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September 24, 2014

New Moon 1° Libra

Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year

September 22/23, 2014

Autumnal Equinox Mabon Celebrations, Photos

Sun is 00° Libra

Happy birthday to the readers born in Libra.

Libra is a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus.

Sunday September 21, 2014     9:30 AM ET

Ellie's World Blogs
Empty Nest Syndrome - September 2014
Self-Help Articles for September 2014

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

September 21, 2013

International Day of Peace

UN International Day of Peace Vigil

September 21, 1983

Maggie Grace

  Maggie Grace Google Videos

Maggie Grace is an award winning
American actress. Filmography

I trip over my legs all the time. I'll wave to somebody, look up, and end up eating pavement.

Maggie Grace Quotes

Maggie Grace Quotes

September 21, 1981

Nicole Richie

  Nicole Richie Google Videos

Nicole Richie is an award winning American
socialite and TV personality. Filmography

I believe that fashion is the ultimate form of self expression.

Nicole Richie Quotes 1

Nicole Richie Quotes 2

Nicole Richie Quotes 3

September 21, 1967

Faith Hill

  Faith Hill Google Videos

Faith Hill is an award winning American country
singer married to Tim McGraw. Discography

Country music is the people's music.

It just speaks about real life and about truth

and it tells things the way they really are.

Faith Hill Quotes 1

Faith Hill Quotes 2

September 21, 1990

Christian Serratos

  Christian Serratos Google Videos

Christian Serratos is an award
winning American actress. Filmography

There's nothing like the element of surprise.

Christian Serratos Quotes

September 21, 1866 - August 13, 1946

H. G. Wells

  H. G. Wells Google Videos

H. G. Wells Prophecies

H. G. Wells, was an English science fiction writer most famous for
The Time Machine, 'The War of the Worlds', 'The Invisible Man'... Bibliography

The past is but the beginning of a beginning,

and all that is, or has been, is but the twilight of the dawn.

H. G. Wells Quotes 1

H. G. Wells Quotes 2

H. G. Wells Quotes 3

September 21, 1945

Jerry Bruckheimer

  Jerry Bruckheimer Google Videos

Jerry Bruckheimer is an award winning American
film and television producer. Filmography

Special effects bring new dimensions to the streaming consciousness of film and reality.

Jerry Bruckheimer Quotes 1

Jerry Bruckheimer Quotes 2

Jerry Bruckheimer Quotes 3

September 21, 1947

Stephen King

  Stephen King Google Videos

Stephen King is an award winning American author of
horror, suspense, science fiction and fantasy fiction.

Time is a keyhole.

We sometimes bend and peer through it. And the wind we feel on our cheeks when we do.
The wind that blows through the keyhole - is the breath of all the living universe.

Stephen King Quotes 1

Stephen King Quotes 2

Stephen King Quotes 3

September 21, 1931 - November 23, 2012

Larry Hagman

  Larry Hagman Google Videos

Larry Hagman was an award winning American
actor, producer and director. Filmography

Once you get rid of integrity, the rest is a piece of cake.

Larry Hagman Quotes 1

Larry Hagman Quotes 2

September 21, 1950

Bill Murray

  Bill Murray Google Videos

Bill Murray is an award winning
American actor and comedian. Filmography

I don't want to be that guy mumbling into his drink at a bar.

Bill Murray Quotes 1

Bill Murray Quotes 2

Bill Murray Quotes 3

Saturday September 20, 2014     7:00 PM ET

  Ebola crisis: Sierra Leone begins three-day lockdown   BBC - September 20, 2014
A three-day curfew is under way in Sierra Leone to let health workers find and isolate cases of Ebola, in order to halt the spread of the disease.

  Americans Trapped in Cabo After Odile Describe Desperation, Danger   NBC - September 20, 2014
Hurricane Odile mangled Mexico's Los Cabos resort five days ago, and in its wake left a wasteland: Waterlogged hotels, scarce resources and tourists -including hundreds of Americans - desperate for any scrap of reliable information and the fastest flight home.

California Wildfires: King Fire Hit With Record Amount of Fire Retardant   CNN - September 20, 2014
More than 203,000 gallons of retardant were dropped in a single day as the blaze raged, according to fire spokeswoman Lynne Tolmachoff. Retardant - a water-and-fertilizer mix colored with red dye - are used as an initial attack tool on wildfires to buy time for crews to get to the scene and dig fire lines.

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

September 20 - October 6, 2014


Oktoberfest    Google News

September 20, 1956

Gary Cole

  Gary Cole Google Videos

Gary Cole is an American film
and television actor. Filmography

There is no handbook about how far a career is going to go.

Gary Cole Quotes 1

Gary Cole Quotes 2

September 20, 1975

Moon Bloodgood

  Moon Bloodgood Google Videos

Moon Bloodgood is an American
actress and model. Filmography

Moon is my middle name. My mom thought the moon was beautiful and in her village
they didn't have electricity so the moon guided her home. I know it sounds far-fetched.

Moon Bloodgood Quotes

September 20, 1986

Aldis Hodge

  Aldis Hodge Google Videos

Aldis Hodge is an award winning
American actor. Filmography

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Aldis Hodge

September 20, 1929

Anne Meara

  Anne Meara Google Videos

Anne Meara is an American actress and comedian. She and Jerry Stiller were
a prominent 1960s comedy team, appearing as Stiller and Meara, and are
the parents of actor Ben Stiller and actress Amy Stiller. Filmography

It's important to listen. Most people just want to know that they are heard.

Anne Meara

September 20, 1934

Sophia Loren

  Sophia Loren Google Videos

Sophia Loren is an award winning
Italian actress. Filmography

There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the
creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love.
When you learn to tap this source, you will have truly defeated age.

It's better to explore life and make mistakes than to play it safe.
Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.

Sophia Loren Quotes 1

Sophia Loren Quotes 2

Sophia Loren Quotes 3

September 20, 1928 - May 13, 2013

Joyce Brothers

  Joyce Brothers Google Videos

Dr. Joyce Brothers was a psychologist and advice columnist,
publishing a daily syndicated newspaper column since 1960.

Love comes when manipulation stops; when you think more
about the other person than about his or her reactions to you.
When you dare to reveal yourself fully. When you dare to be vulnerable.

Joyce Brothers Quotes 1

Joyce Brothers Quotes 2

Joyce Brothers Quotes 3

September 20, 1878 - November 25, 1968

Upton Sinclair

  Upton Sinclair

Upton Sinclair was a prolific American author of 90 books in many
genres and was widely considered to be one of the best investigators
advocating socialist views and supporting anarchist causes.

It is difficult to get a man to understand something
when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.

Upton Sinclair Quotes 1

Upton Sinclair Quotes 2

Upton Sinclair Quotes 3

September 20, 1873 - February 21, 1944

Ferenc Szisz

Ferenc Szisz was an Hungarian born French race car driver and the winner
of the first Grand Prix motor racing event on a Renault Grand Prix 90CV 1906.

The Story of the Grand Prix

Stumbling through darkness and racing through light,

we have persisted in the creation of civilization.

Ferenc Szisz

Friday September 19, 2014     8:23 PM ET

Alibaba shares surge in their NY stock market debut   BBC - September 19, 2014
Alibaba's shares closed significantly above their initial price on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on Friday, a sign of the excitement surrounding the Chinese internet giant. Shares in the company made their debut in the US at $92.70 (£57), after being priced at $68 late on Thursday. They ended the $93.89 - 38% above the initial asking price. More than 100 million shares were traded in the minutes after the stock was launched - more than Twitter. Earlier in the day, founder and chairman Jack Ma rang the opening bell. The NYSE was festooned with the orange and white logos of the company to herald its arrival on public markets. The company raised nearly $21.8bn in its share sale, indicating strong investor appetite for China's e-commerce giant. Alibaba is now valued at $231.4bn - making it significantly larger than Amazon and Facebook.

