Halloween 2009

The animation below is not a witch flying past the sun.

From Spaceweather.com Monday October 26, 2009

As we approach Solar Maximum, 2009 has been a surprise with record low sun spot activity. Solar maximum or solar max is the period of greatest solar activity in the solar cycle of the sun. During solar maximum, sunspots appear. It is the period when the sun's magnetic field lines are the most distorted due to the magnetic field on the solar equator rotating at a slightly faster pace than at the solar poles.

Owls and Aliens

In Wednesday's wake up dream,
a white owl sat on the branch of a tree looking at me.

'White Owl' symbolizes (transformation) death and rebirth.

Owl Symbology
by Cultures

'Wise Owl' Crop Circle - Woodborough Hill, Wiltshire

Reported August 1, 2009
36 Around 1
Vesica Pisces

Owls are often screen memories from alien abductions.

Everything is recycled often changing the names of alien groups to sound original. Every researcher I know is waiting for disclosure - the rest is boring and/or catch-up time for those remembering, in so doing, learning to use their intuitive abilities.

Disclosure: Why It is a Must -   Whitley Strieber - October 29, 2009

Once again there are rumors that the United States government may make some sort of admission that there is an unknown intelligent presence here. Whether these rumors mean anything or not I do not know. I do know this, though: unless we begin to address this phenomenon intelligently and make use of the knowledge that it offers us, we are going to continue on the current death-spiral of economic and environmental decline.

Saturday night, before I learned about Mac Tonnies, my friend Chris and I discussed government disclosure of UFO's, etc. as there is so much buzz about it on the Internet. The energy for disclosure is stronger out of the US than here, but it will become a domino effect once proof is given. Chris and I agreed ... it won't happen until the end of the program, if ever, unless UFO's appear and aliens make physical contact for the world to experience.

Cover-ups are not just about hiding the fact that aliens have visited here and conducted biogenetic experiments, etc. It's more about technologies and black ops that have cost billions and ... well you can read about it on any conspiracy website. Reverse engineering from alien space craft is a major part of the cover-ups and explains rapid advancements in technology since World War II. It's aways about money.

UFO researcher Mac Tonnies, 34, died Thursday 10/22/09.

Mac Tonnies on Coast to Coast 9/28/09
Author, blogger and Fortean researcher Mac Tonnies argued that the ET hypothesis (that aliens are visiting our world from other star systems) is somewhat of an outmoded concept, and the truth may be stranger than we can imagine, involving a myriad of overlapping explanations. The notion of parallel worlds has gained credence in the scientific world, and the aliens could represent a kind of symbiosis with beings from another dimension, he noted. The so-called ETs could be a species of intelligent non-humans, or Cryptoterrestrials (the title of his forthcoming book) who covertly share our planet with us. Because aliens are typically described as a bipedal and human-like species, it suggests to him they have developed here on Earth.

Yet, the prototypical alien- - the spindly, big headed 'grey,' has the physique to be an ideal astronaut with few physical requirements-- perhaps they were designed for space travel, Tonnies commented. Cultural associations also influence how the aliens are perceived. In Zimbabwe for instance, entities wearing silvery suits associated with metallic craft have been described as the "ghosts of ancestors".. Regarding the alien's reported hybridization program, we could be dealing with something beyond the understanding of our neurological hard-wiring. Tonnies sees humans themselves in a kind of transitional state, eventually merging with technology and becoming more evolved and compassionate. He also talked about how some of the artifacts on Mars, such as at Cydonia, are a genuine scientific mystery. While not yet definitive proof of ET presence, they merit serious study, he said.