pharaoh Reveals Previously Unknown Ancient International Trade Routes


House passes debt limit deal as lawmakers race to avert default

IA break-glass option, gumbo and a bike ride: How the debt ceiling deal got done

Jordan’s royal wedding day gets underway with surprise arrival of Britain’s William and Kate

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

June 1, 1937

Morgan Freeman - Videos - Filmography

Learn how to be still, to really be still and let life happen
until that stillness becomes a radiance.

June 1, 1973

Heidi Klum - Video - Filmography

Not everything is black and white.

June 1, 1977

Sarah Wayne Callies - Videos - Filmography

It's time to get fit and live life.

June 1, 1969

Teri Polo - Videos - Filmography

I love Yoga and physical fitness.

June 1, 1956

Lisa Hartman Black - Videos - Filmography

There has to be magic in everything you do.
That's what makes it exciting.
There has to be some intrigue and mystery.
I like things that are mysterious.

June 1, 1974

Alanis Morissette - Videos - Discography - Filmography

At one point, I was just perceived as only being angry, but
now I'm being perceived as angry, peaceful, and spiritual.

Wednesday May 31, 2023     7:00 PM EDT

Private flight with 2 Saudi astronauts returns from space station with Gulf of Mexico splashdown

High winds halt Spanish rocket launch

NASA Had a Plan For Rescuing Space Shuttle Astronauts Using a Big Fabric Ball


UFOs: Five revelations from Nasa's public meeting


World's First X-Ray of a Single Atom Reveals Chemistry on The Smallest Level


Signs of a Critical Imbalance in Physics Seen in The Arrangements of Galaxies

How the humble neutron can help solve some of the universe's deepest mysteries


Heatwave prompts Hanoi to reduce street lights as power cuts loom

The oldest tree in the world (and the 7 runner-ups)


Musk's Neuralink Is Now Approved For Human Trials. Here's Why It Took So Long.

This Woman Feels No Pain. Decoding Her DNA Could Bring Relief to Millions

Wirelessly powered 'smart bandage' could provide drug-free wound care

Could low iron be making mental health symptoms worse?


Unique 'bawdy bard' act discovered, revealing 15th-century roots of British comedy


153,000-year-old footprints from South Africa are the oldest Homo sapiens tracks on record

The Strange Walk of This Extinct Marsupial Giant Was Perfect For Roaming

Megalodon (prehistoric shark) tooth necklace spotted in digital scan of Titanic wreck


EXCLUSIVE: Trump captured on tape talking about classified document he kept after leaving the White House

The latest on the US debt ceiling deal

Christie to announce 2024 bid next Tuesday in New Hampshire

Pence to announce 2024 presidential campaign on June 7

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

May 31, 1930

Clint Eastwood - Videos - Filmography

Respect your efforts, respect yourself.
Self-respect leads to self-discipline.
When you have both firmly under your belt, that's real power.

May 31, 1977

Eric Christian Olsen - Videos - Filmography

A Farewell to 'NCIS: LA': Eric Christian Olsen Looks Back on Deeks' Journey

May 31, 1976

Colin Farrell - Videos - Filmography

I dare not think too far into the future on the risk that I'll miss the present.

May 31, 1972

Archie Panjabi - Videos - Filmography

Wearing a hat can change your personality for the day.

May 31, 1961

Lea Thompson - Videos - Filmography

I definitely gravitate toward people who use
laughter to pull themselves out of the abyss.

May 31, 1949

Tom Berenger - Videos - Filmography

Inception - Reality is a dream.

Can you tell what is real and what is illusion?

May 31, 1943

Sharon Gless - Videos - Filmography

Knowledge is a portal to move back and forth between realities.

May 31, 1965

Brooke Shields Model, Actress - Videos - Filmography

There are emotions that overwhelm us such as depression.
Part of the journey is to figure out how work around them.

May 31, 1819 - March 26, 1892

Walt Whitman Poet, Journalist, Essayist - Videos

I exist as I am, that is enough.

Walt Whitman Quotes 1

Walt Whitman Quotes 2

Tuesday May 30, 2023     8:00 PM EDT

'Evil Eye' Galaxy: The Sinister Glare Can Finally Be Explained

Software offers new way to listen for signals from the stars


The "Impossible" Rocks Found On Top Of A Volcanic Island

Antarctic Dry Valleys haven't always been dry, study suggests

Earthquakes can change the course of rivers - with devastating results. We may now be able to predict these threats

Hag Stones: Holey Rocks With A Magical History

Rocks beneath Antarctic Ice Sheet reveal surprising past


Black Death Pathogen Lurked in Britain Millennia Before Plague Struck

ChatGPT Scored Higher on a Medical Quiz Than a Real Human Doctor


Archeologists Map Hidden Landscape Where The First Australians Emerged

Australia's Oldest Pterosaur Bones Prove They Soared Below The Antarctic Circle

Shell beads discovery sheds light on Stone Age seafaring

Archeologists Map Hidden Landscape Where The First Australians Emerged

Egypt unveils recently discovered ancient workshops, tombs in Saqqara necropolis

- Two of Gisele Bundchen's exes walk onto a yacht ...