Public Records - Now Online   Yahoo - September 19, 2014
An innovative new website Instant Checkmate is now revealing the full scoop on millions of Americans. Instant Checkmate aggregates hundreds of millions of publicly available criminal, traffic, and arrest records and posts them online so they can easily be searched by anyone. Members of the site can literally begin searching within seconds, and are able to check as many records as they like (think: friends, family, doctors, teachers, neighbors, etc. etc.). Previously, if you wanted to research someone’s arrest records, you might have had to actually go in to a county court office - in the appropriate county—and formally request information on an individual. This process may have taken days or weeks, or the information might not have been available at all. With websites like Instant Checkmate, however, a background check takes just a few clicks of the mouse, and no more than a minute or two.

Arson arrest made as 10 wildfires scorch California; state emergency declared   CNN - September 19, 2014
Wayne Allen Huntsman, 37, faces one felony count of arson with a special allegation of a firefighter, peace officer or other emergency personnel having suffered great bodily injury in the so-called King Fire in northern California, according to the criminal complaint.

  Scotland votes 'no' to independence in historic referendum   CNN - September 19, 2014
Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom -- along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland -- following a historic referendum vote.

New Zealand votes in 'dirtiest' poll   BBC - September 19, 2014
Until very recently Prime Minister John Key looked set to easily win a third term. But in recent weeks he has been forced to defend his National Party against allegations of dirty politics and planning mass domestic surveillance.

Tornado Season Peaking Earlier Than Ever   Live Science - September 19, 2014
he busiest part of tornado season is happening up to two weeks earlier than it did 55 years ago, finds a new study on Tornado Alley, located in the heart of the central and southern U.S. Great Plains. Tornado Alley is known for its destructive tornadoes, the strongest of which touch down between early May and early July every year. Tornado reports from Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and northern Texas show that peak tornado activity moved about seven days earlier from 1954 to 2009. When the researchers analyzed tornadoes on a state-by-state basis, they found that some states experienced peak tornado season an average of 14 days sooner in 2009 compared with 1954.

  Passengers cry and pray as smoke-filled plane rattles to emergency landing   CNN - September 19, 2014
Many wept. Some prayed. But after their smoke-filled plane rattled to an emergency landing, passengers had a new lease on life, as they exited a JetBlue flight Thursday via inflatable chutes.

MAVEN spacecraft close to entering Mars orbit -- and it won't be alone   CNN - September 19, 2014
A new NASA spacecraft called MAVEN, short for Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution, will help scientists figure out what happened to the red planet's atmosphere. It's elliptical orbit will allow it to pass through and sample the entire upper atmosphere of Mars. This drawing shows Maven orbiting Mars.

  President Obama is Sen. Ted Cruz's cousin! Really!   CNN - September 19, 2014
Not knowing exactly where my ancestors come from has always bothered me. I know my grandparents were born in the United States and believe my great-grandparents were too, but beyond that my family tree is pretty bare. Adding some leaves and figuring out my family's origins have been on my life "to do" list for a few decades now and while I still need to do the work, I'm heartened to learn a little bit more about the cousins I never knew I had. You see, I'm related to President Barack Obama, Albert Einstein, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and even my fellow CNN colleague Chris Cuomo, co-host of "New Day."

'Artificial retina' could detect sub-atomic particles   BBC - September 19, 2014
The human eye has inspired physicists to create a processor that can analyze sub-atomic particle collisions 400 times faster than currently possible. In these collisions, protons - ordinary matter - are smashed together at close to light speeds. These powerful smash-ups could yield new particles and help scientists understand matter's mirror, antimatter. The experimental processor could speed up the analysis of data from the collisions.

No sedative necessary: Scientists discover new 'sleep node' in the brain   Science Daily - September 19, 2014
A sleep-promoting circuit located deep in the primitive brainstem has revealed how we fall into deep sleep. This is only the second 'sleep node' identified in the mammalian brain whose activity appears to be both necessary and sufficient to produce deep sleep. Tthe study demonstrates that fully half of all of the brain's sleep-promoting activity originates from the parafacial zone (PZ) in the brainstem. The brainstem is a primordial part of the brain that regulates basic functions necessary for survival, such as breathing, blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature.

Study shows inconsistent dosages of widely used eye disease drug   PhysOrg - September 19, 2014

New insights into eyewitness memory from groundbreaking replication initiative   PhysOrg - September 19, 2014
An innovative research replication initiative has generated results that have important implications for eyewitness memory. The project confirms earlier findings that asking witnesses to provide a verbal description of a suspect can impair their ability to select that suspect from a lineup - the so-called "verbal overshadowing" effect.

What You Need to Know About Testosterone   Live Science - September 19, 2014
Testosterone is blamed for violence in males, implicated in sport scandals, linked to sexual prowess, desired by gym devotees, and promoted as a tonic for ageing. But how many of us really understand what testosterone is, what it does, and why it’s important? Testosterone levels are about ten times higher in men than women. While it does have important functions in women, its role is quite different so this article will focus on testosterone in men.

Human sense of fairness evolved to favor long-term cooperation, primate study suggests   Science Daily - September 19, 2014
The human response to unfairness evolved in order to support long-term cooperation, according to a new research. Fairness is a social ideal that cannot be measured, so to understand the evolution of fairness in humans scientists have studied the behavioral responses to equal versus unequal reward division in other primates.

Scientists discover 'dimmer switch' for mood disorders   Science Daily - September 19, 2014
Researchers have identified a control mechanism for an area of the brain that processes sensory and emotive information that humans experience as "disappointment." The discovery may provide be a neurochemical antidote for feeling let-down. Researchers at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have identified a control mechanism for an area of the brain that processes sensory and emotive information that humans experience as "disappointment." The idea that some people see the world as a glass half empty has a chemical basis in the brain.

Single dose of antidepressant changes the brain   PhysOrg - September 18, 2014
A single dose of antidepressant is enough to produce dramatic changes in the functional architecture of the human brain. Brain scans taken of people before and after an acute dose of a commonly prescribed SSRI (serotonin reuptake inhibitor) reveal changes in connectivity within three hours. While SSRIs are among the most widely studied and prescribed form of antidepressants worldwide, it's still not entirely clear how they work. The drugs are believed to change brain connectivity in important ways, but those effects had generally been thought to take place over a period of weeks, not hours.

Antidepressant Effects Are More Rapid, Dramatic Than Thought   Live Science - September 19, 2014
A single dose of a commonly prescribed antidepressant drug quickly and dramatically changes how "in sync" different parts of the brain are, new research suggests.

Prize for 480 New Varieties of Wheat   Live Science - September 19, 2014
Improving wheat is a major challenge for agricultural scientists. The world’s population continues to grow – and so does its appetite. Sanjaya Rajaram, winner of the 2014 World Food Prize, used an innovative breeding technique to develop 480 new wheat varieties. Rajaram’s varieties are high-yielding yet resistant to diseases and stresses, which allows them to thrive in a range of environments. Across the world, scientists are currently exploring a range of strategies to increase wheat yield.

Slippery banana study wins Ig Nobel   BBC - September 19, 2014
Research that investigated why bananas are slippery when you step on them has won one of this year's Ig Nobel prizes. The spoof awards that have become almost as famous as the real Nobel prizes were handed out at their annual ceremony at Harvard University, US.

'Lost chapel' skeletons found holding hands after 700 years   PhysOrg - September 19, 2014
Some relationships last a lifetime - and University of Leicester archaeologists have discovered that they can last even longer after unearthing two skeletons at a lost chapel in Leicestershire that have been holding hands for 700 years. The happy couple refused to be parted by death.

Ancient Monastery with 'Industrial-Scale' Winepress Discovered   Live Science - September 19, 2014
An ancient compound decorated with earth-toned mosaics may have once housed Byzantine-era monks as they pressed wine and oil for their livelihood. Archaeologists from the Israeli Antiquities Authority reported that they had uncovered the ancient compound in recent weeks. The archaeological team found the compound in Ramat Bet Shemesh, about 19 miles (30 kilometers) west of Jerusalem. Surprisingly, the team's initial search didn't require any digging: While surveying the hills south of Bet Shemesh, the researchers discovered cisterns, a cave opening and the tops of several walls in plain sight. These clues led to a large archaeological excavation that revealed the affluent lives of people who lived at the site before the seventh century C.E. during the Byzantine period, which lasted from 330 to 1453. The excavation unearthed a sizable, yet organized compound with a sturdy outer wall. Its inhabitants had divided the indoor area into two regions: an industrial room and a living space. The team also found a large, well-persevered press that would have been used to make oil in the industrial room.

