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Dr. Phil and Ellie Share Similar Views
Norway's Sky Spiral
Chanukah 2009, Zoroaster
Pink Sunrise Verrazano Bridge, Hexagon at Saturn's North Pole, Cymatics, Geometry
December 31, 2009: Blue Moon, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse
Moving to the Next Decade
   Angel Hair, Alexander Visits Ellie, The Story of "Sarah and Alexander" Begins
   Blog Talk Radio - Ellie and Dee - Winter Solstice - Meditation

   Ellie's World Blog Talk Radio Interview With Alana Stewart (42 minutes)
New York Marathon 2009, USS New York, NY Yankees Win the World Series
"The Red Book" by Carl Jung
Reality Remix
Sesame Street Turns 40

Great Depression in the US ... 80 Years Later ... Ellie's Family
Meet Ardi - There's no Missing Link - It's All Programmed Inserts
2012 Film Roland Emmerich - "2012 Sarah and Alexander"
UFO Blogs October 2009 - SETI Turns 50
The Broom That Stands On Its Own
What Clients are Saying - Jobs, Prophecy, Letting Go, Global Healing, More
Golden Communities of Light
Remember - Parallel Universes
Social Networking 2009 - The Quickening
Halloween 2009
Checkmate, DNA, Ellie and Queen Nefertiti

Crystalinks' Stats - 2 Million Unique Visitors and and Counting
Parallel Perspectives, The Multiverse is Merging
In Search of the God Particle
Becoming a World Teacher
Remembering Patrick Swayze
The Recession ... One Year Later
The Electric Universe
The Lost Symbol and the Journey of the Bloodline
Ancient Energies: Trees and Columns in Time
Earth Changes September 2009 - Earthquakes, Typhoons, Tsunamis
Autumnal Equinox 2009
Grandparents' Day - Grandmothers of the Lakota Tribe

Male Soul in a Female Body
Who am I? Why am I here? Finding Community Anchor, Partner
Issues With Tissues August 2009
Alcoholism With A Metaphysical Twist
Women Are Often Attracted to a Masculine Version of Themselves
August 25, 2009 - Crystalinks Celebrates its 14th anniversary!
Crop Circles 2009
Ellie's Bountiful Adventures, Ellie the Tea Leaf Reader
Woodstock 40 Years later, Neil Diamond Returns
Off to College August 2009 - Octomom FOX Special
Senator Ted Kennedy Dies, Soul Groups, Metaphysical Journeys, Going Home
Wake-up Dream ... Ellie and Pat
Family Fun: Matthew, Noah, Joie, Tracy, Zsia and Jon Cruise By

  Megalithic Adventures - Getting Stoned With Ellie and Gloria (Includes Meditation) (30 Minutes)
Ellie and Gloria discuss megalith sites, ley lines, magnetic grids, patterns that united them

  Journey of the Kundalini - Dee and the Albino Snake (Includes Meditation) (30 Minutes)

The Adventures of Samantha Stone - The Statue of Liberty
Defining Yourself in 2009
The Need To Heal ... Why Does Everyone 'Feel' That Way?
The Need to be Heard, Soapbox Messages, Social Networking
Tips For Women
The Back-Story ....
Hearing is Believing
The Dresden Codex
Sarah and Alexander is the title of my book ... Now Meet Sarah Alexander
Making Contact - Binary Codes
Wednesday ... Mourning - Ground Zero Adventures in NYC
July 24: Reverse Engineering? UFOs
July 26: Happy Birthday Alchemists Carl Jung and Stanley Kubrick

A & E Comes to Ellie's World - Psychic Investigators - June 2, 2009
M. C. Escher - "Relativity"
Fade to Black - Remembering the End
Black Isis
The Golden Road Home - Milky Way Galaxy
Remembering David Carradine - Grasshopper Symbolism
Crop Circles - The Dragonfly, The Jellyfish and Related
Feathered Crop Circle, Zoroaster, Phoenix, Horus, Black Isis
Orion, Betelgeuse is shrinking
Ladybug Adventures With George
Father's Day 2009 with Noah and Matthew
Crystalinks Home Page Wheel 2009
Paranormal Adventures
1969 ... 40 Years Later
Suicide - Getting Help
Dreaming of J.C.
Michael Jackson ... A Metaphysical Perspective June 26, 2009 (30 Minutes)
   Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett ... A Soul Note (15 Minutes) (Meditation)

Tea Party Movement 2009
Occam's Razor - Succinct
Dreamtime, Bear Medicine, Illusion
Go Fish - Relationship Issues
Stiff and Stuff - Male Sexual Performance
Atlantis Revisited/Rising
Social Networking 2009 - Twitter
Bountiful Messages on Paper Towels 2009

Ellie's Media Adventures - New York to Boston - History Channel
April 30, 2009 - Ellie and Marcus Reloaded - Jet Over Ground Zero
The Children Know ... So Do The Parents
Checks and Balances: Paying the Check in a Restaurant
Emotions and Perception - Seeing the World Through Other People's Eyes
Easter Week 2009 - Destruction and Rebirth
Sometimes things are as plain as the Smile on your Face
Noah and Matthew - Rainbow Adventures

From Business to Psychic Careers
Job Fair, Career Fair, Career Expo
Knowing The Film
Wise Man Say ... about Consciousness
The Black Stones: "Knowing", Mecca, Asteroid Falls to Earth Found in Sudan
Hopi Prophecy and Star Knowledge 2009
Leveling the Playing Field - Economy 2009
Daylight Saving Time Begins - Men and Their Clocks
The Lost City of Z ... El Dorado ... The Amazon ... Percy Fawcett, Brad Pitt

"Fringe" Synchronicities With Ellie
US President's Day - Masonic Program George Washington
Cell Phone Humor From Inside The Box (Casket)
You Are Your Blood Type
Collage - A Multidimensional Journey
Valentine's Day Clouds +
Valentine's Day - Love and Relationships
Rainbow Palmistry
Loneliness 2009 - It's Not Your Fault

White Pigeon Hits My Window, Jesus, Bloodlines, Miracle on the Hudson, Merging
The Strange Case of the Three Appearing Red Rosettes
Stop The Dream
Stargate Window of Opportunity
SG Stands For ...
Dee in Egypt
The Break Up Letter

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