Succession Series Finale Director Mark Mylod Peels Back the Layers of Unbearably Tragic Ending

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

May 30, 1971

Idina Menzel - Videos - Discography - Filmography

I was proud to be in a musical that celebrates women,
that celebrates their strengths and their differences.

May 30, 1964

Wynonna Judd - Videos - Discography

My story of success and failure is not just about music and being famous.
It's about living and loving and trying to find purpose in this crazy world.

May 30, 1969

Trey Parker - Videos - Filmography

It's important to create the right brand for yourself and your work.

May 30, 1909 - August 20, 1997

Norris Bradbury - Director of Los Alamos National Laboratory (1945 - 1970),
succeeding J. Robert Oppenheimer-worked together on the Manhattan Project .
Somewhere in all of this is a UFO connection linked to Los Alamos National
Lab in NM, the Roswell NM crash in 1947, reverse engineering, and more.

From start to finish, those of us involved in the
Manhattan Project would never be the same.

President John F. Kennedy's visit to the Lab on Dec. 7, 1962

May 30, 1953

Colm Meaney - Videos - Filmography

Did experiments conducted during World War II results in time travel?

May 30, 1846 - September 24, 1920

Peter Carl Faberge Faberge Eggs - Videos

Some Faberge eggs held hidden compartments containing encoded messages.

Monday May 29, 2023     7:00 PM EDT

Meet "Vacuum Decay" - The Most Spectacular End To The Universe

Why There Is No Center Of The Universe


A refined hunt for the extremely rare transformation of the Higgs boson has delivered results, providing the first evidence of a process that could hint at unknown particles.

Why You Can't Use A Drinking Straw In Space


Glaciers Are Not Devoid of Life. Tons of Microbes Hide Within The Ice.


Clock-watching makes Insomnia Worse psychologists warn

What Percentage Of The Human Brain Do We Use?

Long COVID's 200 Symptoms Have Been Narrowed Down To Just 12


2,700-year-old petroglyphs depicting people, ships and animals discovered in Sweden

Neanderthals Dabbled In Chemistry, Ancient Glue Reveals

Making Flint Tools Came With Risk Of Life-Threatening Injuries For Ancient Humans


- James Cameron Working on New Terminator Movie, Wants to See How AI Affects the Real World

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

May 29, 2023

Memorial Day is the last Monday of May. It honors
those who died in military service to their country.

May 29, 1736 - June 6, 1799

Patrick Henry Prominent figure American Revolution - Videos

United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which will destroy that union upon which our existence hangs. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death.

May 29, 1917 - November 22, 1963

John F. Kennedy 35th President of the U.S. - Videos

If freedom is to survive and prosper, it will require the sacrifice,
the effort and the thoughtful attention of every citizen.

I met Bob Hope in 1963 when I was on my honeymoon at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach Florida. We only spoke for a moment in the lobby but he smiled and told me he was going to live to 100. I was never sure why he said that but he was correct. He died two months after his 100th birthday.

May 29, 1903 - July 27, 2003

Bob Hope - Videos - Filmography

The USO were amazing audiences with their
courage and their love of humor and camaraderie

Manhattanhenge - the setting sun is aligned with the east-west
streets of the main street grid of Manhattan in New York City.

May 29th at 8:13 p.m. EDT (half sun)

May 30th at 8:12 p.m. EDT (full sun)

May 29, 1975

David Burtka - Videos - Actor and chef - Married to Neil Patrick Harris.

My children, Harper and Gideon, are my favorite gifts.

May 29, 1961

Melissa Etheridge - Videos - Discography

Don't let anyone tell you that you have to be a certain way.
Be unique. Be what you feel.

May 29, 1959

Adrian Paul - Videos - Filmography

In the end, there can be only one.

Adrian Paul as The Highlander

May 29, 1939 - December 9, 2021

Al Unser Former auto racing driver - Videos

Winning in my business is everything.

May 29, 1982

Anita Briem Icelandic actress - Videos - Filmography

I always look forward to going home and the beauty it all.