Ig Nobel Prizes 2014: Jesus Toast, Dog Poop and Raucous Science   Live Science - September 19, 2014
The brilliant minds behind research studies about how Earth's magnetic field affects pooping dogs and why people see Jesus in toast were honored Sept. 18 during one of the most purposefully ridiculous ceremonies in all of science: the Ig Nobel Prizes. Each year, the Ig Nobel Prizes (a parody of the somewhat more famous Nobel Prizes) are awarded to scientists whose research "makes people laugh and then think." Improbable Research, the organization that awards the prizes, runs the annual ceremony here at Harvard University's Sanders Theater. And what a ceremony it was. Two "human sparkplugs" dressed in little more than silver body paint were welcomed on stage to usher speakers to the microphone, and paper airplanes flew through the theater on more than one occasion. But the food-themed night was truly about honoring science and the scientists who do it.

Pharaoh-Branded Amulet Found at Ancient Copper Mine in Jordan   Live Science - September 19, 2014
While exploring ancient copper factories in southern Jordan, a team of archaeologists picked up an Egyptian amulet that bears the name of the powerful pharaoh Sheshonq I. The tiny artifact could attest to the fabled military campaign that Sheshonq I waged in the region nearly 3,000 years ago, researchers say. The scarab (called that because it's shaped like a scarab beetle) was found at the copper-producing site of Khirbat Hamra Ifdan in the Faynan district, some 31 miles (50 kilometers) south of the Dead Sea. The site, which was discovered during excavations in 2002, was home to intense metal production during the Early Bronze Age, between about 3000 B.C. and 2000 B.C. But there is also evidence of more recent smelting activities at Khirbat Hamra Ifdan during the Iron Age, from about 1000 B.C. to 900 B.C.

From gangsta rapper to Islamist militant   Yahoo - September 19, 2014
As war in Syria and Iraq attracts a growing number of Muslim extremists from Europe, intelligence officials in Germany believe a former gangsta rapper has joined the inner circle of Islamists fighting there. Denis Cuspert was once a modestly successful member of Germany's hip-hop scene going by the stage name Deso Dogg. Now he calls himself Abu Talha the German and is a top propagandist for the so-called Islamic State (IS) caliphate, which is blamed for several wartime atrocities.

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

September 19 in UFO History

Three Famous Multiple Witness UFO Cases With Videos

1952 - Operation Mainbrace

1961 - Betty and Barney Hill Abduction

1976 - Tehran UFO Incident

September 19, 1991

Otzi the Iceman is discovered.

  Otzi the Iceman Google Videos

You never really know your friends from your enemies until the ice breaks.

September 19, 1974

Jimmy Fallon

  Jimmy Fallon Google Videos

Jimmy Fallon is an award winning American comedian,
actor, musician, and talk show host. Filmography

Saying thank you has a positive 'note' about it.

Jimmy Fallon Quotes 1

Jimmy Fallon Quotes 2

Jimmy Fallon Quotes 3

September 19, 1976

Alison Sweeney

  Alison Sweeney Google Videos

Alison Sweeney is an award winning American
actress and reality show host. Filmography

'The Biggest Loser': Alison Sweeney Reveals Her Secret Weight Loss Tip   Hollywood Life - September 10, 2014

After 21 years, I'm Leaving "Days of Our Lives" to spend time with my children.

Alison Sweeney Quotes 1

Alison Sweeney Quotes 2

Allison Sweeney will return to Salem taking a turn in the director's chair,
though it is unclear for how many episodes and when they will air.

September 19, 1987

Danielle Panabaker

  Danielle Panabaker Google Videos

Danielle Panabaker is an award
winning American actress. Filmography

I give each character whatever emotions are needed.

Danielle Panabaker Quotes

September 19, 1948

Jeremy Irons

  Jeremy Irons Google Videos

Jeremy Irons is an award
winning English actor. Filmography

"The Mission" was an exercise in anachronistic folly, a film with all
the right intentions but all the wrong methods in transmitting them.

Falseness through the looking glass; the truth is yet to be seen.
Your Mission is to find out the truth about reality; it is all illusion.

We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories.
Some take us forward, they're called dreams.

Jeremy Irons The Time Machine

Jeremy Irons Quotes 1

Jeremy Irons Quotes 2

Jeremy Irons Quotes 3

Thursday September 18, 2014     5:30 PM ET

  Polls close as Scotland's voters make their choice in independence referendum   CNN - September 18, 2014
Voters in Scotland made their choice Thursday -- remain part of the United Kingdom, or form their own independent nation.

  Selfie-taking doc started throat biopsy on Joan Rivers, says source   CNN - September 18, 2014
The doctor who began a biopsy on Joan Rivers' vocal cords before she suffered cardiac arrest last month has been identified by clinic staffers as Dr. Gwen Korovin, a source close to the death investigation said.

First eyewitness accounts of mystery volcanic eruption   PhysOrg - September 18, 2014
New light has been shed on one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in the last 500 years - the so-called 'Unknown eruption' - thanks to an unusual collaboration between a historian and a team of earth scientists at the University of Bristol, UK. This eruption occurred just before the 1815 Tambora volcanic eruption which is famous for its impact on climate worldwide.

California wildfire doubles in size overnight   BBC - September 18, 2014

  State of emergency declared for Northern California counties hit by fires   CNN - September 18, 2014
California's Governor has declared a state of emergency in two counties in the north of the state where wildfires have torched tens of thousands of acres, destroying some homes and threatening others.

  Australian police move against pending terror attack   CNN - September 18, 2014
Australian authorities disrupted what they described as a pending attack "on a member of the public," part of a sweeping counterterrorism operation on Thursday that came just days after the country raised its terror alert level to high.

Tourists Trapped by Hurricane Odile Flown to Tijuana   NBC - September 18, 2014
Some 30,000 tourists -- about 26,000 from outside the country - are trying to escape the aftermath of one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever strike Baja California, according to NBC News.

The Great Debate over whether the universe is small or large   PhysOrg - September 18, 2014
The visible universe is vast. It is 93 billion light years across, and contains more than 100 billion galaxies. The average galaxy contains about 100 billion stars, and untold numbers of planets. Yet a century ago there was serious doubt among many astronomers that the universe was much more than 100,000 light years across. Arguments about whether the universe was small or large became known as the Great Debate.

Europeans drawn from three ancient 'tribes'   BBC - September 18, 2014
The modern European gene pool was formed when three ancient populations mixed within the last 7,000 years. Blue-eyed, swarthy hunters mingled with brown-eyed, pale skinned farmers as the latter swept into Europe from the Near East. But another, mysterious population with Siberian affinities also contributed to the genetic landscape of the continent. The findings are based on analysis of genomes from nine ancient Europeans. Agriculture originated in the Near East - in modern Syria, Iraq and Israel - before expanding into Europe around 7,500 years ago.

s Rock 'Hashtag' Really Neanderthal Art?   Live Science - September 18, 2014
There has been much excitement over recent reports that something found in a cave in Gibraltar is the first known example of Neanderthal art. But what exactly has been found, can it be believed and, if so, why is it important? The creation of any form of cave art has traditionally been attributed to the arrival of early modern humans. So any claim that Neanderthals had the cognitive ability to also scratch out some art certainly deserves further investigation.

Long-Lost Roman Fort Discovered in Germany   Live Science - September 18, 2014
Archaeologists have discovered the remains of a 1,900-year-old Roman fort that once quartered 500 troops in what is today Germany. The fort was found in the town of Gernsheim, which sits along the Rhine River in the German state of Hesse. Researchers knew the area was the site of a village during the first to third centuries, but otherwise, the region's history during the Roman occupation is largely unknown, dig leaderThomas Maurer, an archaeologist at the University of Frankfurt, said in a statement.

Can Cycling Crimp Sex for Men?   Live Science - September 18, 2014
With the quiet explosion in popularity of recreational bicycling in the United States, it's natural that men would wonder about the potential health effects of spending serious time on a bike. Men, research shows, account for almost all the growth in the pastime in the last three decades. A recent study both silences some of the most prevalent fears, which center on sexual dysfunction and infertility, and raises the specter of another. It suggests that prolonged cycling may be linked to higher risks of prostate cancer in men over age 50.

