Hopi Prophecy and Star Knowledge 2009

Many people reference Hopi Prophecy (Blue Kachina Prophecy ... All reverts to Navy) with an inner knowing that therein lies truth. I connect the whole theory of the Ant People and the Gray Aliens with the Hopi legend as well. Back in the early days of Crystalinks, a key player in Hopi Prophecy went by the name Robert Ghost Wolf. I found it interesting that he died on the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2005 exactly seven years prior to the Mayan Calendar prophecy date of December 21, 2012.

Robert had two amulets posted on his website, back in 1996, that connected for me as I was just beginning the journey of Crystalinks as a compendium of integrated files. The amulets allegedly were found in an ancient burial tomb, in close proximity to an ancient pyramid, located in the Mississippi River Valley. According to legend, this was the burial tomb of a High Priest and Priestess who inhabited that ancient city well over 30,000 years ago. They were laid to rest together so they might share the same union in the afterlife that they shared on the Earth plane. The strength of their union and concurrent time of death was indicated by the symbolic placement of their hands, one holding the other's. I'm sure you recognize the images as Horus and the way Isis is often depicted with wings.

For those who don't know the legend of Isis, Osiris and Horus - it takes us to regeneration and rebirth - now moving soul consciousness into something new to explore and study. Isis - the iris of the eye of Horus. Osiris - 'O' - completion of the work of Isis of this level - full circle - ring - harmonics.

My friend Michelle in Arizona sends us this 2009 Hopi Message.

Star Knowledge - The Lion and (is) the Storyteller

The Age of Leo

"The Golden Age" ... The major event at this time was an ancient global warming to such a massive extent that it led to the deglaciation of what now constitutes much of the modern inhabitable world. The deglaciation ultimately caused a 300 foot (90 m) rise in the sea level. In astrology, Leo is a Fire sign and is traditionally ruled by the Sun. It makes sense that in an Age ruled by the Sun, that the warmth of the Sun melted the glaciers that covered much of the Earth. Some researchers believe the Great Sphinx was constructed in the Age of Leo, approximately 13,000 years ago. Precession of the Equinoxes

The Story moves to Merlin, the Tree, the Lion and the Ring.

Close your eyes ... follow Leo and Merlin to the next tale/tail through the Leo Ring.

The Leo Ring

The Leo Ring is an immense primordial cloud of hydrogen and helium gas in orbit of two galaxies within the constellation of Leo. Radio astronomers discovered the cloud in 1983. The GALEX satellite detected ultraviolet emissions that astronomers at Johns Hopkins University and the Carnegie Institution for Science interpret to indicate star creation in newly forming dwarf galaxies in a February 19, 2009 paper. - Wikipeda

The Leo Ring   Thunderbolts - March 4, 2009