Tiny Implants Could Give Humans Self-Healing Superpowers   Live Science - September 18, 2014
Wolverine, Ghost Rider, the Incredible Hulk - all of these characters have at least one awesome trait in common: the ability to heal themselves. And now, the Pentagon wants to give ordinary people this superhuman capability. A new military-sponsored program aims to develop a tiny device that can be implanted in the body, where it will use electrical impulses to monitor the body's organs, healing these crucial parts when they become infected or injured. Known as Electrical Prescriptions, or ElectRx, the program could reduce dependence on pharmaceutical drugs and offer a new way to treat illnesses, according to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the branch of the U.S. Department of Defense responsible for developing the program.

How stress tears us apart   PhysOrg - September 18, 2014
Why is it that when people are too stressed they are often grouchy, grumpy, nasty, distracted or forgetful? Researchers from the Brain Mind Institute (BMI) at EPFL have just highlighted a fundamental synaptic mechanism that explains the relationship between chronic stress and the loss of social skills and cognitive impairment. When triggered by stress, an enzyme attacks a synaptic regulatory molecule in the brain.

Drudge Report Focus: 10% of Americans Work Stoned?   Epoch Times - September 18, 2014
The Drudge Report’s focus for Thursday is on a study that found nearly 10 percent of Americans have gone to work high on marijuana.

Now There’s Proof for the ‘Angelina Jolie Effect’   Epoch Times - September 18, 2014
Breast cancer screening for rare genetic mutations doubles. Up to this point, it had only been a hypothesis: that celebrity firepower can definitively drive consumer health behavior in a certain direction.

  Stavanger, Norway - Gateway to the Famous Pulpit Rock   Epoch Times - September 18, 2014
The pulpit rock (Preikestolen) is one of the most popular attraction of Norway. A huge, flat cliff overlooking a breathtaking scenery of the Lysefjord attracts many visitors looking for an adventure in this Scandinavian country. To get there, before a long hike up to the cliff, you need to reach the nearby town of Stavanger.

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

September 18, 1971

Jada Pinkett Smith

  Jada Pinkett Smith Google Videos

Jada Pinkett Smith is an award winning American
actress, producer, director author, singer-songwriter and
businesswoman, married to actor Will Smith. Filmography

My belief is that communication is the best way to create strong relationships.

Jada Pinkett Smith Quotes 1

Jada Pinkett Smith Quotes 2

September 18, 1970

Aisha Tyler

  Aisha Tyler Google Videos

Aisha Tyler is an award winning American actress,
comedian, writer and talk show host. Filmography

There's a part of every person that is entertained
by the idealistic, the fantastic.

Aisha Tyler Quotes 1

Aisha Tyler Quotes 2

September 18, 1964

Holly Robinson Peete

  Holly Robinson Peete Google Videos

Holly Robinson Peete is an award winning
American actress, singer and author. Filmography

There's no need to break the bank on cosmetics in today's economy.
Drugstore mascara can give that extra length and curl you're looking for.

Holly Robinson Peete

September 18, 1950

Shabana Azmi

  Shabana Azmi Google Videos

Shabana Azmi is an award winning Indian
film, television and theatre actress. Filmography

When you are a person of conviction, you believe that what you know is the truth and you are grounded in that truth. You stand by the truth whether it is age old, archaic, and regardless if it is not politically correct or not part of some fad. You believe that the truth is true and that it is not determined by a popular vote, or by its convenience. When you are truly grounded in a truth, you believe from your core and you are prepared to defend it. This means that you have personally reflected and searched your conscious for inconsistencies and inadequacies and that you are well read.

Shabana Azmi

September 18, 1981

Jennifer Tisdale

  Jennifer Tisdale Google Videos

Jennifer Tisdale is an American
actress, and singer. Filmography

September 18, 1973

James Marsden

  James Marsden Google Videos

James Marsden is an award winning American
actor, singer and former model. Filmography

Enjoy your children, They grow up so quickly.

James Marsden Quotes

September 18, 1975

Jason Sudeikis

  Jason Sudeikis Google Videos

Jason Sudeikis is an award winning
American actor and comedian. Filmography

I think the world is going crazy.

Jason Sudeikis Quotes

September 18, 1961- June 19, 2013

James Gandolfini

  James Gandolfini Google Videos

James Gandolfini was an award
winning American actor. Filmography

I'm no fan of paparazzi. I scowl, flip the bird, or shoot death stares at the nearest camera.

James Gandolfini Quotes

All due respect, you got no f-----g idea what it's like to be Number One.
Every decision you make affects every facet of every other f-----g thing.
It's too much to deal with almost. And in the end you're completely alone with it all.

Tony Soprano Quotes

September 18, 1819 - February 11, 1868

Leon Foucault

  Foucault's Pendulum Google Videos

Leon Foucault was a French physicist best known for the invention of the Foucault pendulum, a device demonstrating the effect of the Earth's rotation. He also made an early measurement of the speed of light, discovered eddy currents, and although he didn't invent it, is credited with naming the gyroscope. The Foucault crater on the Moon is named after him.

The phenomenon develops calmly, but it is invisible, unstoppable. One feels, one sees it
born and grow steadily; and it is not in one's power to either hasten or slow it down.

Leon Foucault - Foucault Pendulum

Wednesday September 17, 2014     12:30 PM ET

  Australia raids over 'Islamic State plot to behead'   BBC - September 18, 2014
Police have carried out anti-terrorism raids in Sydney sparked by intelligence reports that Islamist extremists were planning random killings in Australia.

Ebola outbreak: Health team 'held captive' in Guinea   BBC - September 18, 2014
Officials in Guinea say a team of health workers and journalists who were trying to raise awareness about Ebola may have been kidnapped.

Jonathan Dwyer of Cardinals arrested over domestic violence   BBC - September 17, 2014
Jonathan Dwyer of the Arizona Cardinals has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, police have said. The 25-year-old running back, facing charges of aggravated assault and preventing someone from calling 911, has been suspended from the team.

Nigeria 'uses torture officers to extract confessions'   BBC - September 18, 2014
Torture has become such an integral part of policing in Nigeria that many stations have an informal torture officer, Amnesty International says. Both the military and police use a wide range of torture methods including beatings, nail and teeth extractions and other sexual violence, it says.

For First Time, Most Americans Disapprove of Obama's Handling of Terrorism   NY Times - September 17, 2014
For the first time in his presidency, Americans disapprove of President Obama’s handling of terrorism, as discontent about his management of foreign affairs and the fight against Sunni militants in Iraq and Syria weighs on an anxious and conflicted public concerned about plunging into another protracted war, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll.

  House approves plan to assist Syrian rebels   CNN - September 17, 2014
With significant opposition to the proposal in both parties, the vote was 273 -156. This is not following along party lines.

  Feds: NY store owner plotted to send jihadists to Syria, kill U.S. troops himself   CNN - September 17, 2014

  And the world's busiest airport is ...   CNN - September 17, 2014
It's probably no surprise to anyone who has flown through Atlanta that the city's airport is still the busiest passenger airport in the world.

Hiking The Routeburn Track In New Zealand   Epoch Times - September 17, 2014
The Routeburn Track in New Zealand is an excellent 2-3 days hike into the mountains and deep mossy forests. Situated in the south-east of New Zealands south islands, the track goes through some beautiful mountain scenery. Just getting there from Queenstown, a 45 minute drive away from the start, is spectacular.

Stunning Scotland: What the UK could be losing   CNN - September 17, 2014
On September 18, Scotland could become independent from the UK. Click through the gallery to see all the stunning castles, views, lochs, cities and historical sites Britain would lose if the referendum passes. Here, Urquhart Castle overlooks Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. The castle changed hands many times during its history and, after many bloody battles, has been in ruins since the 17th century.

  Tropical storm Odile moves towards US state of Arizona   BBC - September 17, 2014

Middle-School Dropout Codes Clever Chat Program That Foils NSA Spying   Wired - September 17, 2014
The National Security Agency has some of the brightest minds working on its sophisticated surveillance programs, including its metadata collection efforts. But a new chat program designed by a middle-school dropout in his spare time may turn out to be one of the best solutions to thwart those efforts.

  Enterovirus D68 spreads to Canada   CNN - September 17, 2014
Canadian health officials have confirmed three cases of Enterovirus D68 in British Columbia. A fourth suspected case from a patient with severe respiratory illness is still under investigation. Two of the confirmed cases are children between 5 and 9, said Dr. Danuta Skowronski, lead epidemiologist on emerging respiratory viruses at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control. The third is a teen between 15 and 19.

New explanation for origin of plate tectonics: What set Earth's plates in motion?   Science Daily - September 17, 2014
Geologists have a new explanation for the origin of plate tectonics. Researchers suggest it was triggered by the spreading of early continents then it eventually became a self-sustaining process.

Gravity Moved Continents on Early Earth   Live Science - September 17, 2014
late tectonics is the movement of the crust that builds mountains and opens ocean basins. How this gargantuan process got started on early Earth has been quite a mystery. Now, a new computer model suggests the motion started because of gravity: Whole continents flattened out under their own weight. That's not how the Earth's crust gets jostled today. Currently the continents and ocean basins all float on the mantle, the layer beneath the crust, which flows like putty. Deep parts of the mantle heat up, and rise, and as they do they cool down, sinking again, creating huge circular currents. The currents push and pull the tectonic plates across Earth's surface.

New branch added to European family tree: Europeans descended from at least 3, not 2, groups of ancient humans   Science Daily - September 17, 2014
Previous work suggested that Europeans descended from two ancestral groups: indigenous hunter-gatherers and early European farmers. This new study shows that there was also a third ancestral group, the Ancient North Eurasians, who contributed genetic material to almost all present-day Europeans. The research also reveals an even older lineage, the Basal Eurasians. The setting: Europe, about 7,500 years ago. Agriculture was sweeping in from the Near East, bringing early farmers into contact with hunter-gatherers who had already been living in Europe for tens of thousands of years.

Fantastically Wrong: Magellan’s Strange Encounter With the 10-Foot Giants of Patagonia   Wired - September 17, 2014
n 1520, Ferdinand Magellan took time out of his busy schedule of sailing around the world to stop in what is now Patagonia, where he found a naked giant dancing and singing on the shore. Magellan ordered one of his men to make contact (the unwitting emissary’s no doubt hilarious reaction to this sadly has been lost to history), and to be sure to reciprocate the dancing and singing to demonstrate friendship.

  Source: Joan Rivers' doctor took selfie, began biopsy before her cardiac arrest   CNN - September 17, 2014
The cardiac arrest leading to Joan Rivers' death happened as the comedian's personal doctor began performing a biopsy on her vocal cords, a source close to the death investigation told CNN. A staff member at Manhattan's Yorkville Endoscopy clinic told investigators that the doctor, who has not been publicly identified, took a selfie photo in the procedure room while Rivers was under anesthesia, the source said. Rivers, 81, was at the clinic for a scheduled endoscopy by another doctor, gastroenterologist Dr. Lawrence Cohen. That procedure, intended to help diagnose her hoarse voice and sore throat, involved the insertion of a camera down her throat.

Sunken 'Ship of Gold' Contains Bounty of Jewelry, Other Treasures   Live Science - September 17, 2014
A trove of gold coins, bracelets, buckles and broaches are among the precious treasures retrieved from a 157-year-old shipwreck off the coast of South Carolina. The "Ship of Gold," known in its sailing days as the SS Central America, was loaded down with 30,000 lbs. (13,600 kilograms) of gold when a hurricane sent it to the watery depths 160 miles (260 kilometers) from the coast of South Carolina on Sept. 12, 1857. In 1988, the shipwreck site was discovered, and recovery efforts pulled large amounts of gold from the bottom. But only about 5 percent of the site was excavated. Now, deep-sea exploration company Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc., is re-excavating the site. Divers first pulled up five gold bars and two gold coins from the wreck in April 2014. Now, the recovery ship, the Odyssey Explorer, is benched for repairs, and archaeologists are quite literally counting the booty.

Astronomy Detectives Reveal Origin of Monet's 'Impression' Painting   Live Science - September 17, 2014
Astronomical clues could pinpoint the day Claude Monet painted "Impression, Soleil Levant (Impression, Sunrise)," the art piece that lent its name to the Impressionist art movement. Based on the celestial detective work of Donald Olson, a Texas State University astronomer and physics professor, curators think they've identified the moment that Monet attempted to capture from his hotel room in the city of Le Havre, France: Nov. 13, 1872, 7:35 a.m. Monet is celebrated today for his attention to the fleeting qualityof light and color at a specific time and place. But there has been some confusion about what moment exactly Monet was trying to depict when he painted the vibrant orange sun and muted, misty gray sky of "Impression, Soleil Levant." Some even art historians have even contended that the painting depicts a sunset, not a sunrise.

Ancient Egyptian Woman with 70 Hair Extensions Discovered   Live Science - September 17, 2014

More than 3,300 years ago, in a newly built city in Egypt, a woman with an incredibly elaborate hairstyle of lengthy hair extensions was laid to rest. She was not mummified, her body simply being wrapped in a mat. When archaeologists uncovered her remains they found she wore "a very complex coiffure with approximately 70 extensions fastened in different layers and heights on the head. Researchers don't know her name, age or occupation, but she is one of hundreds of people, including many others whose hairstyles are still intact, who were buried in a cemetery near an ancient city now called Amarna.

This Bizarre Organism Builds Itself a New Genome Every Time It Has Sex   Wired - September 17, 2014
Oxytricha trifallax lives in ponds all over the world. Under an electron microscope it looks like a football adorned with tassels. The tiny fringes are the cilia it uses to move around and gobble up algae. What makes Oxytricha unusual, however, is the crazy things it does with its DNA. Unlike humans and most other organisms on Earth, Oxytricha doesn’t have sex to increase its numbers. It has sex to reinvent itself.

  Strange-Looking Sea Creature Discovered on Ocean Floor   Epoch Times - September 17, 2014
Scientists searching the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico stumbled upon a strange-looking sea creature.

  California OKs first tests of self-driving cars   CNN - September 17, 2014
Audi and Google have both received an autonomous driving permit from California.

Fall in Love with your Personal Trainer   Epoch Times - September 17, 2014
Do the research. Don't settle for the first trainer you see when walking through the gym door. Chemistry, education and skill set is important. The trainer you choose should meet your needs in motivational style, training techniques and price. Next ...

  Colombian National Women's Cycling Team Creates Stir With New Uniforms   CBS - September 17, 2014

Is it sexy or silly? That is the question being asked after a women's cycling team debuted its new look. They're called cycling kits, the uniforms that cyclists wear in every color of the rainbow, but the color ‘nude' has sparked something of an international incident.

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

September 17, 1975

Austin St. John

  Austin St. John Google Videos

Austin St. John is a former American
actor and martial artist. Filmography

We exist in a crazy reality. Who knows what's coming next?

Austin St. John

September 17, 1930

Edgar Mitchell

  Edgar Mitchell Google Videos

Edgar Mitchell is an American pilot, engineer, and
astronaut - the sixth person to walk on the Moon.

UFO Disclosure Astronaut Edgar Mitchell on CNN

September 17, 1857 - September 19, 1935

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

  Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Google Videos

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky was a Russian pioneer space theorist
who worked out many of the principles of space travel
the "father of cosmonautics" or human space flight.

The Earth is the cradle of the mind,

but we cannot live forever in a cradle.

Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky Quotes 1

Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky Quotes 2

Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky Quotes 3

Mankind will not remain on the earth forever, but, in search of light and space,
will at first timidly penetrate beyond the limits of the atmosphere and then
finally conquer the spaces of the solar system.

Tsiolkovsky's Tombstone Inscription

September 17, 1945

Bruce Spence

  Bruce Spence Google Videos

Bruce Spence is an award winning
America actor. Filmography

Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards,
for they are subtle and quick to anger.

Bruce Spence

September 17, 1982

Wade Robson

  Wade Robson Google Videos

Wade Robson is an award winning Australian choreographer,
dancer, director, producer and songwriter. Career

I never took dance classes. I learned everything watching music videos.

Wade Robson Quotes

September 17, 1953

Rita Rudner

  Rita Rudner Google Videos

Rita Rudner is an award winning American
comedienne, writer and actress. Career

I got kicked out of ballet class because I pulled a groin muscle.

It wasn't mine.

Rita Rudner Quotes 1

Rita Rudner Quotes 2

Rita Rudner Quotes 3

September 17, 1948 - September 11, 2003

John Ritter

  John Ritter Google Videos

John Ritter was an award winning
American actor and comedian. Filmography

If the doors of perception were cleansed,

everything would appear as it is - infinite.

John Ritter Quotes 1

John Ritter Quotes 2

September 17, 1944

Reinhold Messner

  Reinhold Messner Google Videos

Reinhold Messner is an Italian mountaineer and explorer, often cited as the greatest mountain climber of all time. He is renowned for making the first solo ascent of Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen and for being the first climber to ascend all fourteen "eight-thousanders" (peaks over 8,000 metres above sea level). He is the author of at least 63 books.

I do this for myself because I am my own fatherland,
and my handkerchief is my flag.

Reinhold Messner Quotes

Tuesday September 16, 2014     6:30 PM ET

Asteroid Science: How 'Armageddon' Got It Wrong   Live Science - September 16, 2014
In the 1998 movie "Armageddon," an asteroid the size of Texas threatens to collide with Earth in 18 days. To save the planet from destruction, a ragtag team of deep-sea oil drillers volunteers to divert the massive space rock by burying a nuclear bomb beneath its surface and blasting it into two pieces that will fly past Earth. But despite its entertainment value, the film is fantastically inaccurate.

  Wildfire In Northern California Town Of Weed Burns 100 Homes, At Least 1,500 Evacuated   CBS - September 16, 2014
The blaze erupted at around 1:30 p.m. south of Weed, a scenic town of nearly 3,000 located about 50 miles south of the Oregon border and about half way between San Francisco and Portland, Oregon.

  Top military official opens door to ground troops in ISIS fight, despite Obama pledge   FOX - September 16, 2014
A week after President Obama vowed not to get "dragged into another ground war in Iraq," his top military leader opened the door to just that. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey addressed the possibility of U.S. ground forces getting involved in the fight against the Islamic State during blunt testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday. He said he would consider recommending that option if the international coalition being formed proves ineffective.

Blood test spots adult depression   PhysOrg - September 16, 2014
A new blood test is the first objective scientific way to diagnose major depression in adults, a new study claims. The test measures the levels of nine genetic indicators (known as "RNA markers") in the blood. The blood test could also determine who will respond to cognitive behavioral therapy, one of the most common and effective treatments for depression, and could show whether the therapy worked, Northwestern University researchers report. Depression affects nearly 7 percent of U.S. adults each year, but the delay between the start of symptoms and diagnosis can range from two months to 40 months, the study authors pointed out.

Ebola outbreak 'out of all proportion' and severity cannot be predicated   PhysOrg - September 16, 2014
A mathematical model that replicates Ebola outbreaks can no longer be used to ascertain the eventual scale of the current epidemic, finds research conducted by the University of Warwick.

No sedative necessary: Scientists discover new 'sleep node' in the brain   PhysOrg - September 16, 2014
A sleep-promoting circuit located deep in the primitive brainstem has revealed how we fall into deep sleep. Discovered by researchers at Harvard School of Medicine and the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, this is only the second "sleep node" identified in the mammalian brain whose activity appears to be both necessary and sufficient to produce deep sleep.

Chandra X-ray Observatory finds planet that makes star act deceptively old   PhysOrg - September 16, 2014
A planet may be causing the star it orbits to act much older than it actually is, according to new data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. This discovery shows how a massive planet can affect the behavior of its parent star.

  With U.S. help, determined Kurds push back ISIS in fiery battle   CNN - September 16, 2014
It began before dawn: One thousand troops taking up position. The goal? Push ISIS fighters back toward Mosul and farther from Irbil, the capital of Iraq's Kurdish region.

Is Wearable Tech Changing Behavior?   Live Science - September 16, 2014
Are you being recorded? Thanks to the ubiquity of CCTV and camera phones, the answer is more than ever before likely to be “Yes”. Add to this the growth of wearable technology such as Google Glass and people are increasingly exposed to devices that can monitor and record them, whether they realize it or not. The privacy implications are obvious, but also interesting to psychologists such as myself, are how such invasions of privacy – real or perceived – change the way people behave in everyday life.

World's Happiest Country Is ... (Hint: It Has a Canal)   Live Science - September 16, 2014
Panama may be the happiest country in the world, racking up the highest score in the Gallup-Healthways Global Well-Being Index for 2013. In contrast, conflict-afflicted countries such as Syria and Afghanistan showed the lowest scores in this survey of 135 countries. The United States came in at number 14 in the poll. The Global Well-Being Index aims to gauge people's perceptions of their well-being, by looking at financial status as well as four other factors that contribute to well-being: social well-being, which means having supportive relationships and love in life; community well-being, which is about liking one's place of residence; having purpose and goals; and physical health.

US Waistlines Gained an Inch This Decade   Live Science - September 16, 2014
The average waistline of people in the United States has expanded more than an inch in one decade, a new study finds. The researchers looked at nearly 33,000 adults and the circumference of their waists, which is a measure of abdominal fat. The results showed that in 2012, the average waistline was 38.8 inches (98.5 cm), up from 37.6 inches (95.5 cm) in 1999. The results were adjusted for age. The new findings contrast with previous reports that used the same database and found the rate of obesity in general, calculated from body mass index (BMI), hasn't changed from 2003 to 2012, the researchers said.

These Stereotypes Could Explain Transgender Discrimination   Live Science - September 16, 2014
Transgender people are often seen as "confused" and gay or lesbian, despite their gender identity being a separate issue from their sexual orientation, new research finds. The study, the first to attempt to categorize stereotypes about transgender people, found that people - mostly young university students in the study - view transgender people with pity and have trouble accepting that the person's sex at birth is no longer the sex they identify with.

  12 states confirm Enterovirus D68 cases   CNN - September 16, 2014
Since mid-August, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed more than 100 cases of Enterovirus D68 in 12 states: Alabama, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, New York and Oklahoma.

Suicide Contagion: How the Media Can Help Fight It   Live Science - September 16, 2014
The media plays a constructive role in educating its audience. It is an extremely powerful force in American culture, one that creates awareness and can ultimately have a positive influence, particularly when communicating messages that deal with a very real public health issue - suicide. With the recent loss of admired actor and comedian Robin Williams, reporters, journalists, bloggers and beloved fans went to the media to express their sincere grief and emotions over this unexpected loss. And although much of the outpouring respectfully highlighted the positive impact Williams had on lives, there were still too many examples that focused heavily on the methods and details surrounding the way in which he died.

Are You a Supertaster?   Live Science - September 16, 2014
There are natural variations between humans in our senses. We need different prescriptions to correct our eyesight. Some people say that vinyl sounds better than CDs or MP3s and will pay big money for audio equipment, while others can't tell the difference. Strictly speaking, the word 'taste' refers to the five primary tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. There is some evidence for other primary tastes, with fat most likely to be the next to be recognized. Others include calcium and metallic, although the latter is often due to various disorders or conditions.

Human faces are so variable because we evolved to look unique   Science Daily - September 16, 2014
Why are human faces so variable compared to other animals, from lizards and penguins to dogs and monkeys? Scientists analyzed human faces and the genes that code for facial features and found a high variability that could only be explained by selection for variable faces, probably because of the importance of social interactions in human relationships and the need for humans to be recognizable.

Neuroscientists identify key role of language gene   Science Daily - September 16, 2014
Neuroscientists have found that a gene mutation that arose more than half a million years ago may be key to humans' unique ability to produce and understand speech.

How learning to talk is in the genes   Science Daily - September 16, 2014
Researchers have found evidence that genetic factors may contribute to the development of language during infancy. Scientists discovered a significant link between genetic changes near the ROBO2 gene and the number of words spoken by children in the early stages of language development.

Impact that doomed the dinosaurs helped the forests bloom   Science Daily - September 16, 2014
Some 66 million years ago, a 10-km diameter chunk of rock hit the Yucatan peninsula with the force of 100 teratons of TNT. It left a crater more than 150 km across, and the resulting megatsunami, wildfires, global earthquakes and volcanism are widely accepted to have wiped out the dinosaurs and made way for the rise of the mammals. But what happened to the plants on which the dinosaurs fed?

Scientists twist radio beams to send data: Transmissions reach speeds of 32 gigibits per second   Science Daily - September 16, 2014
Researchers twist four radio beams together to achieve high data transmission speeds. The researchers reached data transmission rates of 32 gigabits per second across 2.5 meters of free space in a basement lab. For reference, 32 gigabits per second is fast enough to transmit more than 10 hour-and-a-half-long HD movies in one second and is 30 times faster than LTE wireless.

Robin Thicke reportedly says he lied about co-writing Blurred Lines   The Guardian - September 16, 2014
During plagiarism suit, the singer states he was drunk and high during interviews in 2013 and that Pharrell geniuzed the whole song. The comments were included in court depositions recorded in April. Thicke and Williams both spoke to lawyers representing the family of Marvin Gaye, who are suing the creators of Blurred Lines for allegedly copying Gaye's 1977 single Got to Give It Up

6 of the world's best subterranean bars   CNN - September 16, 2014

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

September 16, 1971

Amy Poehler

  Amy Poehler Google Videos

Amy Poehler is an award winning American
actress, comedian, producer and writer. Filmography

Improvisation is almost like the retarded cousin in the comedy world.

Amy Poehler Quotes 1

Amy Poehler Quotes 2

September 16, 1964

Molly Shannon

  Molly Shannon Google Videos

Molly Shannon is an American
comic actress. Filmography

There's a psychology to being a comedian.
You have to get into someone's head and connect.

Molly Shannon

September 16, 1984

Sabrina Bryan

  Sabrina Bryan Google Videos

Sabrina Bryan is an American singer, actress,
author, songwriter, fashion designer, and dancer.
Discography -- Filmography

Keeping active is a vital component to staying fit
and healthy and to feeling good about yourself.

Sabrina Bryan

September 16, 1981

Alexis Bledel

  Alexis Bledel Google Videos

Alexis Bledel is an award winning American
actress and fashion model. Filmography

Hi! Here's a helpful tip I've learned. Think each decision through carefully

because you already have the answer and know the right thing to do.

Alexis Bledel Quotes 1

Alexis Bledel Quotes 2

Alexis Bledel Quotes 2

September 16, 1968

Marc Anthony

  Marc Anthony Google Videos

Marc Anthony is an award winning American
singer-songwriter, actor and producer.
Discography -- Filmography

My thing is music, period.

Marc Anthony Quotes 1

Marc Anthony Quotes 2

September 16, 1992

Nick Jonas

  Nick Jonas Google Videos

Nick Jonas is an award winning American
songwriter, singer, musician and actor
Discography -- Filmography

I tend to need a lot of time by myself.
I like to go off on my own and write, or just sit and listen to music.

Nick Jonas Quotes

September 16, 1956

David Copperfield

  David Copperfield Google Videos

David Copperfield is an award winning
American illusionist. Filmography

The real secret of magic lies in the performance.

David Copperfield Quotes 1

David Copperfield Quotes 2

David Copperfield Quotes 3

September 16, 1952

Mickey Rourke

  Mickey Rourke Google Videos

Mickey Rourke is an award winning
American actor and screenwriter. Filmography

I thought for many years that because of my ability I could beat the system. I was wrong.

Mickey Rourke Quotes 1

Mickey Rourke Quotes 2

September 16, 1949

Ed Begley, Jr.

  Ed Begley, Jr. Google Videos

Ed Begley, Jr. is an American film, television
and stage actor and environmentalist Filmography

The Elders said, "The day would come
when we must save the planet."

That day is now. Less is more.
Live simply so that others can simply live.

Ed Begley, Jr. Quotes

September 16, 1927 - June 23, 2011

Peter Falk

  Peter Falk Google Videos

Peter Falk was an award winning
American actor. Filmography

Just one more thing ....

Peter Falk as Columbo

Peter Falk Quotes

September 16, 1885 - May 22, 1986

Lady Gwen Thompson

Lady Gwen Thompson was a Wiccan Priestess
who published the poem The Wiccan Rede.

Although its light is wide and great,
the Moon is reflected in a puddle one inch wide.

The whole Moon and the entire sky is reflected
in one dew drop on the grass.


Pagan and Wiccan Quotes

September 16, 1885 - December 4, 1952

Karen Horney

Karen Horney was a German
Freudian psychoanalyst.

The perfect normal person
is rare in our civilization.

Karen Horney Quotes 1

Karen Horney Quotes 2

Monday September 15, 2014     7:30 PM ET

Expect the Unexpected: More 9.0 Megaquakes Are Coming, Study Says   NBC - September 15, 2014
No one should be surprised if a magnitude-9 megaquake erupts off America's West Coast - or anywhere else around the Pacific Ocean's "Ring of Fire," for that matter. That's the upshot of a study in October's issue of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America: Researchers say that computer models of future seismic activity, plus a check of past activity going back thousand of years, suggest most of the Pacific's earthquake zones are capable of generating shocks at least as strong as magnitude 9 every 10,000 years on average.

Mexico's Baja California Peninsula rocked by 2 earthquakes   - September 15, 2014
Two moderate earthquakes rocked Mexico's Baja California Peninsula on Monday, but no injuries or damage have been reported, the National Seismology Service said. A magnitude-5.2 earthquake hit at 1:50 a.m. and was followed by a magnitude-5.1 temblor at 7:23 a.m.

The Planet Just Had Its Warmest August On Record   Huffington Post - September 15, 2014
This past August was the warmest since records began in 1881, according to new data released by NASA. The latest readings continue a series of record or near-record breaking months. May of this year was also the warmest in recorded history.

Hurricane Odile Forecast: Historic Cyclone Spinning Down Over Baja California; Major Flood Threat Continues - September 15, 2014

Britain's Premier Warns Scotland of a ‘Painful Divorce'   NY Times - September 15, 2014
With Scotland's independence referendum apparently too close to call, Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday used his final speech to Scots before Thursday's vote to warn that there would be no turning back from a painful divorce from Britain.

Scotland's vote weighs on Europe   BBC - September 15, 2014
Amongst the officials of Europe, Scotland is a topic they recoil from. No one wishes to take a public stand which could influence the outcome of Thursday's referendum. It is a matter, they add, for Scotland and the rest of the UK.

3rd Room of Ancient Greek Tomb Revealed   Live Science - September 15, 2014

Archaeologists say they've had a peek inside another room in a monumental ancient tomb in Greek Macedonia that is believed to date back to the era of Alexander the Great. The ongoing excavations at the Kasta Hill burial mound in Amphipolis - about 65 miles (104 kilometers) east of Thessaloniki - have generated excitement and speculation over what (and whom) archaeologists might find inside.

Uncovering Hidden Text on a 500-Year-Old Map That Guided Columbus   Wired - September 15, 2014

A team of researchers is using a technique called multispectral imaging to uncover the hidden text. They scanned the map last month at Yale University and expect to start extracting readable text in the next few months, says Chet Van Duzer, an independent map scholar who's leading the project, which was funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. The map was made in or around 1491 by Henricus Martellus, a German cartographer working in Florence. It's not known how many were made, but Yale owns the only surviving copy. It's a big map, especially for its time: about 4 by 6.5 feet. “It's a substantial map, meant to be hung on a wall,” Van Duzer said.

Ancient People of Teotihuacan Drank Milky Alcohol, Pottery Suggests   Live Science - September 15, 2014
Ancient pottery confirms people made and drank a milky alcoholic concoction at one of the largest cities in prehistory, Teotihuacan in Mexico, researchers say. This liquor may have helped provide the people of this ancient metropolis with essential nutrients during frequent shortfalls in staple foods, scientists added. The ancient city of Teotihuacan, whose name means "the city of the gods" in the Nahuatl language of the Aztecs, was the largest city in the Americas before the arrival of Christopher Columbus. At its zenith, Teotihuacan encompassed about 8 square miles (20 square kilometers) and supported an estimated population of 100,000 people, who raised giant monuments such as the Temple of Quetzalcoatl and the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon.

Weak wells not fracking caused US gas leaks into water   BBC - September 15, 2014
A new study suggests that the contamination of drinking water by shale gas is due to faulty wells and not hydraulic fracturing.

  Yet another beheading. What's the world going to do about ISIS?   CNN - September 15, 2014

  Miss New York crowned Miss America   AFP - September 15, 2014
So it's official: America's most beautiful women come from New York. Miss New York Kira Kazantsev was crowned Miss America late Sunday, the third straight year that the Big Apple's local beauty queen has gone on to win the national pageant.

Rosetta: Audacious comet landing site chosen   BBC - September 15, 2014
Europe's Rosetta mission, which aims to land on a comet later this year, has identified what it thinks is the safest place to touch down.

Brazil builds giant Amazon observation tower   BBC - September 15, 2014
Construction has begun on a giant observation tower in the heart of the Amazon basin to monitor climate change.

Brain may 'compensate' for Alzheimer's damage   BBC - September 15, 2014
The study suggests some people recruit extra nerve power to help maintain their ability to think.

Invisibility cloaks closer thanks to 'digital metamaterials'   PhysOrg - September 15, 2014
The concept of "digital metamaterials" – a simple way of designing metamaterials with bizarre optical properties that could hasten the development of devices such as invisibility cloaks and superlenses.

Martian meteorite yields more evidence of the possibility of life on Mars   PhysOrg - September 15, 2014
The finding of a 'cell-like' structure, which investigators now know once held water, came about as a result of collaboration between scientists in the UK and Greece.

Future increases in snowfall will not prevent retreat of glaciers on the Antarctic Peninsula   PhysOrg - September 15, 2014
Researchers found that surface melt in this region will increase greatly under even a slight warming, offsetting any gains from increased snowfall.

'Jaws' lived in Doncaster according to fossil record   PhysOrg - September 15, 2014
Sharks, swamps and a tropical rainforest teeming with life – it's not what comes to mind when you think of Yorkshire. But for the first time evidence of Doncaster's 310-million-year-old past, including a fossilized shark egg case, has been discovered in a derelict mining tip.

New algorithm enables MIT cheetah robot to run and jump, untethered, across grass   PhysOrg - September 15, 2014
Speed and agility are hallmarks of the cheetah: The big predator is the fastest land animal on Earth, able to accelerate to 60 mph in just a few seconds. As it ramps up to top speed, a cheetah pumps its legs in tandem, bounding until it reaches a full gallop.

Zebrafish genes linked to human respiratory diseases   PhysOrg - September 15, 2014
A small freshwater fish found in many tropical aquariums may hold the key to unlocking one of the leading causes of respiratory diseases in humans.

Schizophrenia not a single disease but multiple genetically distinct disorders   PhysOrg - September 15, 2014
New research shows that schizophrenia isn't a single disease but a group of eight genetically distinct disorders, each with its own set of symptoms. The finding could be a first step toward improved diagnosis and treatment for the debilitating psychiatric illness. About 80 percent of the risk for schizophrenia is known to be inherited, but scientists have struggled to identify specific genes for the condition. Now, in a novel approach analyzing genetic influences on more than 4,000 people with schizophrenia, the research team has identified distinct gene clusters that contribute to eight different classes of schizophrenia.

Marker found in one in six people could give higher risk of lung and other cancers   PhysOrg - September 15, 2014
Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered why a gene fault found in around one in six people gives a higher risk of 26 cancer types.

Working with aggressive children prevents some from becoming violent, criminal adults   PhysOrg - September 15, 2014
Aggressive children are less likely to become violent criminals or psychiatrically troubled adults if they receive early intervention, says a new study based on more than two decades of research.


  Should you eat before a workout?   CNN - September 15, 2014
Pre-workout snacks shouldn't make you feel stuffed but it is important to eat up. Exercising on an empty stomach can lead to the breakdown of muscle tissue. Without food to fuel your workout, muscle tissue is instead converted into glucose to provide the energy you need, which isn't ideal - whether you're trying to build muscle or lose weight. This breakdown can negatively impact your metabolism and might even lead to injury.

10 Reasons to Love your Homeopath   Epoch Times - September 14, 2014

We know homeopathic medicines work. We don't know why. We don't know how. We often fear what we don't understand. Fear can lead to anger and accusations when we simply don't know. Homeopathy is a bit like acupuncture and prayer. They don't seem logical, but we know they work sometimes. We don't understand. Why should you love your homeopath? There are lots of reasons ...

  'Django Unchained' actress defends not giving ID to cop   CNN - September 15, 2014
"Django Unchained" actress Daniele Watts said on CNN Monday that she refused to give a Los Angeles Police Officer her identification when he asked for it because, "I believe in America and what it stands for." Police said they were responding to calls from witnesses who said Watts and her boyfriend were involved in a "sexual act" in a public place in their car. Legal experts say the officer did have the right to request identification if he suspected illegal behavior.

Toyota Invents a Wacky City Car It Thinks Millennials Will Want to Buy   Wired - September 15, 2014

Toyota's new U^2 concept falls somewhere in between. Nicknamed the Urban Utility, it's made by the automaker's Calty Design Research Team. Toyota says it's meant to “reflect the lifestyle and needs of an entrepreneurial, urban driver.” In other words, it's made for millennials, the startup-crazy city dwellers who just aren't buying cars the way their predecessors did.

France's Bizarre Three-Wheeled Buggies May Be the Perfect EVs   Wired - September 15, 2014

The streets of one French city will soon be filled with funky vehicles that resemble hulked-up mopeds. But before you make fun, consider that while they look silly, the way these things are being used may make them the perfect electric vehicles.

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September 15, 2008

Lehman Brothers collapses

  Lehman Brothers collapses Google Videos

On September 15, 2008, the firm filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection following the massive exodus of most of its employees and clients, drastic losses in its stock, and devaluation of its assets by credit rating agencies. The filing marked the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history.

September 15, 1984

Prince Harry of Wales

  Prince Harry of Wales Google Videos

Prince Harry of Wales - third in the line of succession to the thrones of
16 independent sovereign states known as the Commonwealth realms.

30 Facts about Henry of Wales to Mark his 30th Birthday   IBT - September 15, 2014

Conversations with my mother, father, my grandparents, as I've grown up have
driven me towards wanting to try and make a difference as much as possible.

Prince Harry of Wales Quotes 1

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September 15, 1986

Heidi Montag

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Heidi Montag is an American
media personality and singer. Filmography

Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt & Taco Bell
Raise Awareness For World Hunger

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September 15, 1988

Chelsea Kane

  Chelsea Kane Google Videos

Chelsea Kane is an award winning
American actress and singer. Filmography

If you do it, you'll regret it. If you don't do it, you'll regret it.
Either way, you're going to regret it, so you might as well just do it!

Chelsea Kane Quotes

September 15, 1971

Josh Charles

  Josh Charles Google Videos

Josh Charles is an award winning
American actor. Filmography

My dad said to me growing up: "When all is said and done, if you
can count all your true friends on one hand, you're a lucky man."

Josh Charles Quotes

September 15, 1979

Dave Annable

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Dave Annable is an award winning
American actor. Filmography

There is a special connection between a man and his dog.

Dave Annable

September 15, 1977

Tom Hardy

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Tom Hardy is an award winning
English actor. Filmography

A single idea from the human mind can build cities.

An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules.

Would you recognize reality from dream time?

Inception Quotes

Tom Hardy Quotes

September 15, 1946

Tommy Lee Jones

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Tommy Lee Jones is an award winning
American actor and director. Filmography

I don't do anything that is not fun. I just don't do it.

Tommy Lee Jones Quotes

September 15, 1929

Murray Gell-Mann

Murray Gell-Mann Images

  Murray Gell-Mann Google Videos

Murray Gell-Mann is an American physicist who received the 1969 Nobel Prize in physics for his work on the theory of elementary particles and the idea of a new quantum number called strangeness. The Gell-Mann-Nishijima formula, was later explained by the quark model. Gell-Mann's own name for this classification was the eightfold way, because of the octets of particles in the classification, and also after the eightfold way of Buddhism.

If we look at the way the universe behaves,

quantum mechanics gives us fundamental, unavoidable indeterminacy,

so that alternative histories of the universe can be assigned probability.

Murray Gell-Mann Quotes